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Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

It flows, and flows, and flows over me,
Like nothing has ever done before,
Caressing curves, sliding down my slopes,
Oh I am a captive of this sexy allure.

It strokes me from head to feet,
Making my body shiver,
And I can’t help but close my eyes,
As sensually it touches me like a lover.

My lips part, and head falls back,
As it wraps me in its heat,
Breathless, mindless, I yearn to grasp ,
Bring you close on my silken sheets.

And yet it flows relentless, making me moan,
As I fall headlong into this world of pleasure,
And it rubs, and sucks, touching as it flows, ,
Your voice, oh it’s an erotic treasure.

©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

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⌛️No End To Timeless Love

My Princess told me that if she could freeze time, she would sneak me into her hourglass, and that warmed me all over. I love her.♥️If you had the power to stop time, as the surroundings were unspoiled by moments passed. And the only hands that moved was our own, would you sneak me into your special hourglass?

As you and I payed upon the romantic sands, sprinkled by sparkling love dust and bliss. Would you hypnotize me with your gorgeous eyes, or would your beautiful lips rain on me with subtle kisses?

Could I whisper in your ear, and sing the songs of an obsessed lover. As we cuddled as if time was on our side, and used the warm sand as a quilted cover.

Would you give yourself to me, or is it my body you would take? Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me all the ways to stay awake.

So our eyes will never close, and the winds will cease to blow. Time will pass but yet it won’t, and we’ll never let each other go.

Hold me in your hands, as the sands drain in repetition. Our bodies sliding up and down in time, with each changing of the hourglasses position.Would you caress my every curve, as I grabbed and held your every groove. And then slip me in your pocket and closet me, when time began to move.

Look deep into my eyes, as I simply get lost in yours. Our minds are romantically relaxed, while our love takes us on a thousand tours.

Our eyes will be the roadmap, and our passion will be the ride. Your voice will be the wind beneath our wings, and our heart will be the guide.

With hours and days in our corner, as we dance inside of time. Never even getting tired, while we perambulate through each other’s mind.

With the space between us getting smaller, and our daily desires for one another getting bigger. What would be your first move sweetheart, if I was inside your hourglass figure? ♥️

You are my ♥️.



Roy 2019 ©️


If Santa didn’t get hot when he got to the bottom of the chimney, he did when he got to the bottom of this page. Check out this romantic roasting read on an open fire, it warmed my heart! This elf really melted hearts with her amazing words.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

A tangle of limbs beneath the Christmas tree,
You and me entwined as lights glitter and gleam.
Your warm lips on mine, unravelling me,
As I unbutton my sexy Santa slowly.

You called yourself my gift, so baby I’ll take my time,
Caressing all your secrets, exploring your cherry wine.
As your impatient hands on my body, seductively slide,
Ravishing me in a way only you can define.

The feel of you surrounding me amongst jingling songs,
Mistletoe striking chords for passion so long,
And as we breathe to the rhythm to which our hearts belong,
I know you are my best gift all along.

So I take it slow baby, the night is ours,
And feel the magic of Christmas among the twinkling stars.
Cause there are gifts so many, but nothing like the heaven in your arms,
And your naughty elf plans to make you dizzy with her…

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🐈 Making My Kitty Purr ♥️

If dog is a mans best friend and diamonds is a girls best friend, then this must be both of their best friend!I’d take my kitty in my hands,

And whisper it a little song.

Not a short sweet lullaby,

I’d prefer it to be rather slow and long.

I wouldn’t let it clean itself,

Because I would take on that task.

I would stroke and brush its gentle hair,

Right after I gave it a special bath.

My kitty would love to sit on my lap,

Whether we were resting or taking a ride.

It’d be sweet a very tame a times,

But she’d also have a spicy side.

I’d never put it on a leash,

Because that would be very fair.

But I know my kitty would be loyal to me,

And it would always be right there.

I would rub my kitties feet,

And I would also stroke it’s tummy.

It would twist and turn like it was ticklish,

And I’d think it was adorable and so funny!If my kitty accidentally got a little wet,

From all the chasing games we would play.

I’d dry it off with a warm towel,

And gently wipe the remains away.

I’d give my kitty warm milk,

And I would be perfect to her.

The kitty would be my soulmate,

I’d never consider myself its owner.

My kitty would definitely sleep with me,

And it’d snuggle up to me I’m sure.

I’d treat it a person and not a property,

And that’s how I’d make my kitty purr.

My kitty would dig into my back,

And I would gently massage her fur.

Nothing would come between us,

I would be there for her.

Give my kitty the attention she deserves,

And extra tender loving care.

And my kitty will return the favor,

And that purr will always be there.😏♥️


♥️We fell in love over poetry ♥️

A romantic tribute from an amazingly special person who changed my world, thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

It was the summers, was it not, when you and I met,
The spotlight was on me , and the stage was all set.
Many stopped by to say hello, admiring my poetic gallery ,
But who had known that the conversation we had that day, would begin an enchanting love story.
We played the mirroring game, copying each other’s response,
It was fun, it was cute, like twin flames we burned along.
Every day I would pen poems, and we would continue this new dance,
You would say beautiful love lines, inspiring me to make sparkling edits in romance.
And one night when I painted, a million love stars in the sky,
You were so surprised to see your stroke there, your reflections suggested a title more gorgeous to my eye.
Smiling, I confided, I wanted to make little changes from what you had to say,
You said just…

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Here’s something that will linger in the heart as well, another beautifully amazing piece of work by Sparkling Sona

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

The words you whisper,
The moments we share,
Blanket my body,
All through the day.
Lingering on my skin,
A scent of memory,
A blushing reminder ,
Breathing our story.
And as your moon dips
And enters my skies,
I lay down in bed,
And close my eyes.
Only to feel your syllables,
Retrace secret paths,
From that moment we shared,
Easing my mind and heart.
And I hold you close,
Unable to get enough,
Love struck and craving,
More of your hypnotic touch.
Still wearing that sweet perfume,
Your memory on my body,
Breathing desire,
Gasping in our midnight story.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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💦 Liquid Lovers ♥️

I love the taste of whip cream, spread it on top of me. Baby don’t be mean. You know I can’t resist you girl, I’ll fly you all around the world. I wanna see your body drip, Come on, let me take a sip. So cover what you cherish most. ~Silk~What’s just as romantic as two lovers, embracing in front of the fire in December?

The fact that they haven’t let each other go, since the flames lowered and the rise of the embers.

Covered in passionate perspiration, their bodies continue to collide. She wraps her legs around him, up and down their hands begin to slide.

Like sheets flowing gently in the wind, they moved in a poetic motion. She caressed his chest while he kissed her neck, liquefied lovers in a love ocean.

Her skin was as smooth as silk, as his fingers trailed from her neck down her back. Soft kisses rained upon his chest, giving him a slight heart attack.

She started to run her hands on his cheeks, as he looked her in her beautiful eyes. They combined their languages passionately, as they could feel the magic flowing inside.

They were each other’s main course for dinner, and their liquid love was enough to drink. Velvet honey and chocolate was for desert, followed by even sweeter dreams.♥️💫


An amazing poem I was “Burning” to repost by an amazingly romantic heart. She is amazing to me, see her page for more amazing work.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Come burn in me, as i burn in thee,
just you and me, as together we script our smouldering love story.♥️

I burn,
for your eyes on me.
I burn,
For your warmth around me.
I burn,
For those silken feasts ,
When together we lie in satin sheets.

I burn,
For your hands on my skin.
I burn,
For your lips like sin.
I burn,
For your every touch,
Stroking, soaking, In this hazy hush.

Oh this craving,
This yearning,
This feeling
Is maddening,
I want you,
I need you,
So much,
So much.

Yes this longing,
This dreaming,
This desiring,
Is staggering,
Come closer,
I need you,
So much,
So much

I burn,
For your feel on me.
I burn,
To be truly me.
I burn,
To be with thee,
Forever and forever,
Till eternity.

I burn

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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Let your eyes dance over this romantic ode by a beautifully romantic heart that waltz the pen magically into verses.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

It’s the night when we go dancing, so I take my time to dress up,
My glittering gown, showing off my curves , stars in its silk, so seductively set up.
I wear my sparkling gold bracelet, and matching big hoops,
Put on bright scarlet lipstick, and let my hair loose.
A little bit of blush, and some makeup around the eyes,
Dabble some gentle marigold perfume, the one I know you really like,
I gaze at the mirror, wondering whether I honestly look all right,
When I catch your reflection in the glass, “Oh my! You are an amazing sight”.
The sexy chocolate coloured suit which you adorn, seems taylor made just for you,
With those white whipped cream edges, oh you seem delicious, ya its true.
My heart begins to stutter, as you slowly walk towards me,
I’m not sure what you are thinking, but I think you…

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🐝 Honey at Midnight 🍯

Cover what you cherish most. ~Silk~They make each other dizzy, that’s why love is a beautiful thing. She spent all day thinking, and he spent all night wondering.

She would close her eyes and dream, and his urges would grow stronger. The separation between the two bodies, they could control no longer.

But then she finally heard a ring, could her premonition be true? She wondered if she should get up and answer it, then she heard “I love you”.

Succumbing to urges she submitted, “what took you so long” he said. He smiled seductively at her answer, “I was waiting comfortably in my bed”.

“Having a hard time sleeping?”she asked, as she did a little spin in her dress. They quickly embraced and became one, as his fingers began to caress.

He led her over to the bed, her skin smooth as buttermilk. She kissed him gently on his lips, with the song Freak Me playing by Silk.

She started breathing poetic verses, and they were passionately beautiful tones. He took them off the tip of her tongue, and replaced them with some of his own.

His fingers brushed through her hair, on her neck she could feel the heat. Her hands touched his chest and slid down, his heart nearly skipped a beat.

He kissed her on the neck, as he ran his fingers down her spine. Her legs became weaker, when he mentally massaged her mind.

She let him explore all the curves, that his eyes could possibly see. While her hands touched him, and took a poetic journey.

Later on that night, they were both able to sleep. Because they had satisfied their sweet tooth, with the velvet poetic treat.


Poetry is it’s own reward 🌹

Nothing goes better with Honey than Sugar!😉