❤️ The Start of our Heart ♥️

Every time I close my eyes, I thank the Lord that I got you. And you got me too. And every time I think of it, I pinch myself cause I don’t believe it’s true. That someone like you loves me too.♥️It started off with a comment, from some enchanting words that sounded the same. Romance would become the common ground, that would turn the spark into a flame.

You seen your rainbow in my eyes, and you became my destiny. This journey would take us through stages of love, and your missing season I would be.

We started off slow and easy, gently dancing underneath rain clouds. We continued writing our sweet, the kind of poetry that made Cupid proud.

We started inspiring each other daily, and you became my Golden Spotlight. Hamara bond itana majabuut ho gaya, it was like love at first sight.♥️

Graduating from like to love, it’s like going from a pond to an ocean. When two peoples writing can pass as each other’s, that’s what you call Poetry in Motion.🌹You wrote spellbinding sentences for me, and I would write magical lines for you soon. You would become my DreamCation, and I’d become your Romantic Gift From The Moon.

We would talk every so often, but soon the appetites suddenly grew. I started searching for genie bottles, because your warmth and beauty left me wishing for you.

Soon our conversations were daily, and when we’re together time stood still. Six hours flew like an eternity, because our love was real.

But we have shed tears like rain, and we have had a million smiles. Tons of romantic giggles and laughs, because we drive each other wild.

We’ve come a long way in a short time, since you made me a lucky man. So here’s to a happy first three months, since our magical journey began.🌹♥️We own it♥️🌏



Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

I am not sure when it happened,
I am not sure how it occurred,
But somehow you became,
A special part of my world

Your arms became the nest,
Where I wanted to be all the time.
Your magical words for me,
Became my most favourite rhyme.

Your naughtiness and teasing,
Became my pot of laughter.
And your sweet and caring nature,
Made me wish I could bring you closer.

I am not sure when my days and nights,
Began waiting for your kisses and hugs,
And in those times when we could not talk,
My heart craved for you so much.

When was it that I actually,
Started sleeping in your warmth,
Your loving hands wrapped around my waist,
Keeping at bay any storm.

O love do you have any answers to all this,
Or are you as clueless as me?
All I know is you have become my…

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Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Thank you for writing this for me. I am so touched. Much love.

Specially equipped with an enchanting smile, and that was merely just the start.
Pleasantly known for her endless beauty, and her wonderfully pure heart.
And she has to be a dream or something, because the way she makes him feel.
Religiously thinks about her night and day, and the feeling is mutual and that’s real.
Keenly anticipating her image in the morning, because she is the sun in the sky.
Looking upon the stars at night, she is the moon in the midnight up high.
In an absolute vision of love, against all odds they became lovers.
Newly paired they did the unexpected, they actually helped fix each other.
Guy taught the girl how to smile, girl taught the guy how to explore.


Strengthen a…

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🌹🌹 Their Love ♥️♥️

It’s not what you do for someone, it’s what you do to them. ♥️They sat underneath a gorgeous tree, on a beautiful planet that was their own. Where the two lovers would often reside, when they longed to be all alone.

They relaxed in each other’s arms, she stroked his cheek with care. He picked a daisy from nearby where they lay, and gently put it in her hair.

She was enchanted by his verses, he was surrounded by her words and music. They both held each other’s hearts in their hands, and that fact was undisputed.

He said every time I look around, I see Stars sparkling in the sky. But then he stands corrected, it’s just her amazing eyes.

And sometimes I hear music, the most beautiful Heavenly song. Then I realize it was your laughter, that I was hearing all along.

He whispered how beautiful she was, how perfect she was in their world. How he would dance with her gorgeous body, as their love romantically unfurled.

She smiled an angelic smile, and planted a kiss on his lips. She told him she loved his compliments, as she stroked his hair with her fingertips.

He looked her in the eyes, and pulled her body closely. These statements you look at as compliments he said, they’re merely just facts to me.

She said you’re too good to me, so handsome and so sweet. Without a broom in your possession, how do you sweep me off my feet?

He put on a charming smile, I can’t tell you and a thief apart. Except one strikes at midnight, and you managed to steal my heart.♥️

He leaned in closer to her, their foreheads came to a rest. She slowly stuck out her tongue, but I guess you’ll have to figure out the rest!

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A Romantic Gift from a the romantically gifted.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Tonight the moon shines in all its reverent glory,
It looks at me and says, “ do you want to live a love story?”
I place my fingers on my chin, and roll my eyes at the question,
“Is that really something to ask, Oh glittering King of the Heavens.”

it smiles at me and says , “Anything specific in your mind?”
I say, “My dear moon, the one you think is perfect for me, someone loving and kind”
It winks at me and chuckles , “So you are leaving the decision on me??”
“Of course my teasing celestial Lord, and now go do your duty”.

“Someone is very bossy”, it laughs as it surrounds me in a silver bubble,
Transporting me to a planet, where there are magical flowers and rainbow pebbles.
A warm feeling washes over me, as the planet welcomes me with open arms,
It reveals to…

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A lovely flower to follow up from Pick Me

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Tulips, , roses, carnations, and daisys,
violets, jasmines, marigolds, and lilies.
All smile happily, as they sway in the breeze,
when they come to know, that with you they are going to meet.

They gaze at the moon, hoping it would drip some dewy enticing nectar,
And ask the wind to keep their petals fresh, despite the weary weather.
They try and try ways, to win over your romantic heart,
Hoping you would pick them, and make them your life’s part.

And when you enter their garden, the air crackles with sparks,
Their is a heavy rush of anticipation, shimmering brightness takes over the dark.
You look at all their expectant faces, and find it hard to select just one,
So you bring all of them together, in a marvellous magical bunch.

You kiss them all one by one, knowing I would touch them this way,
Breathe over them your…

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🌹🌻 🌿 Pick Me 🌸🌹🌺

You pick a flower you like, you water a flower you love. So I would saturate you daily, with Heavens waters from above.Lets go lay in this field together, side by side next to each other. As we get showered by the rain, and grow like flowers but as lovers.

You can be my sweet Wildflower, for your amazing qualities you see. And I will be your garden, because your beauty deserves a variety.

Since everyday I get to spend with you, is like a festival or a celebration. That fills me with unbridled love and joy, I can be your dark red Carnation.

You are repeatedly with me in my dreams, above the stars beyond the sea. I think of you every minute of every hour, every night and every Daisy.

When I look into your Iris, I know that our love is real. I can be your missing season, and spring up as your Daffodil.

How about a lovely Red Rose, or a Violet in a beautiful blue? I can be your Clover in my favorite color, although I was the lucky one to find you.

Or I’ll sprout into a Hibiscus, a mixture of wild honey and herbal tea. A romantic combination of star struck lovers, while adding a touch of Rosemary.

Would you like me to be a Wildflower, I could be a Purple Lilac. Or I could be as gentle as a Lily, as my leafs massage up and down your back.

As you slowly close your eyes, an relax to the smell of Primrose. A gentle breeze would blow the petals, and out love would be exposed.

I’d stand tall and be your Orchid, because those flowers are royal in some parts that I seen. I’d stand by your side like a Sunflower stands bright, fitting for you my Queen.

But if I had to be one flower, out of all the types in this place. The choice would be my Tulips, so I could plant them on your Pretty face.♥️

🌹🖊 Your Words To Me❤️📝

We don’t need eyes to love. We need a heart. ~S.S~❤️We communicate with our hearts, as we perambulate hand and hand through time. Your love penetrates my body and soul, while your beauty and words invade my mind.

A poem is a beautiful building, each word is a brick you see? Each time you speak your poetic verses, you’re constructing a Heavenly castle for me.

Your words hypnotized me daily, but a prisoner I will never be. The love you have is constantly forming a key, that is always setting me free.

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak. I lose all control and something takes over me. In a daze and it’s so amazing, it’s no phase. I want you to stay with me, by my side. I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet. It knocks me right off of my feet. I can’t explain why your loving makes me weak.You tell me good morning and they’re better, you make good night dreams come true. Your enchanting words put me under a spell, so it’s you I’ll always pursue.

Your words can heal my broken spirit, they can also dry the wettest tears. Alleviate any pain that’s weighing me down, and erase all my silly fears.

Your words are like an umbrella, that protects me from the rain. They help me seek happiness in my saddest times, in darkness they serve as my flame.

They’re written all over my heart, they’re written within all the stars above. I can see them with every blink of your eye, they’re also engraved in our love.

Your words are sweeter than berries, sweeter than sugar cane fresh off the trim. I’m surprised I don’t get a cavity or two, simply by looking and reading them.

Your words sends sparks through my body, they also send shockwaves too. But you’re the one who has a way with words, so in reality it’s simply you.

You create the actual magic, that makes my whole mind fold. Whether they’re whispered or they’re written enchanting words, I’ll always be under your control.💫


Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Like the crimson sunrise which stretches across barren skies,
Soaking every crevasse , making one stop and sigh.
Or like the rain which drenches the forest from head to feet,
Giving it life, making it sing seductive symphonies.

Like the wind which gently carries those abstruse clouds away,
Revealing the moon, which glows brighter than any passionate day.
Or like the ripples which flood a quietly flowing river when,
Silently touched in love by a romantic foreign pen.

Like the sweet fragrance which wraps around a pretty marigold,
Making it blush in the warmth so beautifully bestowed.
Or like the lonely star which twinkles shyly against balmy midnights,
When looked upon in wonder with gorgeous love filled eyes,

This is what your verses do to me,
Yes this is what occurs when you magic dreams for me.

I begin to fall and no there is no stopping,
My world comes…

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The Adopted One

It’s not about the destination, but it’s all about the journey that makes you!You’re on the outside looking in, like a puppy looking through the glass. Others are trying to sneak a peek, at the scenery, sky and pedestrians pass.

You along with the others are waiting, can’t pass the time with games or texts. They can care less about all that nonsense, you’re just hoping you can be next.

And finally your number is called, you’re out of the place that left you in shambles. You are actually getting adopted for once, because a family is willing to take a gamble.

You have yourself a new home to live in, you can finally stop feeling like a loser. But the minute you walk through the front door, you automatically feel like an intruder.

Your attempt to get comfortable and sleep, is a bigger chore than tying ties. Nothing is the same on the outside, so it seems you’ve become institutionalized.

You remind yourself that you wanted a family, that’s genuine, kind and pure. And even though you now have that, you can’t shake this feeling called insecure.

Your new step parents include you in all activities, family night, camping trips and other games. You still continue to feel down in the dumps, so they reassure you they love you all the same.

A smile forms on your face, this family looks at you as no bother. You have a brother, a sister and a dog. But more importantly a Mother and a Father.

But yet you still feel a little sorrow, when you should have feelings of joy. You look at yourself like Pinocchio, because you’ll never be considered a real boy.You’re only an outsider if you make yourself one. If you carry yourself with confidence, people will come to you. Believe in yourself.