🎩 The Suit 👖👕

Dress for comfort, dress for style. Dress how you want, even if it’s wild!😏I was trying on clothes hardly worn any longer, cleaning my closet to pass time. When I came across a suit, that I think you definitely wouldn’t mind.

I tried it on of course, and stood in front of the mirror for a bit. Imagined you looking at me, admiring the way it fit.

The suit was loose enough to be comfortable, but it wasn’t to tight. It was snug enough but not constricting, and it defined my body features just right.

A sexy chocolate colored suit, all at her little fingertips. With the white whip cream edges, that would cause her mouth to drip.

She’ll love the silky smooth material, as she slides her fingers up and down. We’ll embrace our bodies together as one, as she dawns her midnight laced gown.

This suit wrapped around my body, like a Symbiote would do its host. With how comfortable the fabric grew to me, I wondered why I didn’t wear this the most.

A million dollar outfit, that didn’t cost that much. Eyes closed waiting to exhale, requiring her golden touch.

Once she gets her hands on this, everything will just come alive. Flowers will bloom from perspiration, one dance and poetry will thrive.

I smiled at the thought of her, and wondered what she would say. If I ever decided to wear this suit for her, that I received for my birthday.😏♥️



Here’s a beautiful romantic and sexy poem all dressed up with somewhere to go, and that’s to the heart because it’s lovely and passionate. Amazing detail written by an amazing person.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

I went out shopping today,
And saw a dress that I liked.
I was reminded of that song I sang to you,
Just a few days back at night.
And I started to smile as I gazed at the fabric,,
Basking in our secret conversation,.
Words we whisper, for just us to know,
As we became each others addiction.
So I tried the dress and slipped it on,
Its silk caressing my curves.
I closed my eyes and thought of you,
Would this sight make you unbutton your shirt.
I moved my hands over the softness,
As I quietly welcomed your touch.
You backed me up against the wall,
Fingers sliding, making my heart lurch.
The straps came off oh so slowly,
As you moistened every place they had been.
And when you enacted what that song said,
Oh baby! blushing into you I leaned.
Shaking, I sighed as fire…

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Here’s a romantic compose that will make your senses flow. A beautiful instrumental instruction from a heart throb of a conductor. “Tune” in to her page for more lovely compositions on romance, she’s amazing!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

You sit beside me one evening, as I pass on to you my guitar,
“Where do you want my hands?”, you smirk, “Tell me my little rock star”.

I roll my eyes at the remark, “Do you really wanna learn this honey?”,
“Of course” , you say innocently and smile, “I will do anything for you sweety”.

And I shake my head and giggle , “You know you really should stop saying that,
Now hold the fretboard like this, and press these strings, don’t chat”.

You roll your eyes at my bossiness, but sweetly do as I say,
“Now place your other hand this side, and strum this G chord this way”.

“Wow that’s real romantic”, you smile, as the strings come alive beautifully,
“But I think I have a better idea , cause I am feeling a bit lonely”.

And before I can understand what you mean, I find…

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♥️🌹 Precious Painting 🌹♥️

You’re a sweet dream and I don’t wanna wake up from you. Your love is to good to be true.💫When the day transforms into night, and the night evolves into the day. The innocence of the Sun goes down, and the full Moon minds come out to play.

The two hearts begin to beat as one, as the lovers continue to speak. Their minds continue to flow, and their bodies finally meet.

The conversation becomes mighty colorful, her vivid vocabulary controls the flow. He strokes the soft bristles on the brush, side to side nice and slow.

She looks over at the bare easel and smiles, she covers it with a clean white sheet. She starts off with some Lavender Love, and sprinkled some Passionate Pink for added heat.

She then whispered in his ear, some more words that made him quiver. Sparkled his erotic feelings, with colors of Sensuous Silver.

He began to soak her senses, by blushing her with Perfect Purple. Because that’s exactly what she was to him, a treasure so fine and subtle.

With the Lucious Light Green, his hand gently drew up the stem. His brushes painted beautiful Shades of Red petals, that comfortably wrapped around them.

He gently blew on the parts of the canvas, because the paint started to drip. She grabbed ahold of the brush, and smoothed it over with the tip.

He smiled at the finished painting, but she was the true work of art. Nothing mattered more to him, he loved her from the bottom of his heart.

They could see the sheet was moist with paint, they could tell from the naked eye. So she heated up her conversation, to help the colorful encounter dry.

Minutes seemed like hours, and days even seemed like weeks. But when her tongue whispered sweet words to him, she made it hard for him to sleep.

She had a way of keeping him up, a spell they had on each other. Talks that would get all mushy, a special bond between the two lovers.

When the two would finish talking, their love would only grow. After kissing each other goodnight, they could practically taste a rainbow.♥️

Everyday they fall for each other, so they won’t stop falling for each other. How beautiful.🌹


Something amazing from an amazing person who is magical with a heart to match.  You’ll love her page.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

When the lights are off and half the world sleeps,
We hold each other’s hand .
Slowly swirling in our own reality,
Reaching our dream land.

There I quietly place my head over your chest ,
As you wrap me in your arms.
I close my eyes and breathe you in,
And feel content and calm.

You hold me lovingly in your heat ,
And as lovers we cuddle and talk,
Teasing, laughing, singing songs,
Its more beautiful than any moon walk.

But then the teasing gets too much,
And hugging is no longer enough.
Hands slide over craving skin,
Wet lips smooth and rough.

We carve our love with our own pen and ink,
Tracing hypnotic shapes all over.
The heart throbs in its own dizzying rhythm,
As moist seductive words we secretly whisper.

We clutch each other now, lovers in love,
Lost in our own universe.
Craving, desiring…

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😍 🌏 What is Love ?? 🌹♥️

I’ll always water my Wildflower, that’s the difference.🌹😏Love is such a complex thing, that people actually break it up into parts. But in reality when the question is asked, it’s opinion so just answer from the heart.♥️

It’s considered a very powerful emotion, part of the worlds natural selection. To me Love is a bond between two people, who share a special connection.

Love is being able to feel your partner, whether you’re together or apart. It doesn’t require eyes to see it, all you really need is a heart.

It’s finding a special happiness in someone, so you no longer need to feel sadder. When you hold your true love in your arms, and know that nothing else really matters.

You wake up on each other’s mind, because inside it just feels right. And you know deep down you won’t be able to sleep, unless you get that special goodnight.💫

Love is sharing silent moments with your partner, having conversations that you’ll never forget. Spending countless hours with someone day and night, and never living to regret it.Growing with that special partner, like a flower does with a stem. Accepting them for who they are, because your world revolves around them.

Love is being speechless with that special person, by the slightest look or touch. But never really being at a loss for words, because the heart can say so much.

Doing anything to make them smile, because their happiness means that much to you. Wanting to be their daily oasis in life, because when they’re in pain you are too.

Finding the good and the bad times, sacrificing blood, sweat and tears. To say I Love You and mean it, from your lips to Gods ears.

Being connected on such a special level, that nothing could be explained that much. The two of you could be on different worlds, and still feel each other’s touch.

When people who found it are together, it showers like rain from above. If there’s no such thing as uncomfortable silences, then that couple has found the Love.

To see perfection in what they say is flaw, to admit your own and let the future be. To take that persons hand and say “the world is ours”, that’s what Love is to me!♥️


Roy 🌹 2018


The prequel to Umbrella Part 4 written by a very special person. This piece is amazing just like her.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

“Forget the umbrella, let’s chose to be insane,
Because lovers like us, make magic dancing in the rain” ~Roy~


Amidst  the twinkling glow of  city lights, on the sidewalk we stand in the rain,
Your  heart shaped umbrella being our romantic cover, as for the first time we embrace.

Shivers  run up my spine, as you slowly wrap your arms around me,
I’m soaked and trembling against your chest, when a sudden idea hits me.

“Would you like to get wet in the rain, Mr magician?”, I innocently ask,
“Or will your powers dissipate in this shower?”, I sweetly tease and laugh.

You gaze at the mischief in my eyes, and pretend to consider every word,
“maybe you should find it out for yourself, madam Enchantress  ”, you say, as the umbrella flies away like a bird.

We look into each other’s eyes, fire stirring, sparks crackling between us,

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☔️Umbrella♥️: part 4 The Rainbow is Born 🌈

Bring me to life with your words. Ignite me with the strokes of your lips. ~Sparkling Sona~The rain continued to fall, when my our lips touched the sparks would fly. There was no need for thunder and lightning, for our love for each other lit up the sky.

Shocking every star above, making them spark like golden crowns. The Magician and the Enchantress, we danced as our feet left the ground.

We closed our eyes and kissed again, tongues touched as a passionate treat. A paradise had been manifested as a Sparkling Planet, and it all started off on a busy traffic street.

Sunlight and red roses around us, the rain had begun to cease. There was one heartbeat and that was ours, and as a couple we felt so at peace.

The Enchantress looked at the umbrella, and said “Is this the end?” The Magician said “No endings only new beginnings”, “that’s why we’re lovers instead of friends.”

The Magician gently grabbed his Enchantress hand, he whispered “I never want to be apart”. She looked at me with love in her eye, and said “inside of you I found my heart”

We came upon a gorgeous heart shaped tree, in my lap she took a seat. Her beauty and words had so much power over me, it’s like my magic was obsolete.

But the same could be said for her, he made her feel like no one can. Their love for each other was on another level, they made each other feel almost human.

I kissed her on the top of her head, nothing else mattered when she was near. A rainbow lit up the sky with vibrant colors, and our troubles seemed to disappear.

The rain started the magic journey, as the Magician and Enchantress danced all night long. But once they fell in love with each other, that’s what kept the magic going strong.When the sun shines, we’ll shine together. Told you I’ll be here forever♥️

💓💫🌏 💦Ver Ti Go ♻️♨️💤💧

We don’t even talk anymore. And we don’t even know what we argue about. Don’t even say I love you no more. Cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed. Why do we hurt each other? Why do we push love away? ~Boyz II Men~I’m up earlier than usual, it feels like my ships are sinking. I’m walking with no destination in mind, just perambulating and thinking.

I pass different neighborhoods, a church with a golden steeple. Barking dogs on a leash, of course being walked by people.

Old men sitting on their porch, as children run and scream. The skateboarders jumping the curb, chasing the truck that sells ice cream.

The peacefulness of the scene, it makes me stop and smile. The feeling makes me forget my own sadness, but only for a short while.

A tear escapes my eye by luck, but I feel it’s just a shame. How I push away happy memories, only to replace it with present pain.

I have to get away from this, so I try my best to slither. Away to another part of my world, so I can peacefully cry me a river.

I’m trying hard to get over these hurdles, but I really can’t jump that high. I’m down to Earth with these sad songs, that doesn’t require a reply.

The weather is getting a change, the rain falls and the wind is blowing. If some people wouldn’t have met others in the world, they probably wouldn’t feel so lonely.

I caught a newspaper in the wind, I looked at it and read the header. It’s not the way it used to be, but I know how I can make it all better.

👻 A Frightening Fate 👻

Trick or treatI have a story to tell you, this won’t take but a few. Give this tragic tale a read, and take this secret with you.

Halloween is the time of year, where ghost come out to play. Where darkness rise and daylight hides, and evil gets its way. There’s witches, wolves and vampires, monsters and other creepies. No lions, tigers and bears tonight, I tell you Dorthy had it easy.

I never pounded the pavement for candy, I always worked the door. But I was promised the experience of Halloween, like I’d never seen before.

I got my costume and grabbed my bag, but then my Dad got really busy. He said “show me you’re a big boy”. He said “go on without me”.

I guess I wasn’t a big boy, cause I never made it home that night. I remember being chased by pumpkins and pirates, the last thing I saw were headlights.

But now I never seem to sleep, I’m just always floating around. Halloween is a special night, because I can finally touch the ground. A Halloween bag is stuck to my hand, as I aimlessly wander the streets. No one pays attention to me, as I watch them go Trick or Treat.

I don’t get chased anymore, kids actually run from me. One kid cried to his Mom and Dad, and told them my costume was scary. Why did this happen to me, my experience didn’t go right. I was supposed to be buried in candy, but now I despise this night.

I have no memory of past events, it seems they don’t exist. For some odd reason I’m drawn to a house, I just can’t seem to resist.

I take a seat on the porch, as I watch the kids run by. Some man opens the door with a bowl of candy…….Do I even know this guy?