Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

in between poetic pages,
I found the address to your heart,
I dropped in a letter one summer,
hoping something sweet would start.
You picked it up and read my name,
And dropped in a verse of your own,
We started going back and forth,
Dancing towards a place unknown.

In between poetic pages,
I found you, my delight.
Nothing more fills me with more joy,
Than to sleep in your arms every night.
You’ve become my moon kissed dream,
And I’ve become your poetry,
Together we lie beneath the stars,
Whispered sweet nothings making our story.

In between poetic pages,
You spread rose petals on my path,
Laughing, I run into your arms,
Oh I’ve found the address to my own heart.

Lots of love .

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♥️♥️ My Shadow 🌏🌏

There’s nothing more gorgeous than dreams, nothing more romantic than you and me. Nothing more special than moments, and nothing more beautiful than possibility.♥️I give her a wick and candle light, she gives me the moon and the sun. What do you do for someone, in which they haven’t already done?

I shower you with a comet of kisses, your fingers trace my bodies like shooting stars. I told you I want to be the man of your dreams, you said “keep being who you are”.

You stand by my side like a shadow, you are the wind behind my sails. You fell all the way from Heaven, and picked me up from Hell.

The glass didn’t even seem half full, it was like something was missing at times. But ever since you came along, happiness is so easy to find.

You asked me if God answered phone calls, what do I think he would say? He would probably start off with, “Hows that Angel Sparkling Sona I sent your way?”

From the short walks within the days, and the long talks throughout the night. Sunrise all the way to sunset, you keep my smile bright.

Your brash cockiness makes me laugh, you give your all to me. But yet you’re so humble in your own eyes, it dispels so much beauty.

You make things taste so much sweeter, we found gold in each other. I gave my heart you gave your soul, we went from friends to lovers.

My foundation has become much stronger, you’re generous, passionate, and caring. You’ve been by my side through thick and thin, we can tell each other anything.

You constantly bring out the best in me, and you make me feel I do the same for you. Making me feel like I’m your everything, is an amazing thing you do.

When I started writing on WordPress, I thought I was a veteran. But after making you my poetry, you truly made me a better man.♥️😘



Sparkling Freeze❄️


🌨Wicked Weather Woman

My love, do you ever dream of

Candy Coated Raindrops?

You’re the same, my Candy rain.Ever wake up and turn on the television, just to watch the morning forecast? Get a glimpse at some upcoming weather, to see if those blue sky’s will last.

And then she comes on your screen, with so much beauty and whip appeal. A gorgeously mysteriously meteorologist, that instantly gives your body chills.

Her accent smells so delicious, and the taste will drive you insane. She can sing about how the thunder rolls, but have you sweating that candy rain.

Cotton clouds that are grey or white, you don’t know what to expect. Her beautiful eyes can have negative news, but it’ll still have a positive effect.

The touching tone from her tongue, will bring you to your knees. Her caressing whispers will warm your body, while sending that gentle breeze.

She’ll keep your sun light shinning, with that sparkle in her eye. Have your elements erupting like a volcano, while a blizzard blankets the mind.Like a full moon rising up high, she’ll leave you flooding with emotions. The weather woman’s channeling beauty, is causing a tornado of commotion.

Get ready for heat waves and warm nights, and the best report you’ve ever heard. Because when her romantic rain pours down, it’ll make people hot and bothered.

Turn on the air conditioners, and have your water bottles close at hand. This Wicked Weather Woman will have your mind seeing images, like mirages in the hot dessert sand.

But before your antennas go haywire, and you try to tune in your stations to see. This special broadcast and its special meteorologist, is especially just for me!♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy♥️Sona 2019

R 🔐 The Key To Life ♥️ S

When it comes to you…..Nothing really matters, anyone can see….nothing really matters…….to me.A candle with no fire lit to it, is equivalent to a band with no flute. A river with no movement, has no flow so it becomes moot.

That gentle brook that runs upstream, it has no direction at all. Some may view it as a gorgeous painting, but where’s the beauty without a waterfall?

The passion in a romantic sunset, but the cold weather soon takes a turn. The benefits from that happening, is that I get to hold you close to keep you warm.

Put my body inside of yours, until we become one in the same. We’ll hold fireworks in our hands, and dance like a rhythmic flame.

Our hearts will beat to the same drum, as we get lost in each other’s eyes. Our souls will do the whispering and screaming, as we become zodiac lovers throughout the sky.

What’s a walk along the beach, if you can’t enjoy the stroll with two? Would you lend me your ear my love, if I promised to sing a song in the rain to you?

The melody wouldn’t be as sweet, but I’d serenade it all night. And only my Pretty Girl could unlock my heart, because you are the Key to Life.

In the confines of our house, we’ll ascend the Golden ladder. And sit atop on the balcony, watching the sunset where nothing else matters.

And in the midst of it all, look me in the eye like you always do. I’ll plant a kiss on your cheek and whisper in your ear, Main tumase pyaar karata hoon.♥️🌹

Sparkling Freeze❄️


💫Stars and their Comets☄️

I could never truly forget, the most beautifulest whispers that are said. Like wishing upon a falling star, the words are forever in my heart and my head.Words are a bunch of letters simply put together, like a rainfall is considered a shower.

Add the letter L to word and it changes the world, so what gives words its power?Can it be passion and emotion, or is it simply what you say and what you do? The heart of the carrier plays a big part, so a majority of my power comes from you.

We’ve written passionate poetry for each other, that was sweet and so very Devine. It will always stay tattooed in our hearts, and romantically from your tongue to mines.

But there’s so much more to the poetry, like the beauty after the read. As a gorgeous red rose is blooming in the garden, it starts off as a pretty little seed.

I remember I said ” You’re my wings when I can’t fly, my eyes when I lose sight. You’re my everything to me, you’re the poetry that I write”.

You said ” You had to read this comment three times, and honestly you were still reading it that night. It was super sweet just like me, you loved every pearly letter I write.”

“I love you so so much Mister Romantic Poet” you said, and I called you my Poetic Princess. You told me there was no one like me, and then proceeded to blow me many kisses.

Whether we are touching all nine planets, or dancing across the galaxy untold. Your verbal magic melts my heart, like when you said ” my words felt like a warm blanket around your soul.”

“Rich in imagery and full of passion, the flower petals and the bee made me smile.” “The entire poem was amazing honey”, that statement by you drove me wild.

I often mimic your voice, that makes you laugh right away. You copy my lines and catch phrases, we actually make each other’s day.

“I am so happy you like my page, May I please know your name. Those were the first comments you ever said to me, and my life has never been the same.♥️

We leave impressions on each other’s soul, as we fall more in love day and night. I may be the Wind beneath your Wings Pretty Girl, but it’s you that actually gives me flight.♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy♥️Sona 2019

We’d like to thank The Reluctant Poet for inspiring this idea, Chuck we love your page and your support and you are truly a great friend🌹. A million thanks!


Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Close your eyes and place your hand in mines,
And let me take you through the archway of stars.
A million galaxies await us here,
It is a place where we are always near, never far.
Look over there, do you see a swing,
Hanging from two ivory moons,
Would you like to sit here with me,
As I hum to you a happy birthday tune.
Lets sail across the pretty planets,
And dance on the rings of Saturn,
The universe is sparkling today,
Presenting gifts at every turn.
For it is the day when a magician was born,
A soul who could brighten the world in a blink.
And by a miracle he gave his heart away to me,
As our fingers interlinked.
And now as I look into his loving eyes,
And crown him as the king of my heart,
Roses fall from every glitter,
As on the…

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“Hay” it’s “Hard” to be “Board”

You can’t judge an Apple, by looking at the tree. You can’t judge the honey, by looking at the bee. You can’t judge a dog, by looking at its mother….you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover.The story of The Three Little Pigs, one of my favorite tales. It can be incorporated into relationships, that’s if you spin it rather well.

Each little pig represented a couple, and they worked out of trust and communication. The homes they built represented the relationship, and how they weathered it was in the foundation.

Each couple completed their houses, but they really had no clues. About this Big Bad Wolf, that went by the name of problems and issues.

He would eventually blow through town, bring the wind and the pain. He’d cause arguments and test their strength, to see if they could stand the rain.

The first couple he tested, built their house rather fast. It was love at first sight, so they were sure it would last.

They fell in love with the material, it was beautiful golden straw. But they say haste makes waste, and the Wolf was able to find every flaw.

They would argue and apologize, put a smile on top of a frown. They’d kiss but truly never make up, and the Wolf blew their house down.

The second couple used wood to build, they didn’t want to suffer the same fate. They put a little more time and effort into the house, didn’t want to fall victim to hate.

The Wolf took a deep breath and blew, and he was rather amazed. The wooden house may have shook a little, but it made it through that phase.

The Wolf brought a little bit of pain, and then he muddied the soil. But the couple apologized to each other for their arguments, and made it past the turmoil.

The Wolf tried a different tactic, he blew in some rain and hail. His plan was to remove color from the house, strip the paint and make it stale.

The house began to crumble and fall, when it was ripped to its wires and cords. The couple just couldn’t handle things, when the relationship got to board.

The last couple decided to use bricks, each stone possessed beauty and power. They laid each one down with TLC, putting in the time and the hours.

Feeling what they had was magical, in each other’s arms they rested. Along cane the big bad wolf, to see if their foundation could be tested.

So the wolf had huffed and puffed, but he noticed the home didn’t even shake. The couple had argued and cried with each other, so that tremor didn’t keep them awake.

So the wolf sent different types of weather, but the red bricks kept their gorgeous glow. They didn’t fade or lose their excitement, no matter how hard he would blow.

The Wolf clawed viciously at the foundation, but this couple had been through the ups and downs. This attack was futile, because their home was on solid ground.

The Wolf was certain he would blow the house down, but they ended up proving him wrong. And where is this couple at now you say? Me and my lover is still going strong!♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️


Roy♥️Sona 2019

💨 Air We There Yet? 🌫

It moved with such motivation, whenever it was hit by the air. You couldn’t see the love of the wind with the naked eye, but the way the bag moved it was there!Did anyone happen to see that plastic bag? It was floating across the street.

A gust of wind came from out of nowhere, and just swept it off its feet.

It danced along the public roads, and all around the people it spun. And just like everyone out that day, it seemed like it had a destination.

No one bothered putting it in the trash, and you had to wonder why? Did humanity just not care, or was it invisible to the public eye?

Sometimes the bag would move a foot or two, even if the wind hadn’t blown. Must have figured a breeze had caught it, or perhaps it had a mind of its own.

I would close my eyes and visualize, some poor soul walking in the wind. Carrying a handful of goods, wishing they had something to carry them in.

How important is this plastic bag? Is it worth it to relieve? When one has mastered the art of balance, is carrying even a need?

If that’s how the bag is looked at, then it’s clearly plain to see. The wind has actually done the bag a favor, and simply set it free.


Roy©️ 2019


Never feel alone with this poetic post

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

the moon is up in the sky,
The streets are wet after the rain,
I am holding a warm coffee mug in my hand right now,
Trying to ease this pain.

You know, there is a crisp wind on this mountain,
but your love is keeping me warm,
The memory of our conversations,
is like my own personal cheer up song.

Stay with me,
In your mind and in your heart,
Cause baby you are never alone.

Smile with me,
Don’t let tears escape your eyes,
For they will roll down my cheeks , baby just hold on.

At night when I turn down the lamps,
I softly place my head on your chest,
Your arms become my blanket,
Your breath , the lullaby by which I rest.

Then Your voice makes love to my heart,
Singing to me I belong,
It is the most beautiful feeling,
the most…

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Sleeping On Needed Arms 🌹

If one searched the entire globe, and looked from sea to shining sea. They couldn’t find someone as amazing as you, if they had a personal genie.Like the moon in the beautiful night sky, being held up by a million stars. Keep me warm with your blanket of love, by cradling me in your arms.

The delicate petals of a flower, that holds the sweet pollen in its place. Quench the thirst of the thirsty bee in me, as I land and bury my face.

River water that gently keeps flowing, kept inside by the hands of the bank. The waves rock back and forth in slow motion, keeping me snuggled deep within your ranks.

You are that cabin tucked in the mountains, where our fantasies came alive. Where dreams go to reach their potential, you brought the best out of me by looking into my eyes.

The spin of a thousand dances, the tune of two million songs. You are the lullaby that helps me sleep, when we lay together all night long.

Comfort when you wrap your legs around me, security when you whisper in my ear. Your voice and presence takes my troubles away, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

♥️Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy 2019©️