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Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

It flows, and flows, and flows over me,
Like nothing has ever done before,
Caressing curves, sliding down my slopes,
Oh I am a captive of this sexy allure.

It strokes me from head to feet,
Making my body shiver,
And I can’t help but close my eyes,
As sensually it touches me like a lover.

My lips part, and head falls back,
As it wraps me in its heat,
Breathless, mindless, I yearn to grasp ,
Bring you close on my silken sheets.

And yet it flows relentless, making me moan,
As I fall headlong into this world of pleasure,
And it rubs, and sucks, touching as it flows, ,
Your voice, oh it’s an erotic treasure.

©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

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☎️ My Number One Love ♥️

“You should take it as a compliment when I get drunk and make fun of the way you talk♥️” ~Taylor Swift~She says my talk is rubbish, and that sweeps me off my feet. And when she says “How dare you”, my heart literally skips a beat.

Because then I’m lost for words, as those phrases seem to ring. In such a beautiful harmonic tone, as we both just end up laughing.

And that’s one of the many songs, my lover and I would end up makin’. And we would add it to our playlist, and name the tune “Our Conversation”

Butterflies when I dial, and sunshine when she says “hello”. Rainbows when we are talking, and grey sky’s when we have to go.I kiss her on the forehead, and she kisses me on the cheek. We get tongue tied when we’re talking to each other sometimes, or when our lips romantically meet.

We don’t know how it happened, but we do know how it started. And now we’re together as one, never wanting to be parted.

I’m the key to your ignition, and you are the beat to my heart. We go together like a puzzle, we’re each other’s missing part.

You’re like the air I breathe, the need for us has grown. Falling more in love on a daily basis is real, and with each other is where we belong.

All the teasing and taunting, the love and laughter in between. A Golden Couple we are indeed, a drama King and Queen.

We can be on stage, or on movie screens back to back. Films across a million reels, but our love is far from an act.

I can be your guitar sweetheart, and you can play a song or two. Later on I can dial your heart, and you can love me like you do.

You’ve reminded me how lucky I am, and believe me I know it’s true. That I found someone I can love so much, who loves me back the way that you do!♥️


Roy 2019 🌹©️


Calling all readers, a conversing poetic spill from the heart by an amazingly passionate person. A post that will definitely “Dial Your Heart” after you read it. Thank you for this beautiful write Pretty Girl.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Not a poem, just some thoughts and feelings in simple LINES😉

And when I talk to you,
our conversations feel so special.
Your laughter and endless teasing,
Feels more melodious to me than a thousand bells.

And I can’t stop smiling ,
Oh my heart fills with so much love.
The beautiful joy and comfort we share,
I wear its fragrance throughout the day like a glove.

And I never want to hang up,
Never want to let you go.
I don’t know how this has happened,
But I think I need you so much more.

And I don’t like those days,
When I am unable to talk to you,
They somehow feel so incomplete,
Putting me in a sad poetic mood.

And when my phone rings,
And your sweet name flashes on the screen.
My heart skips with so much joy,
Cause it knows it is gonna talk…

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♥️ Seven Steps With You ♥️

One to six or five to two, zero to seven or four to three. It doesn’t matter how you add, it’s a seven month Anniversary!🌹Seven is a lucky number, to the heart people hold it near. It’s a momentous number of love, representing the traveling of more than half a calendar year.

That’s two of four seasons, that has such a gorgeous ring. And even if you only get three seasons, together we make them everlasting.

From the planets that we build, to the beautiful music we make. The unlimited laughter we share endlessly, to the enchantingly magical bond we create.

Whether you’re caressing me with your words, or kissing me with your smile. Breathing in my ear with your legs wrapped around me, you simply drive me wild.

I want to go wherever you go, down the street or to the market. Near or far plane or car, I want to be close to you like an outfit.

The world we have built together, we are both such a huge part. Our planet isn’t even round like others are, it’s in the shape of a heart.Surrounded by melodies of our laughter, as our clocks cease to tick. We visit every part of each other’s mind, as if they were stores and we were shopaholics.😉

We’ve grown together so tightly, it’s hard to consider us two. We’re becoming stuck to one another, like we are trapped by American super glue.

As our bodies become bonded and stuck, what do we do for heavens sake? Chocolate and a hint of strawberries, all we need is some cheesecake.😏

We’ll turn the lights down low, have ourselves a romantic dinner. Have a sweet Anniversary treat or two, because seven is lucky remember!

And when the sun has finally set, and our heart is beating from all the fun. We’ll have to cuddle to slow the heartbeat, because we share the same one.💓


Roy 2019 ©️

🌹Your Beautiful Voice ♥️

You are “tree”mendously amazing and you “leaf” me breathless.It flows like the calmest river, more pleasant than the prettiest ring tone. It makes me joyous as if every holiday is combined, and I repeatedly heard my favorite song.

When you whisper in my ear, the feel of your breath drives me wild. Your giggling makes my heart skip a beat, and it’s impossible to erase my smile.

Do you know what flies without wings, and cries without eyes? The same thing you have me floating on Pretty Girl, the answer is a cloud nine.

It’s like the constant voice of an Angel, ever since the day we met. When we talk we laugh together, it’s like a beautifully made duet.♥️

“Don’t make me laugh” you say, and hanging up is never a hurry. We have our nicknames for each other, fingers to my lips so don’t worry.😏

Your laughter is my lyrics, your talking is my tone. Your voice has become my vocals, and your heart has definitely become my home.

Love has a name for me, that makes my world go round. And because of your gorgeous voice, happiness actually has a sound.♥️🌏


Roy 2019 ©️

Savouring your love ❤️

Savoring this precious piece is something worth taking in. An amazing poetic passionate write from an amazing talented heart. Visit her page for the aroma of romance. Thank you Pretty Girl. xoxo

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

I count your breaths,
in the moon light,
as you softly whisper on my cheeks,

I soak your voice,
in my parched heart,
for your proximity is all I need.

I memorise your verses ,
Every sunrise,
To carry them with me wherever I go

And I wear our conversations,
Every quilted night,
they give me cosy dreams of a romantic Californian shore.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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✈️ Take Me With You 🌹

Being surrounded by so many never felt so lonely.♥️I heard taking a vacation, is supposed to turn your grey sky’s blue. But being away from you, was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

We think we’ll be okay, and our goodbye kisses were a nice touch. But who knew trying to be happy for the holidays, could actually cost so much?

Day and night I thought about you, and people say that hope floats. But my heart was drowning without you, so I know that some organs don’t.

You told me not to miss you, that’s like asking me not to breathe. What am I without you, I’m like a tree without its leafs.

In life we learn lessons, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And I realized that it’s truly possible, that you can actually cry your eyes out.Love will never be selfish, nor is it needy or possessive. It’s not smothering or constricting, and it’s not arresting or obsessive.

But it does require a want, it has to have a hand to hold. A book that has a foreign ink written in it, so it’s story can be told.

I truly have my library, for you don’t know what your words do. You changed my life in so many ways, I’m so truly lucky to have you.♥️😘

Like I told you before Pretty Girl, you are my every holiday. And if I have to pick my vacation spot, you’d be my perfect getaway.

No matter what season it is, it only matters by the smile written on your face. Hot, cold or in between weather, you will always be my happy place.😏


Roy 2018 ©️🌎


If Santa didn’t get hot when he got to the bottom of the chimney, he did when he got to the bottom of this page. Check out this romantic roasting read on an open fire, it warmed my heart! This elf really melted hearts with her amazing words.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

A tangle of limbs beneath the Christmas tree,
You and me entwined as lights glitter and gleam.
Your warm lips on mine, unravelling me,
As I unbutton my sexy Santa slowly.

You called yourself my gift, so baby I’ll take my time,
Caressing all your secrets, exploring your cherry wine.
As your impatient hands on my body, seductively slide,
Ravishing me in a way only you can define.

The feel of you surrounding me amongst jingling songs,
Mistletoe striking chords for passion so long,
And as we breathe to the rhythm to which our hearts belong,
I know you are my best gift all along.

So I take it slow baby, the night is ours,
And feel the magic of Christmas among the twinkling stars.
Cause there are gifts so many, but nothing like the heaven in your arms,
And your naughty elf plans to make you dizzy with her…

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Here’s a wonderful gift to read from a precious present of mines in a Christmas rhyme. She is amazing!!!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

And it’s Christmas eve,
Fairy lights twinkle on the joyous tree.
Pink scented candles with a golden glow,
Fill the air with vanilla, as you hold me close.

The heavens open up and angels glance,
As you wrap me in your arms and we slow dance,
By the fireplace, to the beat of our song.
Oh it’s so beautiful, so special, this feeling to belong.

“But darling where is my gift?”, I tease drawing closer,
“Me, am I not enough?”, you say becoming bolder.
I shake my head and smile,” would you be my sexy Santa tonight?”,
“Oh yes, I will slide down your chimney, and you can trap me with delight”.

Time flies by , and yet it magically slows,
And we somehow find our self under the mistletoe.
And as our gazes lock, and lips meet,
I know I will forever remember this enchanting Christmas eve.

The smiles…

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🎁🎁 My Christmas Gift 🎁🎁

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t want a lot of presents, underneath the Christmas tree.January is the beginning calendar date, the month that represents all things new. There’s fireworks and festivals on the streets, because partying is what you’re supposed to do.

But aside from all the glitter I see, and blocking out the celebrations I hear. Having you is the reason to celebrate, ringing in the New Year.

February is the month of love, where Cupid turns couples into lovers. But you didn’t need a special month to steal my heart, as our words magically led us to each other.

Then comes the month of St. Patrick’s, the days of green that are true. The month also represented by Spring, the season I’ll gladly be for you.♥️

April brings in the holiday Easter, people celebrate it in their own way. The hiding of eggs, candy and chocolate bunnies, while others will sit and pray.

Mother’s Day falls in May, but another special holiday falls in that month. Where you’ll wear your red dress and I’ll wear my special suit, and our love will definitely get us drunk.

Fathers are recognized in June, and fireworks are lit up in the month of July. Two months that came back to back, when you walked into my life.August summers will always be warm, and I know that time after time. Your warmth your comfort and your tenderness, makes for the perfect twenty four hour sunshine.

September starts to cool down, but our passion rises anyway. Because the fire in our hearts will work harder to burn, than some people will work on Labor Day.

There’s no hiding the love we have for each other, not in the month of October. We can only give Thanks, that we actually found each other.

And now that Christmas is here, nothing could be more true. I wish I could find you under my tree, and simply unwrap you.

Day after day I spend with you, you’re actually the gift I say. Because with each passing month Pretty Girl, it’s you who is the true holiday.🌲♥️🌎


Roy 2018 ©️