A song with a voice that needs no tune, composed by a soul as beautiful as the Moon. I’d sit with her for life cause I can’t stand to be away from her.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Lyrics of a song I wrote.

Lying here alone in my bed,
These sheets feel so cold,
I’m trying to catch your silhouette.

The clock by my bed reads 2 a.m.
I grab on tight to my pillow,
I long for the warmth of your hand.

I wonder, if you know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
that I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t so far,
I miss you, every single hour.

The days just pass me by in a blur,
I’m standing on the shore,
Counting sunrises on my fingers.

I’m waiting for the wave which will bring you close to me,
My heart is scripting sad songs,
For I feel so lonely.

Oh darling, do you even know,
How much I need you.

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Cloud 9Month Anniversary♥️☁️♥️

Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, how I wonder what you are. Inspired my writing in so many ways, gave me beautiful nights and sunny days. Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, nine months strong and we’ve come so far!It’s been nine magical months, and our love has a much stronger hold. What miracles can occur in nine months, what stories can be made and told?

We started out a secret on spotlight, a mere whisper in the wind. We became pure passion on the pages, when our flamed hearts became more than friends.Our romance spun into a cyclone, and the ripples quickly turned into waves. We danced each other’s night away, as the sparks evolved into a blaze.

Hanging on each other’s word, pressing it into our poetry from the start. I took your name and you took mines, and we tattooed it into our hearts.

You threw your passion to the moon, I tossed my soul into the sun. From across the world we made wishes, and we were brought together as one.

I put colors into your rainbow, and you spun my world round and round. Month after month we rode our cloud with a smile, even though we had our ups and downs.😏

We’ve been through seasons and holidays, tons of hugs and kisses. Sleepless nights and many sweet dreams, unplanned tears and patient wishes.

Day and night you’re always there, holding my hand during thick and thin. Two hearts beating as one, your commitment to me is no question.

My feelings are equally mutual, because you are my addiction too. Amusement Park, strip club, beach or casino, wherever we go as long as I’m with you.

So we’ll keep building planets in the present, but keep our eyes on the future you see. Perhaps if dreams and reality do collide, we will have created ourselves a galaxy.

The only thing that truly sparkles is you Sona♥️. I love you.


Roy 2019©️


Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

You woke me up from my sleep,
At three thirty in the morning.
My nightmares packed up and fled,
When they saw my lover was calling.
I had my green jealous shirt on,
And I hated how it made me feel.
I had sent you a green coloured post,
So that you too wouldn’t like the deal.
But we held each other despite,
And slowly you took off my shirt.
The sincerity in your voice,
Helped ease my hurt.
Our hearts did the talking those hours,
As we softly confided our fears and insecurities.
And honey , isn’t it just so special,
How we tried to convince each other of each others loveliness and desirability.
Me: you don’t realise how sweet you are….. so polite…. anyone could so easily fall for you.
Him: believe me, the fear I have of losing you to someone else , is far greater than…

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♥️ I Love You Valentine 🌹

Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry? Have you ever needed something so bad you can’t sleep at night? Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t, come out right? That’s true love.♥️I want to give my special Valentine flowers, but it has to be more than a dozen. I want to go out and rent a planet, so I can plant my lover a garden.

Then we’ll walk through it hand and hand, as we admire all the different types. Gaze upon the Sparkling sky, as the stars spell your name within the night.💫

I catch the slightest glimpse of your eyes, and that’s when the trance starts. I see fireworks you see rainbows, passionate emotions fulfill the heart.♥️

Our poems are lasting memories, while our text will keep us together. But once we hear each other’s voice, that’s a touch that will last forever.

Your kisses are amazing, and you’re the only one I adore. A dream come true in so many ways for me, you are one Cupid would fall for.

We could talk on the phone for hours, about any and everything you see. And even if we ran out of topics, you could just sit on the line and breathe for me.

You can romantically blow in my ear, and under your breath whisper my name. As you enchantingly get my heart on, and proceed to drive me insane.

Through romantic roads and sensuous streets, on Valentines Day we follow our heart. Passionate pathways and Lovers lanes, you are my light when all is dark.

A crazy love that continues to grow, and our feelings are so very true. You say I take your breath away, funny cause I can’t breathe without you.

You’re my one and only and I’m yours, my lover, cover and best friend. I’ll keep loving you in my warm embrace, so every holiday you’ll come again!😘


Everyday is a holiday with you in my life.♥️🌹🌻♥️.

Roy 2019♥️.

For my Wildflower🌻

⌛️No End To Timeless Love

My Princess told me that if she could freeze time, she would sneak me into her hourglass, and that warmed me all over. I love her.♥️If you had the power to stop time, as the surroundings were unspoiled by moments passed. And the only hands that moved was our own, would you sneak me into your special hourglass?

As you and I payed upon the romantic sands, sprinkled by sparkling love dust and bliss. Would you hypnotize me with your gorgeous eyes, or would your beautiful lips rain on me with subtle kisses?

Could I whisper in your ear, and sing the songs of an obsessed lover. As we cuddled as if time was on our side, and used the warm sand as a quilted cover.

Would you give yourself to me, or is it my body you would take? Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me all the ways to stay awake.

So our eyes will never close, and the winds will cease to blow. Time will pass but yet it won’t, and we’ll never let each other go.

Hold me in your hands, as the sands drain in repetition. Our bodies sliding up and down in time, with each changing of the hourglasses position.Would you caress my every curve, as I grabbed and held your every groove. And then slip me in your pocket and closet me, when time began to move.

Look deep into my eyes, as I simply get lost in yours. Our minds are romantically relaxed, while our love takes us on a thousand tours.

Our eyes will be the roadmap, and our passion will be the ride. Your voice will be the wind beneath our wings, and our heart will be the guide.

With hours and days in our corner, as we dance inside of time. Never even getting tired, while we perambulate through each other’s mind.

With the space between us getting smaller, and our daily desires for one another getting bigger. What would be your first move sweetheart, if I was inside your hourglass figure? ♥️

You are my ♥️.



Roy 2019 ©️

🎁🎁 My Christmas Gift 🎁🎁

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t want a lot of presents, underneath the Christmas tree.January is the beginning calendar date, the month that represents all things new. There’s fireworks and festivals on the streets, because partying is what you’re supposed to do.

But aside from all the glitter I see, and blocking out the celebrations I hear. Having you is the reason to celebrate, ringing in the New Year.

February is the month of love, where Cupid turns couples into lovers. But you didn’t need a special month to steal my heart, as our words magically led us to each other.

Then comes the month of St. Patrick’s, the days of green that are true. The month also represented by Spring, the season I’ll gladly be for you.♥️

April brings in the holiday Easter, people celebrate it in their own way. The hiding of eggs, candy and chocolate bunnies, while others will sit and pray.

Mother’s Day falls in May, but another special holiday falls in that month. Where you’ll wear your red dress and I’ll wear my special suit, and our love will definitely get us drunk.

Fathers are recognized in June, and fireworks are lit up in the month of July. Two months that came back to back, when you walked into my life.August summers will always be warm, and I know that time after time. Your warmth your comfort and your tenderness, makes for the perfect twenty four hour sunshine.

September starts to cool down, but our passion rises anyway. Because the fire in our hearts will work harder to burn, than some people will work on Labor Day.

There’s no hiding the love we have for each other, not in the month of October. We can only give Thanks, that we actually found each other.

And now that Christmas is here, nothing could be more true. I wish I could find you under my tree, and simply unwrap you.

Day after day I spend with you, you’re actually the gift I say. Because with each passing month Pretty Girl, it’s you who is the true holiday.🌲♥️🌎


Roy 2018 ©️


Take a seat and read this beautifully romantic piece by an equally beautiful and talented writer with an amazing heart for passion. Then stand and head to her page for other great reads. ;o)

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

In the forest of life,
flows a bubbling love stream,
Sun beam dancing on its surface,
Reflecting in the trees.
On its side rests a bench,
A creative masterpiece,
Meant only for hearts,
That are living their love story.
I often used to wonder whether,
I would get that opportunity,
To sit there by my lover,
And feel the gush of harmony.
And somehow in the breeze,
You landed next to me,
The wilderness burst into colours,
And flowers strung symphonies.
You took my hand in yours,
My heart was no longer mine’s,
And on the love seat we sat together,
Becoming each other’s rhymes.
The world seemed to disappear,
And yet it became a beauty.
Shared smiles and laughter,
Drew us in a love poetry.
Our toes now dip ,
In the bubbling love stream.
Sun beam dancing on our faces,
Reflecting on our cheeks.

©© SONA, December 13th…

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♥️🌹The Bridge We Built🌹Together we Stand🌎

Get me some strawberries and mangos, and I’ll even put you on my grocery list. Right next to the whip cream, and the box of chocolates!As I look into your beautiful eyes, I remanence on that fateful night. When Miss Dream and Mr. Reality collided, on a place called the Blogger Spotlight.

It was there I captured your heart, you were the one I started to adore. We covered each other with poetic blankets, and developed something that would keep us much warmer.

You became my holidays, and I became your missing seasons. We didn’t need Cupid to help us fall in love, because we made our own eternal reasons.

An Enchantress and a Magician, my day and your night. We brought our two worlds together as one, a true love story the stars would write.💫You are my beautiful Wildflower, that I discovered in the month of June. We traded our special flirtatious comments, and that’s when the love would bloom.🌹

Our poetry went much deeper, as did our feelings in the month of July. The best birthday gift I’ve gotten was your love, and you had me seeing fireworks in the sky.

We celebrated my special day, you gave me cake and a poem I’ll remember forever. We had conversations for hours on end, and then we laid comfortably together.

In the summer months of August, we went through our ups and downs. But we had fun collaborating and making up, our incredible bond kept our world going round.

September became our bonding month, when our galaxies discovered no friction. Our words for each other became much stronger, and we were now one another’s addiction.

Our hearts were considered as one, on our world we planted a poetic seed. We became synonymous with our flower Rosa, and being with each other soon became a need.

October was the month for mask, but we became more exposed. Self proclaimed ourselves as crazy lovers, because the feelings inside us continued to arose.

Lighting the wick on the candle on fire, driving us both insane. Setting our hearts in a blaze of passion, starting a romance that couldn’t be contained.🔥

I’d run my fingers through your hair, and you’d gently kiss me with love. You were the air I breathed, you were the color of my blood.♥️. Hours seemed like minutes, every time we would cuddle and lay. You would wrap your leg around me, with you everyday is a holiday.

Now our sweet poetry flows over us, and it saturates our skin. It drenches me on the outside, and penetrates you within.Now it’s been half a year, this is the month of December. It’s our six month Anniversary , so many memories to remember.

And we’ll continue to make many more, because our love is hard to resist. We’ve written a million words to each other, and we’ll continue to add to our playlist. 🎼

We’ll continue to spread our magic, as we have become each other’s world. There’s no distance between our love, Happy Six Month Anniversary Pretty Girl.♥️♥️

Roy 2018 ©️

♥️We fell in love over poetry ♥️

A romantic tribute from an amazingly special person who changed my world, thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

It was the summers, was it not, when you and I met,
The spotlight was on me , and the stage was all set.
Many stopped by to say hello, admiring my poetic gallery ,
But who had known that the conversation we had that day, would begin an enchanting love story.
We played the mirroring game, copying each other’s response,
It was fun, it was cute, like twin flames we burned along.
Every day I would pen poems, and we would continue this new dance,
You would say beautiful love lines, inspiring me to make sparkling edits in romance.
And one night when I painted, a million love stars in the sky,
You were so surprised to see your stroke there, your reflections suggested a title more gorgeous to my eye.
Smiling, I confided, I wanted to make little changes from what you had to say,
You said just…

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Here’s something that will linger in the heart as well, another beautifully amazing piece of work by Sparkling Sona

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

The words you whisper,
The moments we share,
Blanket my body,
All through the day.
Lingering on my skin,
A scent of memory,
A blushing reminder ,
Breathing our story.
And as your moon dips
And enters my skies,
I lay down in bed,
And close my eyes.
Only to feel your syllables,
Retrace secret paths,
From that moment we shared,
Easing my mind and heart.
And I hold you close,
Unable to get enough,
Love struck and craving,
More of your hypnotic touch.
Still wearing that sweet perfume,
Your memory on my body,
Breathing desire,
Gasping in our midnight story.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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