She already has a key, but yet she still knocks! She is beautiful and so is this romantic post of hers that will knock you off your feet.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

In the velvet sky, the moon quietly shines,
Romancing the stars with its beam,
It reaches my eyes, and shows me your face,
Making me turn to you in my dreams.

Smiling, I rest my head on your chest,
And knock at the window of your heart.
“Can I come in, my love?”, I whisper,
“I can’t bear another moment apart”.

“You never have to ask , my Queen”, you breathe,
As tightly you wrap me in your arms.
“This castle has craved your presence all day,
Come flood me with your soothing balm”.

Your lips caress my naked heart,
Your fingertips shatter my walls,
And you catch me and spin me around,
As ever deeper into you I fall.

Nothing else matters to me anymore,
For the depth of your love feels true.
Can you hear the echo of your name in my soul,
It is soaring across the…

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A poem that’s sure to touch the heart, she stole mines for sure!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Beneath these gorgeous stars,
Come lay down next to me,
my delight.
The chambers of my heart,
echoes with your name,

Touch me not just with your words,
as you hold me in your arms,
so tight.
My heart yearns to bleed ,
the essence of your soul,

Place your lips on my pulse,
Sing to me any song,
you like.
My breath longs to dance
to the beat of your heart,

Beneath these gorgeous stars,
Come let’s make the moon blush,
my delight.
The chambers of my heart,
Echoes with your name

©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

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🌹♥️🌏♥️ You Are… ♥️🌹🌏♥️

Your words, your heart, your mind and your soul. It has taken me prisoner, and put me under your control. I hear your voice, and my sky’s are instantly blue. I continuously fall for you, and each trip is something new. We built our oasis, piece by piece. And we soon created a planet, where time between us cease. Sharing that world with you Pretty Girl, it’s a dream come true. So we’ll keep falling together, because I love you.♥️!You are that beautiful voice Pretty Girl, that fills me with joy beyond belief. You are my warmth when I catch cold, when I’m in pain you are my relief.

You are the first thought on my mind, when the sun cracks the morning sky. You are my sweet kiss goodnight, when I lay down and close my eyes.

You are the moments and memories, that gives me my natural high. You’re the water that quenches the thirst, when our mouths are passionately dry.

My lucky oasis that was discovered, you are a treasure chest of rare gold. My one and only perfect love, a storied secret that was untold.

You are a hidden city among the stars, a whisper that is uttered aloud. You’re truly the wind beneath my wings, you are the nine upon my cloud.☁️You are the touch that makes me tingle, the dream that makes me smile. My sun, moon and stars, you are the reality that drives me wild.

You are that Southern charm that melts me, your original tongue is beautifully sweet too. You can get tough and spicy when conversing, I’m simply wild for you.

Stevie Wonder sang Isn’t She Lovely, and I wouldn’t say anything less. But when Taylor Swift sang Gorgeous, I think she described you best.

You are the melody to my music, the symphony to my song. The correct key to my chord, the one I’ve been searching for all along.

You are the delicate stroke to my keyboard, the heartbeat to my drum. Play me like your very own guitar, hypnotize me with your seducing strum.🎸

There’s snow body like you in the winter, in the summer you are my sunshine. Spring with me into a season of love, as I fall for you time after time.

You are the sound behind my smile, you are the poetry that I write. The embers that burns the logs of love, you are my day and night.

So continue to fall for me, that’s what lovers like us do. But do not feel badly my darling, if I say I can not catch you.

For we will be falling together, in such a romantic grace. I’ll never let you fall alone Pretty Girl, you are forever in my warm embrace.♥️


Roy 2019 ©️

❄️Sparkling Freeze

♥️ Seven Steps With You ♥️

One to six or five to two, zero to seven or four to three. It doesn’t matter how you add, it’s a seven month Anniversary!🌹Seven is a lucky number, to the heart people hold it near. It’s a momentous number of love, representing the traveling of more than half a calendar year.

That’s two of four seasons, that has such a gorgeous ring. And even if you only get three seasons, together we make them everlasting.

From the planets that we build, to the beautiful music we make. The unlimited laughter we share endlessly, to the enchantingly magical bond we create.

Whether you’re caressing me with your words, or kissing me with your smile. Breathing in my ear with your legs wrapped around me, you simply drive me wild.

I want to go wherever you go, down the street or to the market. Near or far plane or car, I want to be close to you like an outfit.

The world we have built together, we are both such a huge part. Our planet isn’t even round like others are, it’s in the shape of a heart.Surrounded by melodies of our laughter, as our clocks cease to tick. We visit every part of each other’s mind, as if they were stores and we were shopaholics.😉

We’ve grown together so tightly, it’s hard to consider us two. We’re becoming stuck to one another, like we are trapped by American super glue.

As our bodies become bonded and stuck, what do we do for heavens sake? Chocolate and a hint of strawberries, all we need is some cheesecake.😏

We’ll turn the lights down low, have ourselves a romantic dinner. Have a sweet Anniversary treat or two, because seven is lucky remember!

And when the sun has finally set, and our heart is beating from all the fun. We’ll have to cuddle to slow the heartbeat, because we share the same one.💓


Roy 2019 ©️

✈️ Take Me With You 🌹

Being surrounded by so many never felt so lonely.♥️I heard taking a vacation, is supposed to turn your grey sky’s blue. But being away from you, was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

We think we’ll be okay, and our goodbye kisses were a nice touch. But who knew trying to be happy for the holidays, could actually cost so much?

Day and night I thought about you, and people say that hope floats. But my heart was drowning without you, so I know that some organs don’t.

You told me not to miss you, that’s like asking me not to breathe. What am I without you, I’m like a tree without its leafs.

In life we learn lessons, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And I realized that it’s truly possible, that you can actually cry your eyes out.Love will never be selfish, nor is it needy or possessive. It’s not smothering or constricting, and it’s not arresting or obsessive.

But it does require a want, it has to have a hand to hold. A book that has a foreign ink written in it, so it’s story can be told.

I truly have my library, for you don’t know what your words do. You changed my life in so many ways, I’m so truly lucky to have you.♥️😘

Like I told you before Pretty Girl, you are my every holiday. And if I have to pick my vacation spot, you’d be my perfect getaway.

No matter what season it is, it only matters by the smile written on your face. Hot, cold or in between weather, you will always be my happy place.😏


Roy 2018 ©️🌎

The Adopted One

It’s not about the destination, but it’s all about the journey that makes you!You’re on the outside looking in, like a puppy looking through the glass. Others are trying to sneak a peek, at the scenery, sky and pedestrians pass.

You along with the others are waiting, can’t pass the time with games or texts. They can care less about all that nonsense, you’re just hoping you can be next.

And finally your number is called, you’re out of the place that left you in shambles. You are actually getting adopted for once, because a family is willing to take a gamble.

You have yourself a new home to live in, you can finally stop feeling like a loser. But the minute you walk through the front door, you automatically feel like an intruder.

Your attempt to get comfortable and sleep, is a bigger chore than tying ties. Nothing is the same on the outside, so it seems you’ve become institutionalized.

You remind yourself that you wanted a family, that’s genuine, kind and pure. And even though you now have that, you can’t shake this feeling called insecure.

Your new step parents include you in all activities, family night, camping trips and other games. You still continue to feel down in the dumps, so they reassure you they love you all the same.

A smile forms on your face, this family looks at you as no bother. You have a brother, a sister and a dog. But more importantly a Mother and a Father.

But yet you still feel a little sorrow, when you should have feelings of joy. You look at yourself like Pinocchio, because you’ll never be considered a real boy.You’re only an outsider if you make yourself one. If you carry yourself with confidence, people will come to you. Believe in yourself.

Wanna be a leader? Follow me.😉

Step by step, heart to heart. Left right left, they all fall down, like toy soldiers.Models tell you how much to weigh,

While magazines tell you how to look.

Society reminds you constantly how to act,

While chefs on television are teaching you how to cook.

Newspaper ads are telling you this, while the odds are telling you how to bet.

Television programs are the most updated info, but they also say that about the internet.

They say that Fathers know best, and you should always listen to your kin.

Obey your Mother daily, but take and follow the advice of your best friend.

The weatherman said it should rain today,

And I should take an umbrella and run.

Good thing I listened to that guy,

It came in handy for blocking out the sun.

I have about five percent body fat,

Do I really need a diet today?

I choked on an apple while I was at the hospital,

So those don’t actually keep the doctor away.

Society says we should all be leaders, come with them and they’ll show us where to go.

But if we do that then we are not really leaders, because we are simply willing to just follow.

With these people saying this, and those people saying that.

It’s hard to become a true leader, if you’re not willing to engage in combat.

They say let’s have an army of leaders,

But if you’re a rebel you are a germ.

They want leaders that will follow orders,

Not ones that will act on their own terms.

I find this all to funny at times,

They’re trying to mold us and call it help.

Why don’t you follow my advice,

And simply just Be Yourself!

Is confidence inherited or developed? 🤔

You Are My Destiny🌹🌹

“You are the only one I crave, in the middle of the night. The one I want most” ~S.S~I may not play the piano or the guitar, but I’m romantic enough to share the same cup. And afterwards I can whisper sweetly in your ear, and serenade you with a song I made up. I want to be your dance partner, and dance to every single solitary love song. Ignore your conscious and don’t look at the clock, just tango with me all night long.You see the moon and I see the sun, yes it sounds like a riddle. But close your eyes and think with your heart, and I promise we’ll meet each other in the middle.

I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, as your beautiful eyes catch my sight. I’ll spin you around and communicate with a smile, and you’ll know it’s you I take to bed every night. If I was the moon I could tuck you into bed, kiss you goodnight all in one. And then be there when you wake in the morning, kiss you on the cheek like the rays of the sun.

And when you yawn yourself awake, you’ll draw your curtains because it’s hot. You’ll see a message from me telling you that you’re perfect, even when you think you’re not. Ever been considered the most important, no matter how near or far? Automatically been crowned number one, because that’s exactly what you are.

So are you the type to get motion sickness, you should let me know if you do. You’ll get dizzy watching things go round, because my world revolves around you. So watch your steps upon the clouds, as we ascend up in the stars and take a seat. And point to a constellation you want named after you, so I can show you how special you are to me.

It’ll remind us of all the goodness in life, so every time we look up above. We’ll see our poetic words etched in the sky, and know the difference between like and love. So as we return back to Earth, can you save the last dance for me? Hit that random button on your music playlist, as we hear the song “You are my Destiny”

What Can’t You Do?🤔

We simply hide the facts, right before our eyes. By plainly “sitting” on the truth, because we can’t “stand” the lies.Why do people say “I can’t”, it sounds like the blackest of lies. Is it just a lazy way of saying, I’m not willing to try? They put so much feeling and energy, into dragging those words from the dark hole. Imagine if they put that effort into energy, they might actually accomplish their goal.

What happened to All I do is win, or Reach for the Stars? What about you can achieve anything, or hit the ground running hard. The Little Engine that could, that has a nice little ring. We’re these sayings just for slogans, or did they actually mean something?

I always give A’s for effort, and that my friend is no lie. It’s just up to you to keep it, and it’s very easy if you try. Negativity is a virus, and it’s easy to catch it. Especially if you hang around with people, who have already been infected.

They’ll give it to you rather quick, it’s better to have it in pairs. When two people wallow in it, it becomes much easier to share. It can also be called a cult, it likes to recruit one by one. Confidence is not allowed in there, the motto is “Easier said than done.”

If you’re ever approached by one of these people, and they want you to join their negative rant. Just use their words against them, and simply tell them “you can’t.”

Some Crushes🤔

If you can’t get someone off your mind, maybe they’re supposed to be there. Remember. The mind can recognize what the heart is trying to deny.❤️What exactly is a crush, we’ve all had them before. It’s when we fall for that special someone, and start singing I adore mi amore. But we sing it in our heads, it’s not something you scream and shout. A crush is something secret, don’t want the word to get out.

Or maybe you do want the word out, just like the wind blows. So if your crush finds out, the relationship will grow. But some crushes hold back, not all of them are black and white. There’s areas of shades and grey, so let’s look at some of the different types.👀The Respectable Crush💑- This is like an admirable crush, but it’s totally forsaken. You can never act on this crush, because you know this person is taken. These are the kinds of crushes, that develops into more. Because after a certain period, it’s the couple you come to adore. You come to respect what they have, and feel you may have been quick to rush. You don’t want to be responsible, for crushing another crush. So you wish that pair good luck, and you happily accept the fact. This crush is stuck in the friend zone, and those kind rarely come back.

The Admirable Crush🧐I’m sure we all had this type of crush, this is like the common cold. You can develop this type of crush, whether you are young or old. This crush hits you from out of the blue, you didn’t expect the brain to pull the trigger. Your head is automatically in the clouds, this person is like an authority figure. You respect this person like a professor, you feel guilty when you fantasize about them in a way. So you spank yourself in the morning for it, but only in a disciplined way. You can’t lose sleep over this kind of crush, especially if you’re cramming for a test. Find yourself locked up after class, on a silly charge like resisting a rest! 😂

The Egg On Crush🥚This is a certain kind of crush, that you want to give a little time. But you have that certain friend, that keeps pushing you from behind. They say what are you waiting for, they can see it in your eyes. Hurry up before it’s to late, do you need an instruction guide? So you finally take their advice, you decide to wait no more. Come to find out there’s nothing brewing, behind that empty door. Turns out the crush was just really nice, and all your fears were confirmed. How can you be so heart broken, and still suffer from heart burn? But it’s better to have crushed and lost, than to have never crushed at all I’m told. How else can you explain, the chicken actually crossing the road.

The Heart Wants Crush❤️Some people call it a trap, that’s to say the least. Some say love is blind, others call it Beauty and the Beast. You don’t know why this one happens, you don’t know what gives. You’re not sure why you fell for this person, you don’t even find them attractive. Why did you fall for this person, you couldn’t be in your right mind. You can’t come up with one good reason, no matter how many qualities you find. Maybe opposites do attract, and that makes a lot of people lovesick. But what the heart wants, the heart will usually get.

The Actual Interest🔮💫😍This one is actually real, this is more than a crush to you. If crushes are like common colds, then this is considered the flu! Everything that happens, reminds you of your crush before long. Like if it magically rains suddenly, or you hear an inspirational song. You don’t give these crushes creepy smiles, you talk to them day by day. And as that time passes by, you hope they feel the same way. But interest is totally different, just like a comb and a brush. Technically if you’re not holding back, then it’s no longer considered a crush.I know there are plenty more crushes out there and I’m sure I’ll probably do a part 2 down the road because there’s the first crush, schoolyard crush and the infamous Blogger Crush😬!! But, what crushes have you gone through besides the shy crush since I’m asking on the spot. It’s okay, we all have secrets. Even the moonhides.😉