💫 Afraid of the Dark💫

If only you count the tears I’ve cried,

A million times, I swear I’ve died

I’m trying, but it’s still not right

The only time I want her is night.

I’m going to go outside, where the clouds are full of rain. Let the water conceal my tears, while the dancing disguises my pain.

I’m gonna shine so brightly, never stuck in idle or park. Having no fear of the midnight sky’s, why should a star be afraid of the dark?

I’ll sit atop of the Moon, all while holding a rose. Toast it like a drink to the Sun, and magically watch it grow.

And if that rose gets thirsty, then I will nurture and abide. Because there won’t be no water, unless of course it’s cried.

Run the eyes dry, until the smile blossoms within. Seeds of strangers to flowers of friends, all while saying I love you three thousand.

Can you tell me a story, one that hasn’t been uttered or told? But let’s keep the candle burning, so the words don’t feel alone.

Close your eyes and sing, and any tune will do. It doesn’t matter how you move, dance like no body is watching you.

You move just like an Angel, I close my eyes to catch a sight. I will definitely see that beautiful star, in the same dark night.

Afterwards take a bow, as the audience stands and cheer. Pick up the rose from the darkened stage, and water it with that single tear.


Two Thousand, Twenty Wow💫

Another year has come and gone, mirror mirror on the wall. Will twenty-twenty one, be where seasons stand and fall?

People made resolutions and dreams, some which were made and broke. And now we enter the New Year, with new aspirations and hopes.

Some are feeling down because of COVID, so relationships are starting anew. Walking into the New Year as one, while walking out of twenty twenty as two.

Afraid to stop and smell the roses, for fear of catching more than the scent. Fighting for a little normalcy, wondering where the good times went.

Humanity at an all time low, while arguments are on the rise. But society must mentally pull together, if they really want to survive.

It’s not a case of all for one, and it’s not a matter of one for all. Not even taking care of your own, just sticking together and standing tall.

Hoping for a better year, that’s something we all want to do. Starting all over or being alone, happiness takes sacrifices too.

We fall only to get back up, in life a lesson we learn. Let no one dictate your happiness, choose to hold on to everything you earn.

Misery cost but smiles are free, so there’s nothing to fear. I’m voting for you to lead your life, so make twenty-twenty one your year!


🌝 The Sun In A Bottle ⭐️

Sometimes I can’t see, why people who can see,

Can’t see, that people who can’t see can’t see.

Is that to hard to remember guys? Really…..

Where is the common sense, or maybe as they say, common sense is not common anymore.

Can you see the color blue, you can feel comfort in the soul. Can you see the color yellow, the warmth you sense when we hold.

Can your eyes witness love, because it’s really a special treat. It’s actually that bonding connection, between two lovers synchronizing heartbeats.

Can you look into my eyes, like you do so many times. Predict my thoughts and every word, as if you’re simply reading my mind.

Let’s hold hands in the elements, because we love each other so much. Identify how beautiful the snow is, by the texture and the touch.

We’ll spring into a garden patch, where fragrances will meet us near and far. You’ll smell a variety of gorgeous flowers, and you can tell me what they are.

Let’s run our toes through the sand, that feeling can’t be beat. Where you don’t have to see the rays, to actually feel the heat.

I seen them shinning all over you, it gave you such an Angels glow. And when you smiled within the light, your beauty gave it the wind effect blow.

Your hair moved with grace, and you whispered weather changing songs. All I did was sit and stare, all the day long.

Glistening ever so brightly, we paid each other in kind. A genie that granted my every wish, proving that love was not blind.

Constantly providing that warm feeling, seeing a bright side during the dark times. Helping both of us grow as a couple, you truly are my sunshine.

A genie in a magical lamp, with the qualities of the brightest star. The Sun inside a bottle, that’s exactly what you are.🌞♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️


♥️ Love Under The Night Sky

Baby there’s a God above, but all I ever learned from love…was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you. But it’s not a cry that you hear at night, nor it’s not the one who sees the light.🌹

I’ll lay in my bed at night, as I listen to my heart race.♥️. Eyes fixated on the picture frames, that are filled by your beautiful face.

My dreams are so realistic, as they leave fragrances behind of you. Wildflowers, roses and mangos, with the sweetest nectar and a hint of honeydew.

You said because of me, your roses were red and your violets were blue. Well you remind of the Sun, because my world revolves around you.

Let’s sit atop of the horizon, no matter where we are. Feast our eyes upon the moon, while being showered by all the falling stars.

We’ll paint a rainbow with our eyes closed, no matter if it takes us forever. Get covered in colors as if it was a festival, as long as we do it together.

I’ll cool you off with a fan made of paper, and we’ll munch on pastries and tea. Relax as you rest your head on my chest, right underneath the shady elm tree.

Listen to our shared heartbeats, as we cuddle in each other’s arms. Matching breaths in romantic harmony, mesmerized by your eyes I call stars.

Your voice makes for reality, and it’s always a happy hello all the time. And once that sweet audible chocolate reaches my ears, I know everything will be fine.

Then you kissed me gently, and it was as warm as the summer sunrise. The moon had settled off to sleep, and the morning had come around to arrive.🌈

Sparkling Freeze ❄️ 2020 ©️

🌹🌹🌹🌹 Eleven Roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹

He promised her the sun, even though the moon was out. It didn’t change the shine of either star, nor the beauty of his love for her no doubt.

He’d make wishes under his breath, all the while dreaming with his heart. He would cross all seven seas, just to keep from being apart.

Though she didn’t say much at times, he felt he could read her eyes. Her soul sang a thousand lyrics, and whispered tunes to the midnight sky.

She was the reason for his cloud nine, his rainbow would cease to become distain. She was the sweet smell within the wind, he wanted to be her candy rain.

He wanted to get her the sweetest chocolates, he’d never find none sweeter than her. He would light a campfire every night, and see her image within the gorgeous embers.

To travel the four corners, and to do it hand and hand. A dream to keep a smile on her face, if not find one that can.

He looks outside his window at night, he has a name for almost every star. He speaks to them with an innocent smile, while hearing her voice from afar.

With the closing of the eyes, the winds blow from one direction to another. The tastiest kiss on Earth, and he’s face to face with his lover.

He gives her eleven red roses, and she sees one is missing then. “You are the most gorgeous rose” he replies, that actually comes to complete this dozen.🌹

Roy🌹©️ 2020

🏚 All Fall Down 🔥

A fool learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others. 🃏

I’m finally back from Dallas Texas, a trip I can log in the pages. I went down for a family reunion, a chance to see relatives I haven’t seen in ages.

Every time you turn around, there’s someone standing in your face. Let’s go visit uncle such and such, driving all across the entire state.

But with all the gathering comes a loss, as I had a great aunt pass away. Some of the strongest people went silent, while others had very little to say.

I too fell off the Earth, because I pathetically went weak. Sometimes memories swell up in my eyes, and end up rolling down my cheek.

You look to family for support, but you realize that’s obtuse. You shouldn’t fall off the Earth from depression, that’s really no excuse.

But then you read something, that happens to catch your eye. And it makes it much easier, for you to actually cry.

A lyrical message stated, that touches you to the very core. It forces you to marinate on the words, and then whisper “It hurts no more”.

Kind of a disappointing vacation, I expected more when I got home. But expectations bring disappointments, sometimes it’s better to meditate alone.

Someone told me not everyone will be there, and that’s really not a sin. So close your eyes and escape the outside, and find everything you need within.

Roy 2020

From Dallas to Desoto to Depressed.💫

Ain’t no Sunshine, ain’t no sunshine when it rains.

Family reunions draw a crowd, everywhere you look you have company. Who would have thought surrounded by so many people, a person could still feel so lonely.

Printed patterns on the pillow, the tears will dry in time. Enjoy yourself in a lone star state, the last of us left behind.

United we stand is a front, so what is divided we fall? It’s a testament to people’s strength, when adversity decides to build a wall.

I promise I’ll be strong, that’s easier said than done. Ever wonder why it’s still so dark, when you can actually see the sun?

I’ll tell you the answer, and it has nothing to do with the brain. The eyes are partially cloudy, with a slight chance of rain.

The power is in our hands, close your eyes and think of me. Make sure your heart and mind is in the right place, or it defeats the purpose of unity.

👁 Your Eyes Call On Me 👀

Tell me how’s it feel sitting up there, Feelin’ so high but to far away to hold me. You know I’m the one who put you up there…name in the sky, does it ever get lonely?

The roads seem so unfamiliar, green light, yield and stop signs. Maneuvering their way through the blinding fog, per ambling within the mind.

Using the heart as a street map, because the eyes must have lied. They can no longer now be trusted, faith must become the only guide.

Conversation carried on like lawyers, almost on a daily basis. The arguments don’t get that far, but yet they got suits and cases.

Took a place on the center stage, inside the dome where you could meet and greet. But out in the crowd there are no people, just different emotions fill the arena seats.

Anger, happiness and sadness, your eyes they call on me. Trying to comfort and soothe the soul, from a life full of complexity.

Look down on disappointment, be strong enough to shed a tear. A persons first love, should always be the one they see in the mirror.

Her sparkling eyes like marbles, they can suck you in much further. Dissect your brain and read you like a book, as if she was actually the author.

Teaching one to unleash true feelings, unlocking themselves to be strong. To stand up on their own two feet, and have them go out on their own.

Take thy hand and call it therapy, as you enter thee for free. The rhythmic heartbeat and the petal from roses, will be enough to cover the fee.

How do you go somewhere, without knowing where you even went? The mind will always find its way home, empty hearts are only for the moment.❤️

Roy 2020©️

🌹🌹 All Bees Find Honey 🐝🐝

Four simple words, that will forever sit on the brain. May they marinate or evaporate, “change nothing, nothing change!”Welcome to the Castle of Illusions, where things aren’t what they seem to be. One minute you’re in the ceiling of dreams, then you’re laying on the floor of reality.

You struggle to keep your footing, as the scene traverses through ice and fire. The Fantasy Island has shaken awake, the residence of lovers and liars.

Walking among the garden of roses, it’s there you inhale a big whiff. The aroma so sweet but mere imagination, because it’s only a simple scratch and sniff.

The sunlight shines so brightly, and catches a twinkle within the eye. Can that be the song of hope, or a prelude to when Angels cry.

Beyond these castle walls, the birds they sing so gay. Laughter packed in memory envelopes, never delivered just stored away.

Loving something only to curse it, isn’t a way to set things free. Why should someone fight for their dreams, if their holding their mind in captivity?

There are readers and there are writers, there’s lovers and also friends. Writers make their happily ever afters happen, while readers watch their book end.

We’re all given pens in life, and collaborations can be a beautiful thing. But when they interfere with reality, they can become rather confusing.

Thank you for visiting the castle, lock all the doors when you leave please. Don’t worry about locking anyone out, the original owner has the keys.

Roy 2020©️🌹

💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈

Where is that Happily Ever After, how does one get that Fairytale feel? How does love descend from Romeo and Juliet, all the way down to Jack and Jill?

Why couldn’t the little boy be happy, instead of Little Boy Blue? Did the fantasy have to end at midnight, did Cinderella have to have a curfew?

They say it can’t rain forever, so the closing of the eye is subtle. Can you explain why one is standing in a pond, that started out as a puddle.

If one can be the breath of life, and their hand can be that hope. Their poetic words and loving voice, will eventually become the perfect life boat.

Sometimes they’re right in front of us, other times we have a way to go. Whether it’s one try or one hundred tries, when you find them you will know.

Don’t sleep just to sleep, that’s a waste of time it seems. If you’re gonna rest your body and mind, you might as well plan a dream.

Roy 2020 ©️