A song with a voice that needs no tune, composed by a soul as beautiful as the Moon. I’d sit with her for life cause I can’t stand to be away from her.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Lyrics of a song I wrote.

Lying here alone in my bed,
These sheets feel so cold,
I’m trying to catch your silhouette.

The clock by my bed reads 2 a.m.
I grab on tight to my pillow,
I long for the warmth of your hand.

I wonder, if you know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
that I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t so far,
I miss you, every single hour.

The days just pass me by in a blur,
I’m standing on the shore,
Counting sunrises on my fingers.

I’m waiting for the wave which will bring you close to me,
My heart is scripting sad songs,
For I feel so lonely.

Oh darling, do you even know,
How much I need you.

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🌹🌹 Vision of Love ♥️🌏♥️

Do I ever cross your mind….anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?There’s a place that I know, where I have my own little seat. Without you I am in it, it’s a place called complete.

You are my total concentration, when I lose the ability to think. When my poetic heart stops beating, you are the blood that pumps the ink.

You are the true love I believe in, the inspiration that I feel. Without you the Ocean of Ode is empty, you are the poetry that I spill.

We’ve cried tears to quench our thirst, right eye pleasure left eye pain. Our burning hearts provided the spark, your love and passion started the flame.

The fields were saturated with our sensuous romance, as our bodies became one in the same team. Fire spread and set it ablaze, turning our desire for one another into a cover of steam.

Put your lips on mines and breathe, as you bring warmth to a frozen world. A vision of love when my eyes are closed, when opened a dream come true and my girl.

I laugh whenever I am with you, I often catch myself smiling for no reason. All my holidays have something to do with you, and so does all four seasons.

Our clocks have wings not hands, because our time seems to fly. Your voice is like a beautiful Koyal, singing me a repeated lullaby.

If I had to wish upon a falling star, for something special to come true. I must have made a premeditated wish, because I’d say that I got you.

It’s not what you do for someone, it’s actually what you do to them. That spins their world in a marvelous direction, and changes their life in a whim.

You change my outlook on things, you make me see from a different pair of eyes. Four corners of the world even though it’s round, even storms now have a bright side.

S is for the word Sparkling, like the stars that imitate you. O is for Overflowing, just like you cause my cup to do. N is of course for New, which represents the world we built for you and me. A is for Amazing, simply because that’s what you will always be.

Red is your favorite color, but I like green a little better. But when it comes to loving my Vision of Love, U will always be my favorite letter!♥️

I love you my Vision of Love 🌹

Sparkling Freeze❄️


☎️My Wonderful Wake Up Call ♥️

If you can hear me now, I’m reaching out to let you know that you’re not alone.It makes its cameo over the horizon, as it shines upon the valley and all. Lighting everything it touches in its wonderful path, but that’s not my wake up call.

A musical symphony forms outside my window, as a variety of birds sing so gay. Whistling tunes that can brighten any rainbow, but that doesn’t normally start my day.

I manage to hear the gentle breeze outside, as the leafs on the tree begin to applause. But that doesn’t get me out of bed, as I continue to lay there without a cause.

Then the magic moment occurs for me, as my iPhone pillow vibrates. Your name flashes on the screen brighter than the sun, and a smile forms on my face.

The sweet tone of your hello, sounds better than any gorgeous ring chime. And your harmonious laugh that lights up my life, stays permanently embedded in my mind.

As your vocals begin to resonate with me, and you continue to sing. Because your words and laughter are my favorite song, I begin to wonder if this is still a dream.

I hear your ever so precious Good Morning, and it becomes wonderfully clear to me. My eyes open up like a newly budded red rose, Sona’s not only a fantasy she’s a reality!It’s a better place since you came along, you’re my perfect Wildflower. We talk on the phone for like ten minutes, come to realize it’s been two hours.

My days start off with a smile, they carry on with a laugh or two. For the evenings entertainment you’re constantly on my mind, and for the crescendo I dream about you.🌹

You truly are my Sunshine, the wake up alarm I’ve come to know. You are the face that is on my clock, direct my hands where you want them to go.

And we’ll go there together♥️

♥️Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy©️ 2019

♥️🌹 Crazy Lovers 💓🌏

Cause every time I close my eyes I think of you, and no matter what the season is I still love you….with all my heart. I wanna be with you wherever you are.You ever feel your surroundings closing in, you think your space is getting smaller? You can try crawling out for air, but the walls are getting taller.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but even that seems to be getting dim. You jumped in ten feet of water, knowing damn well you couldn’t swim.

That’s exactly my situation, I’m surrounded by water in a pail. And I am the tiny ant among the waves, desperately waiting to exhale.

I’m becoming so used to hearing your voice, and so accustomed to feeling your touch. Laughing while time cease to exist, whispering to each other “I love you so much”.

We talk to each other from sun up to sun down, about any and everything. Using our phones as our personnel pillows, just in case were sleep while it rings.

At night when I dream about you, in my dreams I will hold you tightly. Praying at times when I awake, I can magically pull you through with me.

You say I took your heart away, that’s exactly how I feel. Because I’ll give you my heart a thousand times over, For you, I will.♥️

We’ve become so passionate about each other, that’s how our love has gotten so stronger. We help each other stay awake, just so we can talk on the phone a little longer.

Slowly went from wanting to needing, graduated from holding to possession. Magic pushed our communication to collaborating, and our addiction became an obsession.

I don’t know what we’ve done to each other, but separation gets really tough. I want to be with you twenty four seven, and sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough.

We smile at the same fantasies, that’s because we’re both so similar. We share the same tears whether we’re laughing or crying, does Rosa and Royal sound familiar?😉

Do you constantly dream about me, has your world just totally flipped?🌏. Am I the reason you can’t concentrate, join the club because it’s a free membership.

The Magician and the Enchantress, and The Golden Couple among others. Mr. Romantic Poet and The Princess of Poetry, but to me we’re just two Crazy Lovers.♥️🌹

I Love You Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy 2019©️


She already has a key, but yet she still knocks! She is beautiful and so is this romantic post of hers that will knock you off your feet.

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

In the velvet sky, the moon quietly shines,
Romancing the stars with its beam,
It reaches my eyes, and shows me your face,
Making me turn to you in my dreams.

Smiling, I rest my head on your chest,
And knock at the window of your heart.
“Can I come in, my love?”, I whisper,
“I can’t bear another moment apart”.

“You never have to ask , my Queen”, you breathe,
As tightly you wrap me in your arms.
“This castle has craved your presence all day,
Come flood me with your soothing balm”.

Your lips caress my naked heart,
Your fingertips shatter my walls,
And you catch me and spin me around,
As ever deeper into you I fall.

Nothing else matters to me anymore,
For the depth of your love feels true.
Can you hear the echo of your name in my soul,
It is soaring across the…

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A poem that’s sure to touch the heart, she stole mines for sure!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Beneath these gorgeous stars,
Come lay down next to me,
my delight.
The chambers of my heart,
echoes with your name,

Touch me not just with your words,
as you hold me in your arms,
so tight.
My heart yearns to bleed ,
the essence of your soul,

Place your lips on my pulse,
Sing to me any song,
you like.
My breath longs to dance
to the beat of your heart,

Beneath these gorgeous stars,
Come let’s make the moon blush,
my delight.
The chambers of my heart,
Echoes with your name

©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

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Never At A Loss For Words

The fact that you are with me, it’s obvious that dreams do come true. There’s 24 hours in a day, and I’d spend every minute with you.♥️🌹Have you ever talked to your lover, that you just couldn’t get enough? The minute you heard their sweet hello, you knew saying goodbye would be tough.

The ringing fills you with anticipation, and when they pick up it’s just so surreal. Nothing else matters when you hear their voice, when we talk Sona that’s how I feel.

Once our voices connect with each other, something unexplainable happens every time. The world stops spinning as we come together, in body, soul and mind.

You put your fingers to your sweet lips, and shhh me in that sexy way. I love it when you do that, I remember it like it was yesterday.

You seduce me with your sensuous sounds, hypnotize me with your harmonic word “hush”. Turn out my lights with a simple phone call, and turn me on with a whispering “shut up”

We spoke of how we first fell in love, and questioned if it was a mistake. We came to the realization the only error in love, would come from the ones we create.

We talked about our favorite songs, at times we even sang to one another. Our conversations became collaborations, have you ever sang to your lover?

We described different types of foods, and spoke of our one favorite fantasy. Detailed our rendezvous trips we would take together, while discussing the ups and downs of gravity.

Remember we argued over Freuds theory, it was something about dreams and sleep. That seem like it went on for all four of the Evers, that conversation was deep.

We exchanged funny stories about friends and family, we went over pleasure and pains. We talked about how we are so alike, and we talked about weather but that changed.

We brought up our nine month Anniversary, and all the joy to each other we bring. We talked about all the music on our playlist, that Jason Derulo song has a nice ring.😏

I talked about how I’m lucky and you’re amazing, so you tried to compliment me then. That’s when the laughter started, cause you knew I wouldn’t listen.😘

How many times can you tell someone you love them, the possibilities are an endless sight. All these topics and many more, happened during a magical eight hour phone call that night.☎️


I love when you fall asleep talking to me, because I know I was the last thing on your mind.♥️♥️


Roy 2019 ©️

I love my Sparkling Freeze ❄️

nine galaxies of love

Nine months long and beautifully strong!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Galaxy full of happiness, gardens full of joy,
That’s what you have given to me, my darling Roy.
You brought roses and rainbows of every possible colour,
Wove them in my dreams, like a soft fragrant cover.

And my heart became your slave, it craved for you more and more,
It wanted to make love to you, every night behind locked doors.
Your arms became my heaven, oh your lips made me dizzy,
As you seductively stroked my skin in the moon light , making me moan “yes baby”.

Be it talking with you heart to heart, or laughing with you under the stars,
your warm gentle waves roll over my shore, spraying me with love every hour.
You have unclothed me layer by layer, quietly made your mark on me,
Here is your blushing seductress saying, happy nine month anniversary, my honey.

With love,

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Cloud 9Month Anniversary♥️☁️♥️

Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, how I wonder what you are. Inspired my writing in so many ways, gave me beautiful nights and sunny days. Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, nine months strong and we’ve come so far!It’s been nine magical months, and our love has a much stronger hold. What miracles can occur in nine months, what stories can be made and told?

We started out a secret on spotlight, a mere whisper in the wind. We became pure passion on the pages, when our flamed hearts became more than friends.Our romance spun into a cyclone, and the ripples quickly turned into waves. We danced each other’s night away, as the sparks evolved into a blaze.

Hanging on each other’s word, pressing it into our poetry from the start. I took your name and you took mines, and we tattooed it into our hearts.

You threw your passion to the moon, I tossed my soul into the sun. From across the world we made wishes, and we were brought together as one.

I put colors into your rainbow, and you spun my world round and round. Month after month we rode our cloud with a smile, even though we had our ups and downs.😏

We’ve been through seasons and holidays, tons of hugs and kisses. Sleepless nights and many sweet dreams, unplanned tears and patient wishes.

Day and night you’re always there, holding my hand during thick and thin. Two hearts beating as one, your commitment to me is no question.

My feelings are equally mutual, because you are my addiction too. Amusement Park, strip club, beach or casino, wherever we go as long as I’m with you.

So we’ll keep building planets in the present, but keep our eyes on the future you see. Perhaps if dreams and reality do collide, we will have created ourselves a galaxy.

The only thing that truly sparkles is you Sona♥️. I love you.


Roy 2019©️

♥️💦 Body of Land 🌏🌹

Sleep with me, Dream of me, and Love me like you do as we lay together.♥️It begins up over the hills, and down through the terrains. The wind starts to moan, and then slowly comes the rain.

Into the crest of the valley, down the belly goes the beast. Her heartbeat rapidly starts to rise, but time begins to cease.

Along the nape of the land, where the soft grass lies. Beauty awaits for her Prince, so they can walk the Path to Paradise.

The flower garden begins to bloom, because the fingers I plant are gentle. There’s a sweet aroma in the air, as the land begins to shake and tremble.

The winds are getting stronger, the weather is becoming unknown. The land is becoming demanding, it’s like it has a mind of its own.

My hands suddenly become bonded, I was focused on her beautiful soul. The land had turned the tides, I was a prisoner of her control.

There was no denying her strength, as she played to the expressions on my face. Her actions and sounds aroused my senses, keeping my weakened body in place.

Her gentle breeze cooled me off, when I began to sweat. My mouth was as dry as the summer day, but my body was profusely wet.

She dragged me down to her garden, where she had all the power. I was the hypnotized stem, being pulled into the flower.

A scent as sweet as honey, and beauty matched only by a mirror. A voice as angelic as I ever heard, and skin as soft as Aloe Vera.Fingertips like petals across my chest, sending tingles down my spine. Not seeking permission to trail her fingers lower, she kept sliding to frazzle my mind.

My hands are finally set free, and I quickly start to assist. You made things hard just being your prisoner, so being your lover I couldn’t resist!

Dew covered the blooming petals, as the stem got healthy and longer. Riding the flower up passionately, symbolizing our love was even stronger.

We kissed each other with feeling, as you took your hand and held my face. And smiled a smile so beautifully, that put me in the perfect place.

Holding one another so tightly, like every poem for each other we had written. It represented one of the flowers made, in the place we deemed our Secret Garden.🌹♥️


I Love You Pretty Girl🌹

Roy 2019©️