You Are My Destiny🌹🌹

“You are the only one I crave, in the middle of the night. The one I want most” ~S.S~I may not play the piano or the guitar, but I’m romantic enough to share the same cup. And afterwards I can whisper sweetly in your ear, and serenade you with a song I made up. I want to be your dance partner, and dance to every single solitary love song. Ignore your conscious and don’t look at the clock, just tango with me all night long.You see the moon and I see the sun, yes it sounds like a riddle. But close your eyes and think with your heart, and I promise we’ll meet each other in the middle.

I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, as your beautiful eyes catch my sight. I’ll spin you around and communicate with a smile, and you’ll know it’s you I take to bed every night. If I was the moon I could tuck you into bed, kiss you goodnight all in one. And then be there when you wake in the morning, kiss you on the cheek like the rays of the sun.

And when you yawn yourself awake, you’ll draw your curtains because it’s hot. You’ll see a message from me telling you that you’re perfect, even when you think you’re not. Ever been considered the most important, no matter how near or far? Automatically been crowned number one, because that’s exactly what you are.

So are you the type to get motion sickness, you should let me know if you do. You’ll get dizzy watching things go round, because my world revolves around you. So watch your steps upon the clouds, as we ascend up in the stars and take a seat. And point to a constellation you want named after you, so I can show you how special you are to me.

It’ll remind us of all the goodness in life, so every time we look up above. We’ll see our poetic words etched in the sky, and know the difference between like and love. So as we return back to Earth, can you save the last dance for me? Hit that random button on your music playlist, as we hear the song “You are my Destiny”


What Can’t You Do?🤔

We simply hide the facts, right before our eyes. By plainly “sitting” on the truth, because we can’t “stand” the lies.Why do people say “I can’t”, it sounds like the blackest of lies. Is it just a lazy way of saying, I’m not willing to try? They put so much feeling and energy, into dragging those words from the dark hole. Imagine if they put that effort into energy, they might actually accomplish their goal.

What happened to All I do is win, or Reach for the Stars? What about you can achieve anything, or hit the ground running hard. The Little Engine that could, that has a nice little ring. We’re these sayings just for slogans, or did they actually mean something?

I always give A’s for effort, and that my friend is no lie. It’s just up to you to keep it, and it’s very easy if you try. Negativity is a virus, and it’s easy to catch it. Especially if you hang around with people, who have already been infected.

They’ll give it to you rather quick, it’s better to have it in pairs. When two people wallow in it, it becomes much easier to share. It can also be called a cult, it likes to recruit one by one. Confidence is not allowed in there, the motto is “Easier said than done.”

If you’re ever approached by one of these people, and they want you to join their negative rant. Just use their words against them, and simply tell them “you can’t.”

🔮 My DreamCation 💫

If you love me again like you love me before, this time I want you to love me much more.I want to prepare for a little trip, I don’t want to think about the price. If the prize is worth the fight, you can’t put a cost on paradise. Close your eyes and take my hand in your mind, if you truly love me too. I really believe if you fight for your dreams, they will actually fight for you.❤️

Now keep the phone to your ear, as I describe this beautiful oasis. I don’t think no other vacation spot, can actually compare to such places. You can catch the aroma of every flower, when the slightest wind blows. And when the sun hits the surface, it creates the most amazing sparkling glow.💫

It’s even gorgeous when it rains, because when the water touchdowns. It creates its own rainbows we can bask under, upon its magical grounds. People stop and marvel at this place, as if the day would never cease. If I was there then tomorrow wouldn’t occur, it would be the never ending story.I would sacrifice tomorrow just to be with you today.❤️❤️

And when the sun finally sets, my trip will become even more grand. Because all the eyes will disappear, and I will lay down upon the land. I’ll lay down and close my eyes, relax and kick up my feet. Dream that this placid feeling last forever, as the land matches my heartbeat.

There’s never any bad weather there, and you can hear music all day long. As long as you’re happy and doing things right, nothing can possibly go wrong. So I’m ready to punch my ticket, this place seems to good to be true. What’s the name of this paradise I’m so anxious to visit, my destination is simply to be with you!❤️❤️

Distance doesn’t mean a thing, when it comes between two lovers. I’m your dream and you’re mines, so why don’t we fight for each other.

Last Night by Az Yet❤️

If I’m dancing in the rain with you, I know I’ll see a rainbow for sure.🌈Last night you were so into it. You told me secrets that. You never told another soul. You were so nervous and, yet oh so comfortable. As we explored your image of love.

I drank your wine. As you tasted mine. I kissed your lips. You felt my body slip, into your soul. I heard you moan. I almost cried cause it was so beautiful.

Last night. I was inside of you. Last night. While making love to you. I saw the sun, the moon, the mountains and the rivers. I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you.

Last night, there was no planning it. It was so special and, so very innocent. We talked of memories. Our favorite fantasies. As we explored our visions of love.

And deep into the night. Right by the fireside. You felt my candlelight. In your soul. You felt incredible. I started to explode, I almost cried cause it was so beautiful.

Last night. I was inside of you. Last night. While making love to you. I saw the sun, the moon, the mountains and the rivers. I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you.

Sunlight, sunlight….red, red roses. The scent of you, it calms the heart. The sight of you, I fall apart.

Moonlight, moonlight….the things we notice. When we’re in love, that’s when it comes. And I’m so, so, so in love.

Last night. I was inside of you. Last night, last night baby. While making love to you. I saw the sun, the moon, the mountains and the rivers. I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you.🌹


Black Market Casino 🃏

There’s no one that ever beat me playing cards, the only one that ever beat me was myself.I walked inside the front door, it was kind of a rundown place. “Why you smiling” the man said, a Joker always has a smile on his face. “You must be one of those optimist, would you like to have a beer?” I said “How do you keep your thinking straight?” He said, “We’re all realist up in here.”

I’d like to think I am too, and the man shot me a grin. He told me to pull up a chair and pulled out a deck of cards, “you can’t be both my friend.” “You can’t save the whole world, haven’t you heard that song?” Everyone wants to see a hero fail, I said “I’ll have to prove you wrong.”

He said his name was Hue Morris, as he shuffled the cards faster. Looks like I was dealing with a professional, this guy was no laughing matter. He dealt me my first hand, I laid down two Queens and two Kings. I smiled and said “A perfect pair”, he replied “there are no such things.” He said he had four of a kind, but I only saw three Jacks in his pile. He winked and showed me his fourth card, “don’t forget the Jokers are wild.”It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down. What matters is who made you smile again.

I continued to lose after that, I said “come on and let’s play again.” He said “maybe you should slow down a little, sometimes when you lose you win.” He let me play on credit, I wasn’t thinking with precision. I just saw what I wanted to see, losing had me in tunnel vision.

He dealt me my cards again, he had a straight flush on his first play. He raised his hands and smiled at me, it nearly took my breath away. For every hand that I lost, my body felt more lifeless. Morris smiled and said “what’s wrong?” I said “I don’t have the stomach for this”Dancing with your body close to mines, when I kissed your lips girl. Girl I thought it was a sign. I want you forever, but good intentions never win. I have a feeling, tonight I’ll be alone again.

I felt so empty inside, like all my organs were gone. He said the world can be a cold place sometimes, even two rights can make a wrong. I stood up to take my leave, he said you could have won you know. If you would have put your heart in to it, I said “I lost that organ a long time ago.”



Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

“We held hands on that magic day, we were beautifully bonded as lovers,
The rain romantically fell, our heart shaped umbrellas served as our cover.” ~R~❤️

Some magic, some poetry, and begins an enchanting story.❤️

As the rain drenches the earth one evening,
City roads creek and groan.
Shivering, trembling, , I am running fast,
Finding my way through blazing horns.

though flashing cars offer me their sapphire seats,
I ignore their open doors.
Some call me foolish, some call me proud,
But I need their judgements no more.

So, alone I move on beneath the darkening skies,
Wishing I had someone to hold.
And as I stop to catch my breath , one blazing moment,
A magic draws me from across the road

I look up and see you standing there,
And my world momentarily stops.
Your face, your vibe feels so familiar,
Aren’t you the one I…

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❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️

From the magicians point of view!


The rain continues to fall in the streets, and we’re standing in the middle of the busy traffic. City lights are romantic and car horns resemble music, and we are wrapped in the warmth of our magic. I pull you closer and you’re shaking, I whisper “Are you afraid of me?” You look at me with the most beautifulest smile, and say “I have no reason to be.”

How did you manage to hypnotize me, it was you I actually had on the brain. So I ask what can I call you, you stroke my cheek and whisper in my ear “What’s in a name?” I laugh and raise my umbrella in the air, we watch it magically unfurl. What we have on the streets is two lovers in love, falling in love in a Dreamworld.

I gently hand you my umbrella, and run my fingers through your wet hair. Take your soft hands in mines, and it feels as if we’re floating on air. The road becomes our dance floor, as I spin you around in the rain. Cars are stopping to get a better look at the couple, laughing and dancing like they’re insane.

All the flashing cars, they look on in utter defeat. As they curse themselves under their breath, for their lazy efforts in offering her a seat. For them she was supposed to pass, she was not meant to take their ride. It was magically enchanted in the stars, for these two lovers to collide.

They walk hand and hand to the sidewalk, and embraced each other once again. There was shaking between them when their bodies were one, she smiled and said “Do I make you nervous my friend?” Their eyes meet and he could feel her breath, their heart beating like they finished races. She closed her eyes and he closed his, and the umbrella came down and covered their faces.


This is part 2 of the story, which is still an on going story. Being written by a very talented blogger You should really check out her page as well, she writes very beautiful content. I hope you enjoyed my part of the story and thank my blog fam for your wonderful support, much love.🌹

Some Crushes🤔

If you can’t get someone off your mind, maybe they’re supposed to be there. Remember. The mind can recognize what the heart is trying to deny.❤️What exactly is a crush, we’ve all had them before. It’s when we fall for that special someone, and start singing I adore mi amore. But we sing it in our heads, it’s not something you scream and shout. A crush is something secret, don’t want the word to get out.

Or maybe you do want the word out, just like the wind blows. So if your crush finds out, the relationship will grow. But some crushes hold back, not all of them are black and white. There’s areas of shades and grey, so let’s look at some of the different types.👀The Respectable Crush💑- This is like an admirable crush, but it’s totally forsaken. You can never act on this crush, because you know this person is taken. These are the kinds of crushes, that develops into more. Because after a certain period, it’s the couple you come to adore. You come to respect what they have, and feel you may have been quick to rush. You don’t want to be responsible, for crushing another crush. So you wish that pair good luck, and you happily accept the fact. This crush is stuck in the friend zone, and those kind rarely come back.

The Admirable Crush🧐I’m sure we all had this type of crush, this is like the common cold. You can develop this type of crush, whether you are young or old. This crush hits you from out of the blue, you didn’t expect the brain to pull the trigger. Your head is automatically in the clouds, this person is like an authority figure. You respect this person like a professor, you feel guilty when you fantasize about them in a way. So you spank yourself in the morning for it, but only in a disciplined way. You can’t lose sleep over this kind of crush, especially if you’re cramming for a test. Find yourself locked up after class, on a silly charge like resisting a rest! 😂

The Egg On Crush🥚This is a certain kind of crush, that you want to give a little time. But you have that certain friend, that keeps pushing you from behind. They say what are you waiting for, they can see it in your eyes. Hurry up before it’s to late, do you need an instruction guide? So you finally take their advice, you decide to wait no more. Come to find out there’s nothing brewing, behind that empty door. Turns out the crush was just really nice, and all your fears were confirmed. How can you be so heart broken, and still suffer from heart burn? But it’s better to have crushed and lost, than to have never crushed at all I’m told. How else can you explain, the chicken actually crossing the road.

The Heart Wants Crush❤️Some people call it a trap, that’s to say the least. Some say love is blind, others call it Beauty and the Beast. You don’t know why this one happens, you don’t know what gives. You’re not sure why you fell for this person, you don’t even find them attractive. Why did you fall for this person, you couldn’t be in your right mind. You can’t come up with one good reason, no matter how many qualities you find. Maybe opposites do attract, and that makes a lot of people lovesick. But what the heart wants, the heart will usually get.

The Actual Interest🔮💫😍This one is actually real, this is more than a crush to you. If crushes are like common colds, then this is considered the flu! Everything that happens, reminds you of your crush before long. Like if it magically rains suddenly, or you hear an inspirational song. You don’t give these crushes creepy smiles, you talk to them day by day. And as that time passes by, you hope they feel the same way. But interest is totally different, just like a comb and a brush. Technically if you’re not holding back, then it’s no longer considered a crush.I know there are plenty more crushes out there and I’m sure I’ll probably do a part 2 down the road because there’s the first crush, schoolyard crush and the infamous Blogger Crush😬!! But, what crushes have you gone through besides the shy crush since I’m asking on the spot. It’s okay, we all have secrets. Even the moonhides.😉

Lost Soul (part7)

The three of us entered the compound, it looked almost like a bunker. In fact, it was fairly similar to the nuclear bunker that my parents showed me videos of that they had to spend few years there when they were young. Yet this one was old abandoned I can’t imagine it housing more than 20 people. Luna held my hand and with Roman gave me a tour of the place to which I paid no attention. All this time my mouth was ajar in surprise so long I haven’t noticed I am parched, my eyes watery and a kaleidoscope of emotions rushed through me at exhausting speed. I might have not seen Luna in 10 years yet she still could feel my emotions as if she was my twin. She told me to sit and offered water which I gulped down faster than desert sand. Flashbacks of the past made me dizzy, I wondered how we ended up separate, why we haven’t met sooner it was ten fucking years. Who is Amruth and if he can still read my mind from a distance? Although it was of least importance at the moment I still wondered If my best friend Luna is in a relationship with my childhood crush.

I regained my composure and started thinking clearly, clearer than ever which was a strange feeling for me Luna interrupted my thoughts “It’s a local plant we add to water, we don’t know what it is but it makes your mind a lot sharper, I’m sure you feel it by now” I just nodded. “Agnes, aren’t you going to say anything? Are you not happy to see us?” asked Roman entering the room again.

“I..I..I am happy, sorry, I’m still in shock, I thought I will never see you again, I was almost killed and then you came. Aliens…friends…code, you mentioned a code to help you return, It’s incomplete I have another page let’s try to combine them and get out of this horrible place. The thing is I just can’t read it” I replied accelerating with each word. “Incomplete? another page? how do you know that? never mind, Show me the page this is mine an let’s have a look” Roman said with excitement and reached for the code to lay out on the table. As he did that my stomach acted like a ball in the pinball machine, the code that Roman presented was completely different from the page I had.

Romans face expression saddened yet his eyes sparked up. “Ahh this brings back some memories although I don’t think it’s part of the code.” he sighed. “What are you talking about? what memories?” was my next question. “You really can’t read it? Don’t you remember when we were little? Your grandfather loved all kinds of encryptions and thought them to us. He always left such notes for us to decode with instructions how to find a hidden stash of sweets our parents don’t know about, how could you forget that?” explained Roman. “I think I start to remember, yes, notes and sweets, yet I don’t remember any encryptions, can you read it?” I asked eagerly “Give me few minutes”

While roman studied the note I caught up a little with Luna, she even brought materials left over in this place that turned out to be sheets of cloth. Without hesitation, I took one and wrapped it around me like a toga to eliminate the constant cold. “I will find you some better clothes later” Luna said. Roman came back to us now with 2 sheets of paper and a thin piece of charcoal he used to write with.

“Fitting outfit Agnes. I decoded the note, it is just like the ones from our childhood, look. The face under the text is the iconic Julius Caesar, we learned about him in school. There are also roman numerals on it, this indicates it is a Caesars cipher, To solve it you need to arrange the alphabet in a circle, that numeral is your key which is 7, now take every single letter and substitute it with a letter 7 positions further. Here is the translation.” explained Roman giving me another page.

i am human. i am here for thirteen years trying to make
contact with my family. i have shelter food
technology and knowledge. even found a typing machine.
if you are still sane i would like to meet and work
together. there is a way out. in two days i will leave a
trail of red stones to meet at down i mean no harm. ha la
lau are learning our language thus the code.

I have read it and almost fainted, that plant sure makes your mind sharper because I now found dots that could be connected I wish I have seen before. I started to backtrack the events to find odd things. Amruth, he could not read the note because it was a code and not English, he was nice to me since he hoped I will teach him. The next part scared me, his throat it was clearly visible and blue the man who grabbed me in front of my shelter and told me to be quiet had a long beard, that man spoke aloud, only now I realized that Amruth only used telepathy. Was the bearded man trying to hide us from Amruth? did he use his shaman skills to make me not notice the switch of the person who led me away? The codemaker is here for 13 years. Thirteen years ago I was told my grandfather died in an accident, then there are the last words of my mother before I woke up here, ‘Find your gra…’

Are all these things be connected? could my grandfather be here somewhere? or is it just apophenia?


Apologies for the delay in writing this part, I’m finally here and ready to shake up your previous stories a little.

Parts 123456

The three of us entered the compound, it looked almost like a bunker. In fact, it was fairly similar to the nuclear bunker that my parents showed me videos of that they had to spend few years there when they were young. Yet this one was old abandoned I can’t imagine it housing more than 20 people. Luna held my hand and with Roman gave me a tour of the place to which I paid no attention. All this time my mouth was ajar in surprise so long I haven’t noticed I am parched, my eyes watery and a kaleidoscope of emotions rushed through me at exhausting speed. I might have not seen Luna in 10 years…

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Treasures 💫

I am thankful to have found a treasure like you and, I don’t need time to verify that. ~S.S~From the islands of Aruba, all the way to the islands of Zanzibar. To retrieve your special treasure, you have to be willing to travel near and far. Are you willing to push yourself to the limits, and sacrifice all your time? Battle against all odds, and set sail within your own mind?

You have to let your body move, give a little bit of heart and soul. Become one with your treasure, and let that special bond take control. So grab any tools you need, and until you find it don’t rest. Check every inch of sand on the island, because that treasure belongs in your chest.

And just like all the seasons, love will come and go. But unlike Winter and Summer, when love springs you’ll automatically know. Because you start thinking of someone, you forget everything you were taught. Day after day and night after night, this person is invading your thoughts.If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you. The minute you wake up is when dreams start coming true.

Sleeping is a different level entirely, you don’t remember anything barely. Having nightmares is like thinking death, but sometimes the life seems scary. If you can give away your heart, and you can feed your brain. You can control your feelings, and then your thoughts you can train.

Work with an Enchantress, hypnotize the ends to meet the means. And then become your own Magician, and you can control your own dreams. Your eyes are opened and theirs are closed, you two are still with each other. Subconsciously smiling and dancing in Dreamworld, and mentally bonded as lovers.Love is like an hourglass with the heart filling up, as the brain empties. It’s a beautiful thing.❤️

I want to look into your eyes, as I quote back your poetic lines. Meet me inside the hourglass, so we can ignore the hands of time. Showing love is better, so send that treasure some flowers. Shower them with hugs and kisses, and chat with them every hour.

You have to become so close, that you begin to feel each other’s pain. You’ve gone from a simple spark, all the way to an Eternal Flame. You never argue with your treasured love, you wouldn’t dream of having a fight. The only disagreement you’d have, is who’d be the first to hang up at night.

Even that would bring you closer, it’s better than a movie flick. Imagine not wanting to let each other go, that’s just simply romantic. So diamonds are forever, and gold may be priceless too. Pearls are precious as the time they were made, but none of these compares to the treasure in you.These messages you send me, wrapped as ordinary, bearing gems of memories, are magical things. They make me smile secretly, ink poetry, just you and me, tugging my heartstrings. ~S.S.~

That’s what treasures are to people, that’s what you are. Never bend or never fold, show the world how valuable you are. Show that someone your value too, there’s a thousand of them but there is only one of you. You are a fortune.😉