Welcome to Planet Strange! ;o)

Throw all your cards on the table and smile, just like a Joker.  I write about what I want, feel and think and it’s all my opinion.  Some agree and some disagree but opposites attract, at least that’s what they say.

If you are in or if you choose to follow my page, then you are in a very special place………my head.  Walk carefully and watch your step because it’s a mess in here.  I like to talk and give my thoughts on everything from music, books, politics, current events or anything else in the world.

I love to read……love it so if I visit and follow you, rest assure I’ll read if it’s interesting and I tend to leave my opinions.  Poetry, stories or even the thoughts in your little head can catch my eye.  Vampires, werewolves, lawyers, crooks or criminals, I’ll take it, John Grisham…….wonderful!!!  Quotes, blabber and bull are the languages I speak but not always in that order.  Football is the only sport I follow and I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I do know about other ones so test me if you wanna.  I want to be a writer because I think I have a vivid imagination and I would love to hear what you are into.

What do you like to read or write about, let me know and I’ll write my thoughts and read yours, conversation is the key so let’s go and watch it grow.  I don’t judge because we all have issues, hell, we may share some too.  Nothing is impossible, I tried to catch some fog one day, but I mist….but I’ll keep trying because no matter how much you push the envelope…..it’ll always be stationary. (Lol)

I’m not a copycat, so don’t follow me only to have me follow you…..follow me if you want cuzz I’m gonna write anyway, I like reading so much that I will read my own stuff….I’m my biggest fan and follower.  Follow me cuzz you want to and trust me, if I like what you write, I’ll follow you.  It’s like fishing, I throw my line everywhere and if I like what I catch, I keep it.

I’m kinda easy going so you’ll never hear me yell….get it….ha ha, it was funny and you know it.  I am curious, an everyday tourist cause I always got questions, if no one has answers…..we’ll make em’ up and that’s what teamwork is.  You gotta have a sense of humor cuzz laughter can help heal any pain so let it be known….this Doctor is no joke.  That one was okay.  Anyway, if you get here, sit here and stay a while because I’ve been told that I have a gift to make peoples skies blue, or at least I can “dye” trying. Lol.

Walk with me and talk with me cause I cant “stand” people who sit an do nothing.  I don’t stalk to strangers, I only follow them. Ha ha….I’m killin’ it!!!  Let’s be friends while we thrive to be better!!