Words are just that, until they are put together to mean something. Sentences have real structure, but only after they are given true feelings.

The heart of the dessert has been dry, though there has been rain from above. But blissful saturation has been plentiful, since the arrival of the Goddess with the Hourglass of Love.

We started our friendship from the ground up, the appreciation built on small tokens. Loving each other with every being in our soul, a promise to this day that hasn’t been broken.

Remember our late night talks, I had the flu and you had a cold.😍. Its adorable how we pledge each other as the others medicine, because we’ve healed one other truth be told.

Our conversations became vacations, and on these trips our vows were spoken. Sealed with love in which you have the key, a promising bond that can not be broken.

I call you my reason for writing, I call you my granted wish. You are my Pretty Girl, but you are also the ultimate promise.

Promises are not to be broken or shared, and you keep them close to your heart. This one that I’m holding on to, I knew she was worth it from the start.

I’ll be your reason for smiles, as I leave you with a chocolate coated kiss. A token of my appreciation sweetie, for you keeping your promise.🌹♥️

We are each other’s promise.♥️