Light and dark colored Kit Kats, and some sweet dairy milk too. Throw in some of that chocolate body butter, that smells so delicious on you.

Candied roses dipped in hot fudge, or some peanut butter hearts. We can get some Ferrero Rocher chocolate, to lighten the mood from the start.

Candy bars and bags of gems, we’ll get an endless supply of sweets. But on this sugar rushed holiday, you my love are the ultimate treat.

Rain drops made of rose petals, as we climb to the top of a tree. Hand and hand we catch a ride on a cloud, to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

You show me a world of magic, cooking up joy and enchanting smiles. You are undoubtedly my favorite candy, chocolate and caramel gone wild.

Spreading on the body butter, it really gets my heart pumping. Then splashing on the scented candy lotion, and the Valentine meter is thumping.

Sometimes you remind me of chocolate, because you can only be described by sound. Mmmm, ever since you came into my life, you turned my world around.🌹

Years and years of heartfelt joy, you haven’t given me any less. You are truly one in a million Sona, you deserve nothing but the best.♥️

Roy♥️Sona ©️2022