We sit and make small talk, we even tell a joke or two. Anything to see you smile, it’s called the ice breaker for you.

The sun is so bright, whenever you are around me. There’s never a dull moment, as you can clearly see.

We both share our laughter, yours is like a beautiful song. A tune that just hypnotizes me, all the night long.

Our heartbeat is a shared melody, the moment of love is real. We sit and enjoy each other’s company, and together we eat a meal.

You remember the meal we shared, how romantic was the moment. The night was just amazing, leaving butterflies in my stomach.

We talked of memories past, the lovely ones we shared. The ups and downs we’ve been through, and how much each other deeply cared.♥️

Giving our hearts to each other, pledging a proposal on Valentines. Couples like us don’t say “Will you be?”, I say “Will you stay mines🌹♥️.”

Roy♥️Sona ©️2022