There is a thing about oneness, it never lets you be alone. And with lovers like us, oneness becomes a home. Happy Birthday my Poetic Princess, my little tooty fruity, my hottie with a body, my cutie with a booty! I love you dearly Sparkling Sona.♥️

It’s your special day again my love, but the gift is all mines. Ever since that beautiful day, you walked into my life.

But if I could put myself in a birthday card, with confetti and a song too. I’d stick an express stamp on it, and quickly send it to you.

Have candles where the flame never dies, and unlimited scoops of ice cream. Provide some special ingredients, to fulfill a sweet and tasty dream.

As the smoke from the candles carry birthday wishes, from the wind between your lips. Me praying for your happiness, at the snap of your fingertips.

I’d dress you in the sweetest frosting, as the stars would be our piano keys. And we’d jump across the galaxy baby, playing a Happy Birthday song to you from me.

We wouldn’t get caught up in the Black Hole, and we’d snicker past the Milky Way. Look as the Moon Dust spell out your name, to show that today is your day.

Then we’d take the most vibrant rocket, set the coordinates and pull the throttle. Destination is the Sparkling Planet, where we would put time in a bottle.

Your frosted gown would be dripping, as you wore it with style and grace. So we would wink our eye and turn out the lights, oh, …you didn’t think we’d tell you how sweet the birthday taste.😊

♥️Happy Birthday Pretty Girl♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️♥️2021