💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈

Where is that Happily Ever After, how does one get that Fairytale feel? How does love descend from Romeo and Juliet, all the way down to Jack and Jill?

Why couldn’t the little boy be happy, instead of Little Boy Blue? Did the fantasy have to end at midnight, did Cinderella have to have a curfew?

They say it can’t rain forever, so the closing of the eye is subtle. Can you explain why one is standing in a pond, that started out as a puddle.

If one can be the breath of life, and their hand can be that hope. Their poetic words and loving voice, will eventually become the perfect life boat.

Sometimes they’re right in front of us, other times we have a way to go. Whether it’s one try or one hundred tries, when you find them you will know.

Don’t sleep just to sleep, that’s a waste of time it seems. If you’re gonna rest your body and mind, you might as well plan a dream.

Roy 2020 ©️

31 thoughts on “💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈

  1. This was really good.
    This is perfect love poetry.
    Very well thought out.

    I like the last line of this poem.

    Love is powerful
    Love can complete
    but loving the wrong person can consume you

    So loving yourself is 1st priority to find a soulmate, good career, and to be a good parent.

    Hope your doing well
    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here

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    1. So very true, you jumped in and got the verses of the poem my man and yes, that soulmate is the key to unlocking the door. The wrong person can consume you, that’s why you must be careful in appreciating yourself first….nice call.
      I haven’t seen you lately, you’ve been missed my man…hope all is well and bright.
      As for me, things are going good.😊

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      1. I have been studying to try to becmome a network engineer. I do miss posting poetry. Once I get settled and get my self situated, I’ll be posting more.
        How you been making out?
        Stay safe during this pandemic

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      2. That sounds awesome my man, keep your eye on the prize. No doubt you’ll get there. You are missed on the platform, looking forward to reading your post soon.
        I’ve been good, getting along and staying safe with this whole social distancing thing. I’m keeping calm but not going crazy like society which is what’s keeping me sane I think. Hope you’re staying safe too.

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  2. This was beautiful in every way, fam. But the ending stood out so much for me: “Don’t sleep just to sleep, that’s a waste of time it seems. If you’re gonna rest your body and mind, you might as well plan a dream.“ All I could think about was making every moment count. Don’t be the player that’s sitting on the sideline of your own life. Be in the game, every minute. Immerse yourself in the ride, the ups and the downs. Because life can go by so fast and I want to be like Aerosmith’s song “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”. 😁 Love this poem, Wild. Heartfelt, deep and makes you think. 🌸☺️

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    1. I love when lines are identified because they stood out, because readers are identifying behind the lines. That analysis on that line was amazing lovely, never take a free ride in your own life, get in the game and don’t miss a moment.❤️. Make every one count because it’s your book, so be the author/publisher. Accept the mistakes we make in love and life and keep planning like the cards are always in our favor.😊
      A million thanks for getting this and appreciating my work fam, love your thoughts and you are absolutely right.🌹. Glad I can bring thought to the mind, I’ve had time to do the same.😊

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    1. Thank you sooo much lovely lady❤️❤️, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I’m all smiles hearing from you.😁😁. You have great taste, last lines are my favorite too❤️❤️💫. A million thanks for your beautiful words. Take care😍


    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words, so glad you appreciated my work. The characters represent the title Fairytale as well as the couple telling all. A million thanks.🌹


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