💫Journey of Love ♥️: A Long Awaited Collab by Sona & Roy

Usually we’d split the verses to distinguish which person wrote what verse, but we have become one on our incredible journey that we decided to not italicize our own verses just to see if our readers can tell the differences. Another journey into time, whoever thought we’d cross this line.♥️Through the gardens upon the waves, hand and hand they glided together. Sunrise beaming on their faces, with open hearts they wrote love letters.

With streaks of gold lining out, they traced their fingers in the sky. The clouds parted in sheer wonder, and magic began to fly.

Like musical notes given wings, their passionate messages hit the air. Melodies born spread far and wide, as love orchestras began to flare.

The time stopped or did it spin, and weave a tale of dreams to life. They constructed castles among the stars, creating their own paradise.

She held his hand he held her heart, as they journeyed on through time. The wrote their ode upon the galaxy wall, their love eternal and divine.🌹

Sparkling Freeze ❄️

Sona♥️Roy ©️2019

50 thoughts on “💫Journey of Love ♥️: A Long Awaited Collab by Sona & Roy

    1. Your comment brings a smile to both our faces lovely, your words are so appreciated. So glad you liked our collaboration, our similar styles makes it harmonious. A million thanks for your support.❤️🌹

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    1. Yassy, your words are truly a treat to read and brings a smile to our faces and hearts. We love you and your support and are so glad you liked our collaboration. It excited us to do this as well❤️, a million thanks lovely for your beautiful words!😊😍🌹

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    1. 😁. So many thanks to you my dear friend, we admire your words and you dearly🌹. We figured with our similar styles, no one would be able to tell our verses, and we loved finally doing this again. And you’re so correct, we do finish each other’s sentences😂!
      A million thanks, your words brings joy to our heart and your support smiles to our faces as we always talk about you.🌹. You are a wonderful part of us, thank you.❤️

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      1. Oh my!! You just made my week with your kind and sweet comment!! We are so privileged that you warm our hearts with your love and provide the world with a perfect example of true love!! Ha! Some how my wife always “Means what I know”. She goes a step further than finishing my sentences. I can just be thinking of something and she will start talking about what I’m thinking – weird and wonderful too! There is nothing better than to have a Soulmate and to be Beloved!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You make us smile with your words and actions my friend, how you project our journey for all to see is such a treat.🌹
        It’s funny you mention that about your wife, she’s probably perfect at reading your mind by now.😁. Sona and I are to the point to where we have one way conversations when we miss each other because she goes on trips or I do.😊
        We do have a special relationship.🌹


      1. You too are so kind and to have you there with us from the beginning of our book to our library of love. You were there from our spotlight to our friendship all the way to our love and we can’t thank you enough. We are truly honored to be in your circle.🌹

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