♥️♥️ My Shadow 🌏🌏

There’s nothing more gorgeous than dreams, nothing more romantic than you and me. Nothing more special than moments, and nothing more beautiful than possibility.♥️I give her a wick and candle light, she gives me the moon and the sun. What do you do for someone, in which they haven’t already done?

I shower you with a comet of kisses, your fingers trace my bodies like shooting stars. I told you I want to be the man of your dreams, you said “keep being who you are”.

You stand by my side like a shadow, you are the wind behind my sails. You fell all the way from Heaven, and picked me up from Hell.

The glass didn’t even seem half full, it was like something was missing at times. But ever since you came along, happiness is so easy to find.

You asked me if God answered phone calls, what do I think he would say? He would probably start off with, “Hows that Angel Sparkling Sona I sent your way?”

From the short walks within the days, and the long talks throughout the night. Sunrise all the way to sunset, you keep my smile bright.

Your brash cockiness makes me laugh, you give your all to me. But yet you’re so humble in your own eyes, it dispels so much beauty.

You make things taste so much sweeter, we found gold in each other. I gave my heart you gave your soul, we went from friends to lovers.

My foundation has become much stronger, you’re generous, passionate, and caring. You’ve been by my side through thick and thin, we can tell each other anything.

You constantly bring out the best in me, and you make me feel I do the same for you. Making me feel like I’m your everything, is an amazing thing you do.

When I started writing on WordPress, I thought I was a veteran. But after making you my poetry, you truly made me a better man.♥️😘



Sparkling Freeze❄️


29 thoughts on “♥️♥️ My Shadow 🌏🌏

  1. I love the way you and Sona express your love through poetry. It’s so wonderful to read you both. This truly is the power of love. After seeing you both my belief in love had been reinstated. Thank you to both of you , it’s like two beings and one soul. Bless you wild joker and my sparkling Sona. Thank you for being in my life.

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    1. Poetry is love as we love poetry and she is my poetry in turn, we love each other. And we have become one heart and soul, your words ring so true as we both adore you.❤️. Your poetic words bring smiles to our faces when you visit our work, like I said we talk about you often.🌹. You are amazing and your support is beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful comments on our post, much love from us both.❤️🌹😊🤗

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      1. I love you both and I am happy love happened between you both. It is destined, I think. Two most beautiful and wonderful people coming together, it is amazing and I am struck by the maturity you both show. It is a learning experience for me.
        Thank you to you both. Sona my sparkling soul and you jo wo who shines even when frozen , platinum gold eh 😊🤗

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      1. Sounds like you’re doing good and you seem to be keeping busy with studies😊. That’s good beautiful, what you want, you can get…trust me😉🌹.
        I am doing good, thanks for asking❤️. Been keeping busy and writing from time to time to time.😂.

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      2. I trust you too beautiful, thanks😊. And the way you’ve been keeping busy and working hard, I’m sure you’ll get whatever you want….even your love❤️😉. Etc etc etc.😁


  2. This was fantastic. We all have those moments when we are burning in hell, but eventually an angel will come down from heaven and use the fire extinguisher to cool you down.
    Seems like you found your angel.
    May God bless you!

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    1. A million thanks bro, she is something else indeed. Brings me smiles, joy and support and makes me feel so special. We are each other.
      I’m so glad you liked our post and thank you for your continued support my man.


      1. Yeah, grandkids that is.😊
        You sure this will be his last?🤔
        Yes, I found a very special person and she is a wonderful heart, beautiful soul and special in every way. Thank you much.🌹


  3. Comet of kisses. Perfect.
    You fell all the way from Heaven, and picked me up from Hell. Inspiring poetry
    A great woman will always make us a better man.

    This was brilliant Roy. Loved the flow.
    Now one question. Brash cockiness??? Ms Sparkles? Don’t believe it.

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    1. She is the inspiration of my writing, the time we share and the talks we have is pure poetry my friend. She has made me better and she tells me I made her better, we compliment each other she says. A million thanks for your kind words and we’re so glad you enjoyed this post, she also expressed this one one of her favorites. She got the audio version too.
      And yes….brash cockiness my friend. You never know how fireworks react until you light them, they can be beautiful Sparkles or gorgeous Explosions. She’s both.😁. But you didn’t hear that from me.

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