R 🔐 The Key To Life ♥️ S

When it comes to you…..Nothing really matters, anyone can see….nothing really matters…….to me.A candle with no fire lit to it, is equivalent to a band with no flute. A river with no movement, has no flow so it becomes moot.

That gentle brook that runs upstream, it has no direction at all. Some may view it as a gorgeous painting, but where’s the beauty without a waterfall?

The passion in a romantic sunset, but the cold weather soon takes a turn. The benefits from that happening, is that I get to hold you close to keep you warm.

Put my body inside of yours, until we become one in the same. We’ll hold fireworks in our hands, and dance like a rhythmic flame.

Our hearts will beat to the same drum, as we get lost in each other’s eyes. Our souls will do the whispering and screaming, as we become zodiac lovers throughout the sky.

What’s a walk along the beach, if you can’t enjoy the stroll with two? Would you lend me your ear my love, if I promised to sing a song in the rain to you?

The melody wouldn’t be as sweet, but I’d serenade it all night. And only my Pretty Girl could unlock my heart, because you are the Key to Life.

In the confines of our house, we’ll ascend the Golden ladder. And sit atop on the balcony, watching the sunset where nothing else matters.

And in the midst of it all, look me in the eye like you always do. I’ll plant a kiss on your cheek and whisper in your ear, Main tumase pyaar karata hoon.♥️🌹

Sparkling Freeze❄️


39 thoughts on “R 🔐 The Key To Life ♥️ S

    1. A million thanks my good friend, much love from the both of us for your support and loving comments. Your friendship warms our hearts, so glad you enjoyed our post.🌹🌹


    1. Your words are as true as your heart my friend, you are so right. It starts and ends with one name and our names are the only ones we know. So glad you liked this special post, thank you so much.🌹

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    1. So very true my good friend Drew, you picked out the line and connected it to the feeling of longing when separated between the two of us, we truly don’t feel whole when we’re apart. A million thanks for your kind words and understanding my friend, you are an awesome reader as well as writer.😊

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    1. Ah Yassy, our lovely friend…we talk of you so much😉. You are to kind to us,, thank you so much for your beautiful words, we definitely draw our poetry from each other🌹, which keeps our romantic flame burning. Bless your soul for your support, we thank you so much.❤️

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    1. You are sweet as your words🌹. I believe I am the lucky one for having one who can inspire me to write in such a way.😊. Thank you so much for your kindness ❤️


    1. I did not know that dear Drew, I tell you my friend that you are a sight beyond senses that’s gifted further than the eye can see my friend. And like my love says, you see with your heart, not your eyes and for that you have 20/20 my friend.
      Mrs. Sparkles and I are the key to each other’s life which is why we wrote this. I’m so glad you liked it my friend.🌹.

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