💫Stars and their Comets☄️

I could never truly forget, the most beautifulest whispers that are said. Like wishing upon a falling star, the words are forever in my heart and my head.Words are a bunch of letters simply put together, like a rainfall is considered a shower.

Add the letter L to word and it changes the world, so what gives words its power?Can it be passion and emotion, or is it simply what you say and what you do? The heart of the carrier plays a big part, so a majority of my power comes from you.

We’ve written passionate poetry for each other, that was sweet and so very Devine. It will always stay tattooed in our hearts, and romantically from your tongue to mines.

But there’s so much more to the poetry, like the beauty after the read. As a gorgeous red rose is blooming in the garden, it starts off as a pretty little seed.

I remember I said ” You’re my wings when I can’t fly, my eyes when I lose sight. You’re my everything to me, you’re the poetry that I write”.

You said ” You had to read this comment three times, and honestly you were still reading it that night. It was super sweet just like me, you loved every pearly letter I write.”

“I love you so so much Mister Romantic Poet” you said, and I called you my Poetic Princess. You told me there was no one like me, and then proceeded to blow me many kisses.

Whether we are touching all nine planets, or dancing across the galaxy untold. Your verbal magic melts my heart, like when you said ” my words felt like a warm blanket around your soul.”

“Rich in imagery and full of passion, the flower petals and the bee made me smile.” “The entire poem was amazing honey”, that statement by you drove me wild.

I often mimic your voice, that makes you laugh right away. You copy my lines and catch phrases, we actually make each other’s day.

“I am so happy you like my page, May I please know your name. Those were the first comments you ever said to me, and my life has never been the same.♥️

We leave impressions on each other’s soul, as we fall more in love day and night. I may be the Wind beneath your Wings Pretty Girl, but it’s you that actually gives me flight.♥️

Sparkling Freeze❄️

Roy♥️Sona 2019

We’d like to thank The Reluctant Poet for inspiring this idea, Chuck we love your page and your support and you are truly a great friend🌹. A million thanks!

68 thoughts on “💫Stars and their Comets☄️

  1. This was some beautiful work of art. Lors blessed with words that can save a person’s heart.
    Words are powerful and reading your work is giving hope to anyone that lacks confidence that they will never find love.
    Excellent post!

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    1. Words are very powerful, just as powerful as actions if spoken right. Sparking the most powerful tool in the body causes action, the heart makes movement.
      A million thanks for your support and kind words my man, I appreciate it much!

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  2. I remember I said ” You’re my wings when I can’t fly, my eyes when I lose sight. You’re my everything to me, you’re the poetry that I write”.
    You are a true poet and you have your muse and I tell you this is truly a blessing!
    You are both stars ⭐️ sparkling the constellation, I can see you both glimmering in all your glory.

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    1. I am merely a pen, she is my ink and direction. Those words coming from you are humbling and honorable my dear friend and I can’t thank you enough. Your comment is poetic and sweet, a true compliment to us both and yes she is what I write for and our styles are so similar. A million thanks for your support, comments and friendship.❤️🌹

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      1. Thank you so much Yassy, you are so dear to us…we talk about you often and how wonderful you are. You are a treat to the blog world my friend and we’re lucky to know you.🌹🌹

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      2. You bring tears to my eyes with your words , dear one. You and Sona make a wonderful pair and it’s awesome your love and the way you celebrate your affection with all of us here , ❤️😘!
        You both take good care. Love to you both.

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  3. Beautiful. “You’re my wings when I can’t fly.”

    The two of you have given flight to each other and so many others that have the wonderful priviledge of peeking in on this romance.

    Be well guys. Always wishing you love and light (and the time to share it).

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    1. Thank you my friend Drew, so glad you could appreciate our special post. It was based on all the comments her and I made back to each other, hence the title😉…..we were the stars and those were some of our own comments.
      We do lift each other up and she is truly amazing because being afraid of heights is no longer an issue. Wonderful friends and such support makes a journey great, add an amazing partner and its paradise.
      A million thanks again my friend, your words and blessings are very appreciated from us both.🌹

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  4. I couldn’t help but smile as I read this. It’s like watching one of those beautiful movies of two lovers and their journey through life together. Such a beautiful poem from the both of you. Wishing you guys much love and many more days, months, and years of happiness.

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    1. I smiled at your comment, and perhaps the fact your smiles are contagious.😁. This was beautiful of you to say and it is a gorgeous journey we are having, we carry our own pen so the writing doesn’t end. A million thanks for such loving words and support fam, we appreciate it dearly.🌹🌹

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      1. You and Sona are very welcome, fam. Keep those pens filled with plenty of ink. Looks like it’s going to be a very long journey for you two. 🌸

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      2. Love your words, you are too kind and your support is wonderful and appreciated by us both. Our pens will continue to draw our story, we haven’t left each other’s side and that’s all “write” with us! Many thanks and love from us both.🌹

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    2. Your comment is just so sweet. In fact, just yesterday, Roy and I were discussing that our love almost feels like a movie which our dear friends on wordpress have seen unfold. It’s so nice to know that you think the same. Many Smiles and hugs your way. Keep smiling dear and thank you so much for your support

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      1. Well I’m just happy that my thoughts could serve as a beautiful confirmation of what you guys have. It’s truly beautiful to see how far you both have come and that’s something the world needs more of: Love. You guys have that and it’s been humbling watching the journey of you two. Many blessings to you and Wild, lovely. Keep loving, keep growing, keep sharing your beautiful words together. 🌸💕

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  5. You two are just too lovable!!! We on WP are all so happy that you share your love and love poems with us!! Watching new love grow into what you are experiencing now is a true joy!! Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness together!! Thanks so much, Roy and Sona for the shout out!! So appreciated! I especially loved the last two paragraphs of the post, and your signoff – Sparkling Freeze – Awesome!!!

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    1. Our love continues to grow for each other daily, it’s a wonderful thing and you are a wonderful person my friend. You are an incredible friend to us both and have been a big part of sharing our journey and we appreciate you and your amazing support so very much. This post was a product of your wonderful idea and we thank you for that, you deserve much credit and we send you our love.🌹
      A million thanks my friend, you are an amazing person and we are lucky to be among your circle Chuck!🌹

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      1. Thanks so much Roy!! You both are way to kind to me! Honored that any idea I share has been a blessing/helpful!!! Ha! More Like me in your circle! Love being able to follow your amazing love story!! So appreciate you sharing it with all of us!! Blessings to you both!!!

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