🌹🌹 Vision of Love ♥️🌏♥️

Do I ever cross your mind….anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?There’s a place that I know, where I have my own little seat. Without you I am in it, it’s a place called complete.

You are my total concentration, when I lose the ability to think. When my poetic heart stops beating, you are the blood that pumps the ink.

You are the true love I believe in, the inspiration that I feel. Without you the Ocean of Ode is empty, you are the poetry that I spill.

We’ve cried tears to quench our thirst, right eye pleasure left eye pain. Our burning hearts provided the spark, your love and passion started the flame.

The fields were saturated with our sensuous romance, as our bodies became one in the same team. Fire spread and set it ablaze, turning our desire for one another into a cover of steam.

Put your lips on mines and breathe, as you bring warmth to a frozen world. A vision of love when my eyes are closed, when opened a dream come true and my girl.

I laugh whenever I am with you, I often catch myself smiling for no reason. All my holidays have something to do with you, and so does all four seasons.

Our clocks have wings not hands, because our time seems to fly. Your voice is like a beautiful Koyal, singing me a repeated lullaby.

If I had to wish upon a falling star, for something special to come true. I must have made a premeditated wish, because I’d say that I got you.

It’s not what you do for someone, it’s actually what you do to them. That spins their world in a marvelous direction, and changes their life in a whim.

You change my outlook on things, you make me see from a different pair of eyes. Four corners of the world even though it’s round, even storms now have a bright side.

S is for the word Sparkling, like the stars that imitate you. O is for Overflowing, just like you cause my cup to do. N is of course for New, which represents the world we built for you and me. A is for Amazing, simply because that’s what you will always be.

Red is your favorite color, but I like green a little better. But when it comes to loving my Vision of Love, U will always be my favorite letter!♥️

I love you my Vision of Love 🌹

Sparkling Freeze❄️


26 thoughts on “🌹🌹 Vision of Love ♥️🌏♥️

  1. Such an honest expression from the depth of your heart, so comforting and full of love, it just makes me hopeful that love is a beautiful emotion and thank you for doing that 🙂
    You both are perfect in letter and spirit, words and soul.
    Stay blessed and full of love always ❤

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    1. Your comments just warm the heart and brings a smile to the face for us both. You are so good to us!❤️. A million thanks for your beautiful words, so happy you liked our post, we express our love through words and our words reflect our feelings in strength, it’s beautiful when writing for she is my poetry.
      Thank you so much🌹❤️


    1. Thank you so much lovely, so glad you appreciated our special post. A million thanks for your kind words🌹. I could have went on describing her but I wanted to write a poem instead of a novel😁. Thank you so so much, your support means so much to us!❤️❤️

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      1. Golden Brain , the freezing point is when it all turns to sparkling gold and that point in time and space is the moment of love that lives in all of us through Sona and Roy !!

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  2. “Our clocks have wings not hands, because our time seems to fly.”
    This was very clever.
    You have a creative mind to come up with this. In this post, you defined everything that comes with love.
    Good job on this!

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    1. Thank you so much for these uplifting words my friend, sorry for the late reply. Just got back from a business trip. So glad you liked this special post, I tried to give love a look and that’s what she looked like to me. A million thanks again.😊


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