nine galaxies of love

Nine months long and beautifully strong!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Galaxy full of happiness, gardens full of joy,
That’s what you have given to me, my darling Roy.
You brought roses and rainbows of every possible colour,
Wove them in my dreams, like a soft fragrant cover.

And my heart became your slave, it craved for you more and more,
It wanted to make love to you, every night behind locked doors.
Your arms became my heaven, oh your lips made me dizzy,
As you seductively stroked my skin in the moon light , making me moan “yes baby”.

Be it talking with you heart to heart, or laughing with you under the stars,
your warm gentle waves roll over my shore, spraying me with love every hour.
You have unclothed me layer by layer, quietly made your mark on me,
Here is your blushing seductress saying, happy nine month anniversary, my honey.

With love,

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21 thoughts on “nine galaxies of love

  1. Oh! My! What beautiful love. Beautifully expressed. You two love birds in love. I love it. Many many many years of love to you both. Long live Sona and Roy. Forever in love.

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    1. Thank you so much Yassy, her heart is so full of love that matches mines, it’s beautiful. She really expresses it gorgeously that it takes my words away. Thank you so much for liking our heartfelt, she’s rather amazing. A true friend you are.🌹

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so welcome, Roy. I am happy for you ! Keep smiling ! Sona is wonderfully gifted. It’s not that everyone can put down so eloquently what they feel. She should release her book of love poems. I think you both should do one collab on a big scale.

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      2. So much appreciation showered on you my dear friend Yassy. And yes, she is amazing at painting her feelings into a verbal piece to capture the heart. Pages of Love with her would be something.😉
        Thank you so much for your support.🌹

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