⌛️No End To Timeless Love

My Princess told me that if she could freeze time, she would sneak me into her hourglass, and that warmed me all over. I love her.♥️If you had the power to stop time, as the surroundings were unspoiled by moments passed. And the only hands that moved was our own, would you sneak me into your special hourglass?

As you and I payed upon the romantic sands, sprinkled by sparkling love dust and bliss. Would you hypnotize me with your gorgeous eyes, or would your beautiful lips rain on me with subtle kisses?

Could I whisper in your ear, and sing the songs of an obsessed lover. As we cuddled as if time was on our side, and used the warm sand as a quilted cover.

Would you give yourself to me, or is it my body you would take? Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me all the ways to stay awake.

So our eyes will never close, and the winds will cease to blow. Time will pass but yet it won’t, and we’ll never let each other go.

Hold me in your hands, as the sands drain in repetition. Our bodies sliding up and down in time, with each changing of the hourglasses position.Would you caress my every curve, as I grabbed and held your every groove. And then slip me in your pocket and closet me, when time began to move.

Look deep into my eyes, as I simply get lost in yours. Our minds are romantically relaxed, while our love takes us on a thousand tours.

Our eyes will be the roadmap, and our passion will be the ride. Your voice will be the wind beneath our wings, and our heart will be the guide.

With hours and days in our corner, as we dance inside of time. Never even getting tired, while we perambulate through each other’s mind.

With the space between us getting smaller, and our daily desires for one another getting bigger. What would be your first move sweetheart, if I was inside your hourglass figure? ♥️

You are my ♥️.



Roy 2019 ©️

45 thoughts on “⌛️No End To Timeless Love

  1. Hey, I don’t think you and would fit into an hourglass together Bro. Just saying.

    Many beautiful lines here Roy. Love the whole sliding up and down in time. Could just image the hour glass being flipped over with the two of you in there.
    Time is such a precious resource for lovers and an element they never have enough of. Good write.

    Keep spreading the love.

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    1. Hahaha, with her directing the magic, anything is possible my friend.😊⌛️

      Thank you so much my friend Drew, so so happy you enjoyed this post to my inspiration and I’m glad I could draw such imagery from you. You are so correct, Time is precious among lovers that seems to fly by but for us, it seems to stand still in a way and walks with some. And you my friend seems to keep us smiling as time sits with us. A million thanks.🌹😊

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  2. “So our eyes will never close, and the winds will cease to blow. Time will pass but yet it won’t, and we’ll never let each other go.” This was beautiful..

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  3. Aw… you guys

    Melting hearts and spreading smiles and smooshy love all over!

    This was gorgeous. I love hourglass imagery and you wrote a wonderful piece for your love and the scarce commodity of Time which is NEVER enough.
    Many hugs to you

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    1. A million thanks lovely for your beautiful comments on our special work, we serve as each other’s inspiration. And so true, Time is a scarce commodity so one must value it and it’s amazing when one makes it seem to stand still when you are with them🌹🌹. Thanks again for your lovely words, you are something special.

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  4. Such a brilliant post, Roy!! I loved the way you captured what almost all lovers wish and dream of – almost like the story of Dorian Grey for lovers!!! A real masterpiece, My Friend! Be sure to add this to “Roy’s Best of List”!! Bellissimo, Roy!!

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    1. Your comments humble me like no other my friend and the way you support our work elates us both, you are simply wonderful. The tale of Dorian Grey, beautiful youth caught in time, such a perfect example. She is my inspiration and time ceases to exist. A million thanks my dear friend!!🌹🌹. Your comments are art!


  5. no words for this timeless love❤️❤️.. your poems are always wonderful 😘😘 and images you use in your poems are amazing❤️.. these are telling a story itself…yes when we are with loved one time stopes..(or we dont care about the time 🙄)..
    and the second pic haha 13 hour(or 12 hour) time gap between you guys..okk then with every moment all i can see this time gap is decreasing.just one confusion you are coming to india or she ….🙈🤐..what im writing 😴..😂

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    1. Your comments leave me with no words and all smiles beautiful😘❤️. You are wonderful and what you say is so so true, when we are with someone we love time slows down😉. No matter what.🌹🌹. And yes, time does decrease beautifully😘. And yes, I’ll come to India, I think she’s already there but like I said..we’ll see all the beautiful sites so you’ll be on the list.😁. You’re writing isn’t confusing, it’s lovely…thank you for loving our lovely post.❤️❤️

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      1. wahh wahh i am a site to visit🙄🙄😂😂😂😂…
        okkkk na visit india asap so then i can show off to my friends, i know a person from california and he visited india just to meet me😂😂😂😂😂😂(i know i do stupid things 😂😂😂😂)

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      2. Yes you are a site to visit beautiful❤️😉. Yes, I want to visit ASAP and when I do, you can brag to your friends and I’ll brag to mines too😍😍😂😂. (We both do silly things😂😂😂)😘❤️

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