☎️ My Number One Love ♥️

“You should take it as a compliment when I get drunk and make fun of the way you talk♥️” ~Taylor Swift~She says my talk is rubbish, and that sweeps me off my feet. And when she says “How dare you”, my heart literally skips a beat.

Because then I’m lost for words, as those phrases seem to ring. In such a beautiful harmonic tone, as we both just end up laughing.

And that’s one of the many songs, my lover and I would end up makin’. And we would add it to our playlist, and name the tune “Our Conversation”

Butterflies when I dial, and sunshine when she says “hello”. Rainbows when we are talking, and grey sky’s when we have to go.I kiss her on the forehead, and she kisses me on the cheek. We get tongue tied when we’re talking to each other sometimes, or when our lips romantically meet.

We don’t know how it happened, but we do know how it started. And now we’re together as one, never wanting to be parted.

I’m the key to your ignition, and you are the beat to my heart. We go together like a puzzle, we’re each other’s missing part.

You’re like the air I breathe, the need for us has grown. Falling more in love on a daily basis is real, and with each other is where we belong.

All the teasing and taunting, the love and laughter in between. A Golden Couple we are indeed, a drama King and Queen.

We can be on stage, or on movie screens back to back. Films across a million reels, but our love is far from an act.

I can be your guitar sweetheart, and you can play a song or two. Later on I can dial your heart, and you can love me like you do.

You’ve reminded me how lucky I am, and believe me I know it’s true. That I found someone I can love so much, who loves me back the way that you do!♥️


Roy 2019 🌹©️


81 thoughts on “☎️ My Number One Love ♥️

    1. Full bloom, flowers…I get it😉. Hahaha, I keep things happy, inspiration keeps me smiling. Thank you so much for flying by and reading this special piece lovely, much appreciation indeed.🌹❤️. I love seeing your comments😉, and yes, I love to be playful😁! A million thanks for your kind words, so happy you enjoyed our poem.🌹

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    1. Thank you beautiful for your gorgeous comments😘😘❤️, you’re so kind to us. I’m so glad you enjoyed this special of ours. You keep me smiling with your lovely words😊😘! A million thanks🌹

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      1. That’s good beautiful, study hard😘🌹. Our Pretty Girl is amazing and she is busy with work❤️. Me come to India, don’t be silly, she doesn’t want me to do that…..but I’d love to visit😉😉😏.

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      2. roy that was just h stupid prank yr..sona never asked me anything like that..im really very sorry for my this silly cmnt..plzz delete that cmnt.. im sorry ..i even cant think to hurt anyone..im soo sooryy.. its the biggest mistake of my life….im sorry ..byee tc

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      3. Hey, hey beautiful😘😘, don’t talk like that and there’s no need to apologize for anything. Your comment made me smile and laugh just like all your comments do, you brighten up my day with your silliness.😉. You’re not hurting anyone, we love you and your support is amazing, I love you for what you do and you are such a joy. Rosa adores you. You made no mistake, so don’t feel bad, I figured you were kidding around😄😉. Don’t worry, I’m sorry you feel bad when you shouldn’t.❤️❤️. Cheer up beautiful. We’ll see you in India one day😘

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      4. no roy its really a big thing for me..i like to share/spread smile ..its like a failure for me if i hurt anyone..may be you dont believe but i actually cried after reading sona’s comments.. I can’t change my that mistake all i can say is sorry..thats my mistake and i do not have any problem to accept my mistake…plzz roy delete this whole conversation or that comment…plzz its a request

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      5. You do spread smiles beautiful, all the time.😘. You make me smile a lot with your wonderful comments, we love you, never stop being you. You made no mistake and you have nothing to be sorry about, your comments made me smile beautiful, don’t worry.❤️❤️😘🌹


      6. Don’t heartbreak me, I’ve been busy with you😘😘😏♥️. And I’m always happy talking to you too and hearing your sweet voice too.😘😘. And spending time with you😏. Love you too…hug you back!!

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    1. Thank you so much, a huge compliment to both of us my friend and very true, she is a world of inspiration to me and we changed each other greatly. And your support has helped us grow, much appreciation to you my friend, and thank you.

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  1. “You should take it as a compliment when I get drunk and make fun of the way you talk♥️” ~Taylor Swift” this is unique. This quote got me thinking, I never heard of this before.
    I love the images.
    Sometimes I think love is overrated by I feel like your posts makes love still feel alive. You can make a book or TV show called “Bring Love Back”
    Good post

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    1. Hahaha, yeah…it’s funny sometimes. I wrote that line in to bring up subliminal romantic memories, and maybe make readers laugh too. Some may say love is overrated but that may be a good thing, it’s better than being under rated and who wouldn’t like x rated love, haha just kidding. But, love can be beautiful when you mix in laughter, playing, hugs and fun. It’s not all about kiss, sweat, covers and sex.
      I love your feedback and your support for our post makes our love worth writing about, she inspires my writing and the support I get keeps pushing it. A million thanks my friend.😉

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      1. Love is strength that gives you the effort to keep going when you feel like giving up.
        You are right, love is more than just sex and kisses.
        Love makes the world worth living it.
        Love can be for activities as well.
        Love is not only limited to apply toward humans.
        I enjoyed reading this

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      2. So very true my man, you summed it up perfectly, Love is for many things and it is strength that keeps you going. I’m glad you enjoyed this just as I enjoy your words too. A million thanks bro. Stay up.

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      1. You both are very welcome! So happy you two found each other and so happy that we get to witness the beauty of your love unfolding as time goes by. Wish you both the best and many, many more moments of laughter and smiles! 🌹🌹💖

        You guys stay awesome!

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