♥️ Seven Steps With You ♥️

One to six or five to two, zero to seven or four to three. It doesn’t matter how you add, it’s a seven month Anniversary!🌹Seven is a lucky number, to the heart people hold it near. It’s a momentous number of love, representing the traveling of more than half a calendar year.

That’s two of four seasons, that has such a gorgeous ring. And even if you only get three seasons, together we make them everlasting.

From the planets that we build, to the beautiful music we make. The unlimited laughter we share endlessly, to the enchantingly magical bond we create.

Whether you’re caressing me with your words, or kissing me with your smile. Breathing in my ear with your legs wrapped around me, you simply drive me wild.

I want to go wherever you go, down the street or to the market. Near or far plane or car, I want to be close to you like an outfit.

The world we have built together, we are both such a huge part. Our planet isn’t even round like others are, it’s in the shape of a heart.Surrounded by melodies of our laughter, as our clocks cease to tick. We visit every part of each other’s mind, as if they were stores and we were shopaholics.😉

We’ve grown together so tightly, it’s hard to consider us two. We’re becoming stuck to one another, like we are trapped by American super glue.

As our bodies become bonded and stuck, what do we do for heavens sake? Chocolate and a hint of strawberries, all we need is some cheesecake.😏

We’ll turn the lights down low, have ourselves a romantic dinner. Have a sweet Anniversary treat or two, because seven is lucky remember!

And when the sun has finally set, and our heart is beating from all the fun. We’ll have to cuddle to slow the heartbeat, because we share the same one.💓


Roy 2019 ©️


38 thoughts on “♥️ Seven Steps With You ♥️

  1. this poem is sweet like ROSA,, cute like sona ,amazing like roy🙄😍😍😍..an yes beautiful like me😉😂…God bless you guys😘😘😘. .. an yes yes i want party right now…

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    1. Hahaha, thank you so much beautiful, I love your comments so so much. If this poem is beautiful like you, then this must be one of the most beautifulest I’ve ever written😉😘. Your comment is kinda poetic itself, and it has all four of us in it♥️. A million thanks for loving this special piece of ours, we love you so much and yes, you can party😊😘🌹😍

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      1. awwww😊😘😘..you are sweetheart ❤️❤️😘😘….your replies ❤️❤️❤️😘😘
        i love ROSA so much..an yes i want party from ROSA on there spcl day❤️❤️

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Any planet that’s shaped like a heart must be a magical place, fam! 😁
    Congratulations to you and your lady love for reaching that 7 month mark! Wishing you many more anniversaries and all the sweetness that comes with it!

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