😍 🌏 What is Love ?? 🌹♥️

I’ll always water my Wildflower, that’s the difference.🌹😏Love is such a complex thing, that people actually break it up into parts. But in reality when the question is asked, it’s opinion so just answer from the heart.♥️

It’s considered a very powerful emotion, part of the worlds natural selection. To me Love is a bond between two people, who share a special connection.

Love is being able to feel your partner, whether you’re together or apart. It doesn’t require eyes to see it, all you really need is a heart.

It’s finding a special happiness in someone, so you no longer need to feel sadder. When you hold your true love in your arms, and know that nothing else really matters.

You wake up on each other’s mind, because inside it just feels right. And you know deep down you won’t be able to sleep, unless you get that special goodnight.💫

Love is sharing silent moments with your partner, having conversations that you’ll never forget. Spending countless hours with someone day and night, and never living to regret it.Growing with that special partner, like a flower does with a stem. Accepting them for who they are, because your world revolves around them.

Love is being speechless with that special person, by the slightest look or touch. But never really being at a loss for words, because the heart can say so much.

Doing anything to make them smile, because their happiness means that much to you. Wanting to be their daily oasis in life, because when they’re in pain you are too.

Finding the good and the bad times, sacrificing blood, sweat and tears. To say I Love You and mean it, from your lips to Gods ears.

Being connected on such a special level, that nothing could be explained that much. The two of you could be on different worlds, and still feel each other’s touch.

When people who found it are together, it showers like rain from above. If there’s no such thing as uncomfortable silences, then that couple has found the Love.

To see perfection in what they say is flaw, to admit your own and let the future be. To take that persons hand and say “the world is ours”, that’s what Love is to me!♥️


Roy 🌹 2018


50 thoughts on “😍 🌏 What is Love ?? 🌹♥️

    1. Thank you much lovely, and yes you are right indeed. Love is this and so much more, a plethora of unbridled emotions that are beautifully combined to give us that feeling.❤️🌹. A million thanks for stopping by, love your comments.❤️


    1. A million thanks my friend Drew, always love your thoughts. Yes, love is about connections, special connections indeed. And when that connection is found, the bond is beautiful. Thank you for reading and a million thanks for your comments and liking my friend.

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  1. Oh ! My! This is so mind blowing. Beautifully expressed. I have never read anything about love , the way you have described it so fluidly. Effortless lines effortless words from the heart , a pure heart , a pure soul you are , Jo.

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    1. Your comments are a joy to read Yassy and like your post, they are lovely.🌹. I appreciate your inspiring words so much and thank you so much for enjoying this special piece.❤️. It’s always a joy to see your presence, a million thanks for your beautiful support.🌹🌹

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    1. You are to kind Luda and the same could be said for you. We need more of you in the world also😊. Thank you so much for your kind words❤️, you are a beautiful soul and and kind heart, your amazing comments brings a smile to my face. Thank you.

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  2. Beautifully said, fam! 👏

    Love, to me, is an action word… something not just said to make one feel good inside, but actually shown. Those little sacrifices one makes to ensure that the one they love is comfortable and happy… Like being that shoulder to cry on when they are down, making sure they are taken care of when they are sick, or simply being that pillar of strength when they are feeling at their weakest. Love lifts you, it can break you down (but in a good way), but it builds you up as it’s breaking you down.. teaching you to open your heart and live selflessly. 🙂

    Really awesome post, my friend! Loved your thoughts on love!

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    1. Thank you much lovely and you are so right, Love is action. You can say it but it’s also a matter of showing and what you outlined is on point, and that is real love.❤️❤️.
      A million thanks for your beautiful comments and I appreciate you liking my special post🌹. Stay awesome fam.🌹

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  3. waooo..thank u Roy for this Beautifulll answer to my question..its mind blowinggggggggg.. beautifulll definition of love..love this❤️❤️😘
    can i ask something ..(sorry if i irritate u with my questions but actully u calmly listen everything so 😂😂)

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    1. 😊😘. You’re so welcome beautiful, I’m so glad you liked it❤️. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s so beautiful with inspiration behind you. So happy you loved it.🌹
      You can ask me anything and I’ll let you in on a secret beautiful…..(you never irritate me and you never can, I love your comments and questions😘)😂😂

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      1. so swtt of u Roy..😘😘❤️
        Roy whenever we talk about love we define love as connection,bonding, understanding etc etc b/w a couple.. i mean we just limit the love to any couple..maybe u have seen this when two prsns are in love they define love as most beautiful feeling ..but if any case the things change an there relationship brok up due to any reason then quotes like love is pain bla bla can be seen on there stts 😉..now love changes from most beautiful thing to pain..so my point is love is not just about that two prsns are in love..okk just take eg of me i have a past an just bcz of that if i start talks like love is not good is there any chance i can believe on anyone..that prsn is not good for me but that doesn’t mean love is wrong..so if someone ask me about love first i think of my mom,my bro they love me without any expectation, without any condition.. an mahi he knows abt my past but that past never destroy our future ..the cmnt is too long 🤔.i end this cmnt saying that when we define love we cant just consider the couples love na.whats ur opinion on this..haha i have a bad habbit if i have any question in mind an i dont talk about that with anyone it irrites me ,so im irtitating u😂😂 …

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      2. First of all beautiful, I told you that you can never irritate me❤️😘😂, that’ll never happen.🌹. And never get irritated with yourself, it proves nothing. ❤️❤️🌹
        Like I said, love is complex and it does expand beyond couples. It’s complex which is why people break it up into parts. People tend to mistake love with pain, that’s why they say love hurts but it doesn’t. Feelings hurt, so when people experience a break up or a bad experience, they categorize it with love but it’s just the emotions that we’re attached to love that changed the perspective of love for them. If you broke up with someone you love, yes it’ll hurt but somewhere inside of you, feelings of some love for that person will reside as a friend. That’s why love is always beautiful because it never really goes away, and there should be no regret for giving love from your heart. Love also expands to family as well and that’s when the bond comes in, that can occur with family, best friend or your relationship partner. So situations change, emotions change but love shouldn’t change because love is an action embedded mentally into the heart that shouldn’t be lost. Mad is a feeling, one can get mad at someone but one can’t get love at someone. Love is beyond feelings beautiful, we can’t confuse the two.❤️❤️


      3. an Roy is love😘😘😘…thank u for this answer 😘 an ha now i never say that i irtitates u💙..
        love i complex but u explain love in very simple way..llta of love

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      4. Yes beautiful, you are love too😘. You are so so welcome.❤️. No, you can never irritate me, I love having you around😍❤️! Like I said, love can be complex, but it’s so lovely that it’s easy.❤️🌹


  4. You did an excellent job explaining what love means
    “Love is being able to feel your partner, whether you’re together or apart. It doesn’t require eyes to see it, all you really need is a heart” this is the best explanation and definition ever. Good job.
    Sound like a preacher

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  5. Love is Only One “thing”. Love is ‘wanting’ the best for the other person, expecting nothing in return……Love is Selfless
    Love is Infinite, it knows no Bounds. We are gifted this beautiful Life out of Love
    Love is Our creator, It is the energy that connects US ALL. “To Love is to know God”
    There are No “sacrafices” in Love, where there is Love, there is only Love.
    Love is Not “Fueled” by emotion, Love is an Action. If we “give love” so We can “feel good”, we are Not Giving, we are then self serving.

    Love shows Us Our TRUTH………have a beautiful Journey

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