All this time I can’t believe I couldn’t see, kept in the dark but you there in front of me. I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything.Her feelings for you will never change, her love has been taken. She has pledged her heart to you it seems, so from this dream you must awaken.

The book of reality has opened, and all the pages have been scattered. The wind has blown them in several places, and almost every dream has been shattered.

You grab her hand and run after hope, she seems to enjoy the ride. You cast an illusion of happiness, and hope dreams and reality collide.

The question is will she catch you, if you suddenly let go of her hand? Sometimes it takes a good fall, to actually know just where you stand.

Why do people treat each other special, why are they held so near and dear? Are they asked to be treated in high regards, or are their feelings that sincere?

All he needed was her, and she accepted his right and wrongs. To him, she was perfect the way she was, and they were happy each other came along.

Some days were rain and dark clouds, other days were butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes they would talk for six hours, other times their mouths would stay closed.

They had a tendency to talk realty, but they seen it a different way. There was no doubt in the relationship, but with every wind comes a little sway.

Do you just blow out the flame, and watch it go up in smoke? Are relationships like promises, are promises made to be broke?

Do you give each other some space, so one has to pick themselves up off the floor. Promises aren’t made to be broken, that’s what hearts are for.

Pay no attention to the water in his eye, he says it’s just the rain. And though it sounds like she doesn’t care, she’s simply hiding the pain.

So they will fall their separate ways, but he still cares deeply for her. They’ll come close to hitting the ground, but they’ll end up catching each other.Happiness is….Rising in love in spite of gravity. Falling is just so old fashioned.♥️♥️