🌹A Rose For My Angel🌹A Collaboration

This is another collaboration from myself and the amazing Sona, this is our second, like I said collaborating is new to us both and we’re excited to complete our second poem together so please enjoy. The bold is my verses, the light is the talented Sona.I picked a blushing rose from the Heavens, designated for a beautiful face. Sprinkled it with all my love, wrapped it in shimmering lace.

Prepped the petals just right, and made sure the stem was strong. Because it was meant for that special someone, to whom my heart belonged.

This was a very unique flower, different from any of its counterparts. It had the power to soothe the soul, and entice every single heart.

It had beauty beyond any blossom, and a fragrance you couldn’t believe. Magic visibly tucked in its soft folds, something which every eye could perceive.I took this enchantingly romantic rose, and carefully put it in a crystal vase. Surrounded it in Golden Sunlight, it’s perfume an intoxicating trace.

I could have added other flowers to make a bunch, but this beauty was strong enough alone. Everything about it spoke of love, and with a radiant happiness it shone.

The rose was going to be the perfect gift, but yet something felt incomplete. So I wrote a little love poem to my lover, on a delicate lavender sheet.

I placed my note in the vase, and carried my present to my precious love. Hoping the Angels would smile on me today, and beautiful blessings would rain from above.


2018©️Sona & Roy


53 thoughts on “🌹A Rose For My Angel🌹A Collaboration

    1. Thank you beautiful, so much for your lovely words, glad we can make your day just like you made ours with your lovely comments❤️❤️. You are too kind to us🌹. She’s such an amazing writer, I just had to beg one more time😊. A million thanks for your kind words💖❤️

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      1. you both collab partners are amazing ☺️☺️..looking forward to read these types of lovely Collabs in future..best off luck☺️☺️❤️

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      2. Thank you beautiful, she is amazing to work with. Her schedule is gonna be busy but I’m hoping also, we’ll have to see. I hope so too so then I can read your inspiring words that brings a smile to my face😊❤️. A million thanks for your lovely words beautiful, we appreciate it♥️🌹


    1. And those roses will grow with Sunshine around😉🙃. Thank you so much for liking, it makes me so happy, she’s something else to work with. I enjoyed it. A million thanks❤️❤️ for your kind words, makes us happy and thanks for the roses!😉

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    2. Thank you so much Jaya for your kind words and for supporting our collaborations. Roy is amazing to work with I could never have found a more awesome partner to collaborate. Truly appreciate your words. Stay awesome♥️

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    1. A million thanks lovely, she was amazing to work with. Thank you so much for enjoying the read and feeling the words, makes it so worth it. Your words are so appreciated , can’t thank you enough lovely for your beautiful comments.🌹🌹❤️

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      1. A million thanks, she is an amazing talent to work with. And we can’t thank you enough for your kind words, I’m so glad you found the beauty in it, you are beautiful 🌹. Thanks again.

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  1. This was amazing
    The both of you did a good job!
    All flowers are beautiful but I believe it’s always that one flower that stands out from the rest.
    Flower are delicate and demonstrate romance.
    Flowers have a powerful smell.
    Good job

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    1. Thank you so much and you are absolutely right, there always is that one flower that always seems to stand out above the rest of the bunch. And it’s like she touched on, they do have that intoxicating smell that draws you in. She was a treat to work with and a million thanks for liking it my friend, means so much!

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  2. Roy, I read this beautiful thing over and hour ago, and it has been one interruption after another. I am floored by the beautiful of this thing. I have never seen a duet with alternating lines like this (well, I guess only in music). The two of you flow so well together. It was an awesome read.

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    1. Thank you so much Drew, your words are most inspiring and motivating. It was so special to do that with her, we were so excited when we completed it, she is amazing to work with and being we’ve never collaborated with anyone made it such a new and special thing. I enjoyed working with her. I’m so glad you liked it, your words are that cool breeze on a warm day, so refreshing. A million thanks to you.🌹🌹


      1. Yes, she is amazing and a special heart very dear to me. I’m very lucky she collaborated with me, first time either of us worked with someone so it was special for us. Thank you.


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