Black Market Casino 🃏

There’s no one that ever beat me playing cards, the only one that ever beat me was myself.I walked inside the front door, it was kind of a rundown place. “Why you smiling” the man said, a Joker always has a smile on his face. “You must be one of those optimist, would you like to have a beer?” I said “How do you keep your thinking straight?” He said, “We’re all realist up in here.”

I’d like to think I am too, and the man shot me a grin. He told me to pull up a chair and pulled out a deck of cards, “you can’t be both my friend.” “You can’t save the whole world, haven’t you heard that song?” Everyone wants to see a hero fail, I said “I’ll have to prove you wrong.”

He said his name was Hue Morris, as he shuffled the cards faster. Looks like I was dealing with a professional, this guy was no laughing matter. He dealt me my first hand, I laid down two Queens and two Kings. I smiled and said “A perfect pair”, he replied “there are no such things.” He said he had four of a kind, but I only saw three Jacks in his pile. He winked and showed me his fourth card, “don’t forget the Jokers are wild.”It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down. What matters is who made you smile again.

I continued to lose after that, I said “come on and let’s play again.” He said “maybe you should slow down a little, sometimes when you lose you win.” He let me play on credit, I wasn’t thinking with precision. I just saw what I wanted to see, losing had me in tunnel vision.

He dealt me my cards again, he had a straight flush on his first play. He raised his hands and smiled at me, it nearly took my breath away. For every hand that I lost, my body felt more lifeless. Morris smiled and said “what’s wrong?” I said “I don’t have the stomach for this”Dancing with your body close to mines, when I kissed your lips girl. Girl I thought it was a sign. I want you forever, but good intentions never win. I have a feeling, tonight I’ll be alone again.

I felt so empty inside, like all my organs were gone. He said the world can be a cold place sometimes, even two rights can make a wrong. I stood up to take my leave, he said you could have won you know. If you would have put your heart in to it, I said “I lost that organ a long time ago.”



28 thoughts on “Black Market Casino 🃏

  1. There are some great punchlines in here. And the final one..well well that kinda says it all. This post reminds me of a famous line from a Bollywood movie of the 90s. “Harke bhi jeetne wale ko baazigar kahte hai”. It trasnlates to “the one who wins after losing is the true player”. I would have asked you to do your homework but I’m not sure how ridiculous Google is today. Haha. Anyway, you, Roytastic, are a game changer! Yo! Would have given you the hearts you so fondly leave but I too seem to have misplaced that organ 🤫😉

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    1. Thank you lovely, your comment warms me and it’s so nice. I’ll ruthlessly look for that movie😁, even though google is hardheaded, but I love that saying. I try to simply keep the game moving! Yeah, well I’ll give you hearts for your comment because you deserve it.❤️❤️. The heart isn’t always where you think it is. Did you know heartburn actually occurs in the stomach? 🤔😉

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      1. The movie is called “Baazigar” 😁 let the ruthless search begin!
        Yes I know that and did you also know the heartbreak actually occurs in the mind? Lol. I made that up.
        Since we are exchanging so much info about hearts, here’s some for you ❤️❤️ because I just found mine back. 🤣 It was on my sleeve 😝

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      2. I’ll search that movie, I usually put in the effort!
        Heartbreak does occur in the mind🤔, hmm I don’t know if that’s totally untrue but you can see it on the face and that’s no “make-up”😂😂
        Thanks for the hearts, at this rate I can use them because we all wear them on our sleeves these days.😉🌹. Thanks again lovely.

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  2. you are so right, precious are the people who can make us smile, but as of what I have read true happiness and love resides within. You r never alone if that is there with you ♥️
    Sing and dance as much as you want and always remember, you have a gorgeous beautiful heart . stay awesome♥️♥️

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words, very true are the people who make you smile but being happy with yourself is where true happiness starts.🌹
      I’m always singing, smiling and dancing rain or shine, oceans or rainbows I know I’ll be fine. Thank you much for reading and take care.❤️🌹

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    1. Thank you so much lovely, I so love when you stop by and comment❤️❤️. Your words mean so much, thank you so much, I’m so glad you liked it and yes, I tried to make the ending stick out.🌹. Thank you again.😊

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    1. Thank you much my friend, my muse was on the darker shade of the playing card🃏 during this write, hahaha! I mix things up a little but still keep em thinking. Thanks so much for reading my friend.

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  3. This is so awesome!…i liked every bit of it…i drowned in the pool of the truth enclosed in your words…you are a great person and i pray you just get better!…lovely writeup

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    1. I love everything about you😂❤️. You are so kind, and I thank you for your awesome and caring comments and I’m always smiling and after reading your comments, I’m smiling more.🌹🌹. Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you liked it, stay you and stay true beautiful. 🌹🌹❤️


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