Lost Soul (Part 6)

Agnes couldn’t take her eyes off of Amruth, she wasn’t sure if she could trust him. She didn’t know him, he could have been part of the Halalau for all she knew, he was blue and so were they. This Tarzan man child picks her up with one hand and carries her underground and what does she do? She cries and hands over the coded paper that could possibly get her home. “Good going” Agnes mumbled to herself, Amruth looked up from the paper and smiled. “You know I can hear your thoughts. I’m not a man child or a Halalau.” “It’s not nice to read people’s thoughts without their permission” Agnes said. “Reading is fundamental. Isn’t that what they say on your planet?” Amruth replied with a smile.

“So if you’re not Halalau, why are you blue?” Agnes asked. She threw her hands in the air, “I’m not a mind reader! How can I trust you?” she snapped in frustration as tears formed in her eyes. Amruth could sense her fear and he felt for her. “We have a different atmosphere on our planet Agnes, the air on this planet is probably similar to your planets air but it’s toxic to my kind.” Amruth said. He continued, “Upon landing on this planet I was endowed with a Shaman inside of me and it was able to inhale the poisonous air out of me into himself,” he explained. “So there’s someone inside of you sucking your air?” Agnes asked. Amruth laughed, “You can say that. The air I breathe gets intercepted by the Shaman and it’s able to inhale the toxic parts and I’m able to breathe pure recycled air,” he said. “The poisonous air gets sucked in by the Shaman in my throat while the pure air travels to my lungs”. Agnes was intrigued by the story, “So you’re not Halalau and I can trust you?” Amruth smiled and nodded, “Yes you can trust me, I just want to get us both home” he said.

Agnes had no other options and he did open up to her so she trusted him a little more. She move closer to him to see the coded paper better. “You’re hungry” Amruth said with little emotion. “I told you not to read my mind” Agnes snapped. “I didn’t have to when your stomach is growling” he said. They both laughed very happy that they were breaking the ice. “We’ll eat shortly but look at this figure on this paper first,” Amruth said to her. Agnes looked and squinted like the figure was out of focus, “I don’t know what that means”, she said. “I believe you’re a part to this whole puzzle Agnes. You’re the key to getting back home. Let me see the other half of the paper”, he said. Agnes looked puzzled, “I don’t have another half, that’s the only paper I have” she answered. Ten years on this planet and there was another half of code floating around that was the key to her getting home. It was probably in the hands of the Halalau which means she was doomed to this planet. “Do we really need the other half?” Agnes asked. Suddenly they both heard a noise and Amruth raised his finger to his lips, “Shh”

Amruth stood up and grabbed his spear and hurried up to the surface as Agnes carefully followed. He opened the hideout door, “Stay alert” he whispered to her. They heard squealing and Amruth went into the brush toward the sound, Agnes stayed behind to avoid getting hurt and she was weaponless. She seen bushes rattling and she heard the squealing louder and she heard roaring and grunting. “Amruth!”, she called out in a whispered but worried voice. She turned to her left and seen a pair of yellow eyes and sharp white teeth looking right at her. Agnes was frozen with fear as the figure crept toward her with its blue scaled skin and clawed fingers. With her eyes as wide as saucers, she was face to face with a Halalau, she could feel it’s hot breath as it exhaled and drips of saliva trickled down its chin. This was it Agnes thought, this was how she was going to die.

The Halalau opened its mouth and lunged toward her head as she closed her eyes! She heard the Halalau roar in pain as splatters of blood landed on her. She slowly opened her eyes and seen the creature laying on the ground, she was looking for Amruth but he was nowhere in sight. Agnes then felt a rocky shaped blade against her throat, “Don’t move unless you wanna find yourself laying next to that one” the voice from behind her said. “Let her go Luna, I think she’s human like us” the guy holding the bloody knife with the remains of the Halalau said. “Luna!” Agnes shrieked. “I know my name, who are you?” Luna asked. “It’s me, it’s Agnes! You’re best friend from Earth” she choked out holding back tears. Luna released her and spun her around to look at her as they both smiled. They hugged each other like time had never even passed, “How did you two survive?” Agnes asked. She smiled at Roman, she could never forget those eyes.

Roman looked around and said, “Its not safe out here, let’s move. We’ll explain everything on the way.” They had just killed a Halalau, chances are others weren’t far behind. They started moving away from kill scene, Agnes wasn’t sure if she should tell them about Amruth but then she thought to herself the more people, the better. “We got lucky all those years ago. When I pushed you out the way, Roman grabbed me and we somehow got caught in the beam but was undetected. I guess you got lucky too.” Luna said. Agnes nodded as they continued walking at a steady pace. “We’ve taken shelter up in this area, it looks like it was once a rebel camp, it’s hidden and we’ve survived all this time. We’re trying to figure out how to get home too but no matter how I read this code, nothing happens” Roman said. Agnes eyes got big, she thought to herself, Roman did have the other half of the coded paper, he was the one that read the paper during the game, he was the other ticket! “You know, the Halalau aren’t the only things we have to worry about here to survive” Luna said as she lifted a metal door. “What do you mean?” Agnes asked. “There’s another race of aliens on this planet who actually wants to just destroy this whole planet. They are planet eaters…..I call them Eater of Worlds.” Roman said. Just then Agnes heard her name being called but only she could hear it. It seemed that Amruth was in her head and she didn’t know if she should be afraid all over again.


85 thoughts on “Lost Soul (Part 6)

  1. Is this an excerpt from a novel you have written? This was very good. I like your writer’s voice. It never imposed on the story. We never felt the narrator as we read this. The dialogue was natural. The comment above is correct you nailed that line about planet eaters. I really liked it. I have one sci-fi manuscript which I adapted into a screen play, Hoping to market it later in the year.
    Are you a novelist? Or is this a hobby? I am a novelist/screen writer, but I have learned to appreciate the beauty of poetry from great poets like Nandita. She and other cans be so inspiring. And the funny thing, reading Nandita, i have gone back and changed descriptions in my manuscripts because I have learned to describe things with better emotion and a brevity of words.
    This was a pleasure to read. When is the next installment?

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    1. This is an excerpt from the continued story I am doing with other bloggers, it’s a continued storyline, we take turn with chapters and we pick up where the other left off and see where it goes, it’s rather fun. I have all the chapters on my blog. I’m no novelist but I do love to write, I’m trying to write a book right now, I appreciate your comments, that just gives me more confidence to continue. Coming from you, comments like that is an honor. I figured you were a screen writer, I read up on you😉. So you started to intertwine your style of novel writing and incorporate poetry into it also? Can that be difficult or does it bring things to life a little more? I always worry about adding to much.
      With your writing prowess I’m sure you’ll market your screenplay and I’ll probably be watching it one day, that’d be awesome!! I love your writing.
      A million thanks for reading Drew, I’m so excited you liked it, that’s a huge compliment my friend. The next installment should be up soon hopefully. Thanks again for your amazing support my friend. 😊

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      1. Wow, you did this so well I swore you were a novelist. Will be looking forward to the next chapter. I find poetry which is about finding the precise words has sharpened my fiction writing. Nandita has been great and supportive too. As for my screenplays. Maybe you will see me one day at the Oscar’s with Nandita at my side (wearing a very expensive evening gown). Lol. Thanks for the compliments.

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      2. That makes me feel really confident Drew, thank you so much my friend. So you’ve learned to use poetry as just another tool in novel writing without it interrupting your original style of writing. So you weren’t stuck in an old way to begin with I take it? I’m sure Nandita has your full support as she serves your inspiration too. And yes, you and Nandita on stage at the Oscars side by side, I’ll be ready to record because it can happen, make it happen. All you have to do is write it!😉
        Thanks for your support, you two are amazing, you are amazing.

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    1. Thank you sooo much lovely, if I can put the reader in the characters position then I’m doing something right. That’s a big compliment and I’m touched.❤️
      I appreciate your kind words so much and I’m so glad you liked it, you have a wonderful day!🌹❤️

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  2. I didn’t know you were collaborating this fabulous ongoing storyline Roy. You’re a fabulous writer, I’m not into sci-fi but was held captive from start to finish by this amazing excerpt. I will need to go back and work my way forward with this. Absolutely love it! ♥️🌹

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    1. ❤️❤️. You don’t know how that makes me feel beautiful, to not be into something but yet be so intrigued that you would want to read it is a big compliment to me. That’s inspiring to me and so kind of you.❤️. Yes, it’s an ongoing collaboration, I appreciate your lovely comments and a million thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy it.🌹😊

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  3. Whoa! I’m glad you did another part of this challenge! Well done! I agree with everyone who commented, you really nailed it. You brought us to this world by hypnotising us with the depth of your words. Very intriguing. Makes me want to read more and more. Good job, Roy!

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    1. Thank you so much Apple🌹, I appreciate you’re wonderful comments and support, I was always excited working on this with a certain psycho😉 Lol! I’m really glad you liked it, that makes me happy and excited for the story. Thanks again Apple!

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  4. I knew you will make a great post as usual, I really was hoping for more humans there but didn’t expect her friends to be there. Also is Amruth one fo the world eaters or something else? I really need to think where to take it from here. Thanks for a fantastic part.

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    1. Thank you so much Bartek, really appreciate the compliment, I’m glad you liked it, I was hoping you liked it actually. Yeah, I decided to bring more humans and the other half of the missing coded map, there could be a rebel colony of some sort and I wanted some familiars with her, now her trust is divided. Amruth is considered a world eater from what I read up on, he’s definitely not Halalau but who knows where the story can go. But yeah, Amruth is from a planet of conquers.

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  5. Oh my my my my God ……. this one is like aweeeeeeeesooommmmeee everyone said so correct about this part… u nailed it boss …. let see how Bartek will take it ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    1. Thank you lovely, I’m glad you liked it!😁. I was hoping I did your character Amruth justice with the background I gave him and his storyline so far. I’m excited about it!😁😁. Loved how you left it off, you’re awesome!😊

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      1. Thank u buddy ☺️☺️☺️ that you really liked that part ….. hope u did ur study on Amrutha and I’m happy about the story line you gave to support this character ….. I was in my Offc and when got the notification of this story I was like – ‘hey you work, I need some space ‘ 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪

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      2. Yeah, he’s a unique character, I thought to myself “I better make this good, I hope Enni likes where I takes this character”. I’m glad Bartek thought about bring more humans too, seems like we’re all on the same page. You read it in your office huh, cause I wrote half of it in my office😂😂!! I was like, “hey, I got a deadline!!”😁😁😁😂😂

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      3. Yeah😁😁😉, writing is like a hobby of mines. I’m writing a book right now, trying to and I occasionally write my poems and save them. But I hope to get my book taken off when it’s done.😊😊

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      4. Ahh😉, a peeker huh?😁😁. Well, it’s fiction and I’m into legal thrillers. So it’s about a young relationship that went bad and the woman decides the best course of action is to eliminate the husband and child. She does that and flees but the child survives and years later, her child ends up defending her for another crime but she has no knowledge that the lawyer is her son that survived. And……I can’t give away everything😉, can I?

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      5. Oh my God !!! Go publish it ASAP …. can’t wait to read this ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    1. Yeah, this is a contemplation story I’ve been doing with a group of other writers here on WP.
      Yeah, sci fi, kinda new to me but very fun to work with such a group.
      Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad it caught your eye and your interest, you’re such an awesome support line for me.🌹🌹

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      1. Awww!!!

        I will definitely follow up with it…

        I feel good to be appreciated..

        But I have good reason for supporting you..

        You are an awesome writer….

        And you write with such passion and realism…

        I will always support you… with such interesting and fascinating articles…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I truly appreciate you and you’re absolutely right, it feels good to be appreciated.
        You too are an awesome writer and your writing elicits major feeling with the passion you put into it. That’s why I admire your writing also, because you do it with feeling and because you like what you do.
        You know I’ll always find myself ogling your page.😉

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      3. Hahahaha..

        Awww!!! So so sweet.. joker…

        Ya make me laugh 😆 out loudly…

        Well thank you 😊 for YOUR support..

        It’ really means a lot to me too to have ya “ogling my page “

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