Save 😫 Me!

One day you’re walking on sunshine, you’re in the dark at other times. Emotions are very similar to coins these days, because they can change on the drop of a dime.

Rapid eye movement makes it hard to sleep, Foolish Emotion And Remorse equals fear. All that blinking makes you paranoid, and like the rain falls the tears. One side of you is crying in the mirror, the other side think it’s a sin. You think you’re going crazy talking to yourself, “Hello me, it’s me again!”How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb. Without a soul my spirits sleeping somewhere cold. Until you find it there and lead it back home. Bid my blood to run, before I come undone! Save me from the nothing I’ve become!!!!!


We spend all our precious time

Building up a giant wall

Designed to lock and shut someone out

From emotions, feelings and all.

Some people call them secrets

Others call them hiding with the intent

But we’ve kept things bottled for so long

That we’ve often just become content.

Why let someone meet a representative

Instead of introducing them to the real you

The expression goes “I’m only one person”

But some people act out life as two.We wear mask for different reasons in life

Some wear them because they work.

Some wear them to hide the pain of being used

And some wear them to avoid being hurt.

There’s no reward in the risk, if you don’t grab the cards and play. My opinion on the matter, hiding isn’t the way. Everyone has opinions in life, the most important ones are your own. But if you don’t care about your own thoughts, you might as well end up alone.I’m a numbers guy!😂! 🃏. But no matter how you do the math, live your life and that’s how I sum it up.


91 thoughts on “Save 😫 Me!

    1. Thank you, I try to inspire while getting my readers to think. I think we all eat fear at some time but it can be your ally if it’s used correctly just like failure pushes us to succeed. Fear is another form of momentum. Thank you for liking and thank you for your kind words. 🌹🌹


    1. Thank you Aquib, always a pleasure to see you stop by and read my work, especially from your eyes. A million thanks for your kind comments my friend, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😁


  1. Very inspiring post Roy. Sometimes we build walls to protect ourselves and all we do is keep out (and that can include love). As for the masks, yeah sometimes they are necessary. Honestly, I don’t think you need one. You are marvelous as you are. You need to be appreciated for who you are. Trust me, you are wonderful.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading the card of the Joker Drew, a million thanks, your words are amazing. So true, I guess people do build the walls to high to where nothing gets in and that makes for a lonely castle indeed. Yeah, I tend to use my mask on the 31st of Oct but I still try to remain me😉. I try to stay wonderful, you are an amazing guy Drew, stay you and stay true and thank you. 🙂


    1. Thank you lovely for stopping by and reading😊 and I appreciate your wonderful comments. You are so right, we do get more secretive as the days go by, some are good and some aren’t. When you’re in a relationship, no secrets are worth hiding and getting to know someone, all cards are good to play.🃏. Thank you again. 💕

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  2. Great post! Unfortunately in the cyber world some use anonymity to stalk, bully, and harass the innocent creating the need to protect oneself through anonymity, a kind of catch 22. That you are unafraid is inspiring and also says that you areare truly a special man with no alternative motives. Sending roses and hugs! 🌹🌹🤗

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    1. It’s bad that some people are so down on themselves that they have to attack from behind a keyboard, but worse people have to hide from themselves. Hiding beauty to escape ugly is a shame, that’s the downfall. That’s why I write, to inspire to be yourself, I have no motives and I speak what I feel as everyone should. I really appreciate you stopping by lovely, I love your support you Hypnotic House of Heart😉🌹. A million thanks for your kind words, sending you a dozen back and I’ll raise your hug with a bear hug.
      🌹*12 😊


    1. You’re awesome Bartek and thank you for your kind words😁. Very true, the Joker can be anything, that’s why I’m always happy because you must always play as if the game is rigged in your favor. I’m an optimist and I love it. A million thanks for your support, and I should be done with my story shortly, hope you like it!! 😁

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  3. This is so deep!
    “We spend all our precious time

    Building up a giant wall

    Designed to lock and shut someone out

    From emotions, feelings and all.”

    The sad part is that not everyone recognizes this wall and they miss out on a lot of wonderful emotional experiences.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, a million thanks.
      You’re very right, a lot people don’t recognize these walls and do miss out but there are people that comes along and are able to get through those walls and a beautiful experience is developed. The stars fall both ways💫. And it’s wonderful when it is recognized. Thanks so much for your lovely words, much appreciation for your support. 🌹

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  4. This poem identifies myself and alot of people.
    We hide emotions to try and protect ourselves.
    The problem is sometimes we protect ourselves in the wrong in which we actually destroy ourselves
    So common.
    This was a great poem, I liked it!

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    1. That’s so true my man, we build that wall so high that we can’t protect ourselves at times and our feelings betray us, destroying us in the process. Soon we’re locked out along with everyone else losing our identity. That’s the problem with wearing mask.😉
      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you liked it my man.

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  5. Wonderfully put words with a sensible message….nicely done brother….if we don’t live upto it, then why do we pretend, just to appease others, to be socially accepted.

    Life isn’t about how many friends you have, it’s about how many you will remember….masks are necessary too, but only if others see you through it, if you have a mask to see yourself then you may have lost yourself.

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    1. Hey brother, thanks for stopping by, love your support and your awesome thoughts because you nailed it. Life isn’t about your social circle, a person can have 2000 Facebook friends but only 10 friends in real life. The mask we take are the friends we make, but it comes with selling ourselves, so you are correct when you say losing yourself.

      Thanks again for stopping and reading, always a pleasure to see your comments my friend, a real confidence. A good day to you.🙂


  6. Hey, what can I do to save you? Lol. I missed youuuu! Been busy for a while so apologies for visiting your site a bit later than usual. Anyway, can I just say how relatable this post is? The world we live in right now is an enormous masquerade! It’s quite challenging now to identify the real ones from the fake ones. Although masks are somehow necessary, I still have more faith in the idea of being yourself than trying too hard to conceal the real you. Ugh I super love this post!

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    1. 😁. Greetings Apple, you’ve been missed also!❤️. Never apologize for being away, you have your life, my blog is no obligation, I’m just happy to have your support so I should thank you.
      The world is a masquerade indeed and it’s like you said mask are necessary and they are at times and that’s too bad because it’s the real you that’s the best one I believe. I am just like you in believing that being the real you is more important than concealing your true self. We still think alike😉. I’m glad you loved the post and really got the message, thank you much and a million thanks for your continued support.🌹

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  7. Joker you pull it off again with your deep wisdom and understanding of us human…

    6 trillion people.. are we are single…

    But that’s how very unique you are… not one out there compatible enough to suit your taste of companionship…

    This was definitely a very inspiring post…

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    1. Ahh, thank you much Nita…I try my best to delve into the mind.
      Yes single, and so unique that we are mentally taken in mind and that’s why we are happy. We are waiting for the right suite compatible for the card.
      Thank you for liking it, I’m glad it was inspiring, that’s what I aim for.😊

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      1. Joker…

        You certainly got a good aim..
        you hit it center shot all the time….

        Happy 😃 is just our choice.. because we know no matter what our mood is doesn’t a difference to the situation
        At hand…

        So why not make the choice be positive like happiness…

        And you are definitely unique like a rare gem 💎 in this world of stones…

        The right compatibility is always the hardest to find.. and is always worth the wait…

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      2. The center is the arrows aim ya know, don’t be out shot.
        We play the cards we are dealt and we smile and we make it a winning hand😁, no matter the situation. Only we can change it.
        I thank you for your kind comments, I try to be unique because being normal, well everyone has seen it. I want to be a different card trick and I believe everyone is in their own way.
        The right card is always hard but it’s there and when it shuffles to you, you hold and fold with it. 🃏🃏

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      3. Great concept.. and awesome analogy…

        I love this physiological therapy you have going on..

        I’m in total agreement on every level….

        We played the card we are dealt..
        And we play to win..

        That’s what this game of life is all about…

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      4. Very true, we play the hand we are dealt and you’re right, play to win. Change nothing, nothing changes. That means we have to make our cards work for us in our favor. Because life is about being happy, being you and if you can do that then others will be happy with you. Walk with those who light your path. That’s where those comparable cards come into play!

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      5. The joker really has only one ☝️ job.. in the deck of the card.
        And that is to stand and observe and learn all the tricks of the deck…

        So the joker really gathers alll the wisdom and all the knowledge that all the others would have missed .. and they they took the time to include him in.. instead of just tossing him aside and ignoring him… they could have gotten all the right moves to win. The Game…

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      6. Very observant Nita, while there are four of every other kind of card, the Joker is the rare and unique one in the deck. Mysterious and suddenly wanted just because.
        Yes, a jester by many but his job is to observe and be that wild card that actually makes or breaks a winning hand. That’s why they coined the term Jokers Wild. 🃏

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  8. From my point of view, nobody should wear a mask. A mask is a reason to hide what you are afraid of and as long as you do not take it off, nobody will do it for you.We can show the real individual we are. However, you are who you really are – a wonderful, unique person. 🙂 Beautiful post!

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    1. So very true, that’s all a mask does is conceal the truth, and the truth scares a lot of people. No one will take the mask off for you, that’s a burden one must do themselves and they have to be proud of who they are to do that. Thank you so much for reading and your support. Your comments are enlightening and a million thanks for liking, you’re wonderful. 🌹😊

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    1. The friend is an insinuation of having either that good friend you can turn to or for others, it could be their partner. A “friend” doesn’t always mean partner, if that was the case then a lot of best friends would feel weird because they’re probably the same sex.😉. Everyone has friends but there’s one friend that sticks out that will even help you in relationship problems. But when I get into a relationship then the only help I’ll need is the friend I’m in the relationship with.


    1. You’re the only amazing one here😊…
      And that’s true, those things do equal up to fear, studies show😉. I’m so glad you loved reading it, it makes me happy to know that. I love when you enjoy my reading, it keeps me thriving to be better🌹🌹. Thank you so much beautiful, you are a rescue.😉


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