I’m inclined to be laid back

Don’t break promises, that’s what hearts are for.The lights go out and the music stops, and all the fancy moves are done. The moon has finally set from the sky, and out came the sun. You slowly open your eyes, and you finally take in the scene. The dancing, decorations and prom date, they were all just a foolish dream.

You put in so much time and sweat, you did all that training. Worked hard to make it work, had to get wet when it’s raining. It was supposed to be fifty fifty, but you felt you did more. Not all sunny weather, when it rains it pours.

You suddenly feel so drained, you let all that time go by. So much effort and energy put out, all for a simplistic little lie. Did you feel like the highlight of the party, a lucky woman and lucky man. You spent an eternity in the dance floor, all for envy’s one night stand.You can have “suite” dreams if you stay in the right hotel.


People stood and watched in awe, you two were hotter than a fever. The dance floor turned into a grassy field, and the fountain back into a sprinkler. You find yourself on a park bench, because that’s what reality will do. So you run home and draw the curtains back, so no one can see or find you.

You get under the covers to hide your pain, unplug and turn off your phone. Confinement isn’t containment, everyone gets tired of dancing alone. That dream wasn’t really a curse, it was a message from deep in your mind. The more you ignore the past, the future can end up being fine.This is just the start of your story, if you got guts, you get glory. You’re just blood pumping, you and me are two hearts thumping! ❤️❤️

——————————————————————- Put those bad memories on the shelf, and lock them away with a seal. Open a fresh bottle with lots of space and have some friends help you deal. Some dreams are like rehearsals, so you can get reality right. You only want to experience an eye opener once, so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

You’ll knock over a few cards in life, but you have to clean up the spilling. Let me tell you a lesson I’ve learned, writing requires a lot of feelings. So when you think you missed the prom, and you don’t think you’ll smile again. NickelBack says there’s always somebody out there, so go out and find that special friend.

Anything’s possible and sometimes the most unique things are in the most common places! 🃏


84 thoughts on “I’m inclined to be laid back

    1. Always a pleasure and honor to have Yassy stop by, thank you so much my friend, you’re awesome. I’m so glad you liked it, I try to spin some of life’s truths in there while keeping it positive😉.
      Again, thank you so much sliding down to read the incline🃏. Happy Sunday to you too my friend. 🌹

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      1. The Joker is always welcome.
        I think we need to be told all that you wrote , from time to time , a reminder about life beautifully scribed by our very own Brain man.

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  1. You don‘t know how much I needed such writing, do you? It was amazing and gave me the biggest solace… Your professional writing makes it like silk to go trough your words… sill for my rough heart. Ty for writing dear❤️

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    1. Your beauty like your words are so inspiring and I thank you.🌹. Your support means the world to me and you are to kind. Thank you so for reading and liking and I’m glad you could feel something from it, it really brings me closer when people can feel my words❤️. A million thanks lovely and thank you again.😊

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  2. This is so good… It’s about friendship right?
    By the way, what is the resolution for your images?
    I’m not really good with words, but I definitely learn a lot here in WordPress, and from you 😁😊


    1. Yes, this specific one is about realizing how you can’t rely on something you think is real. Sometimes you have to make your own magic and meet it half way for it to come full circle. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up, that’s what I mean by find that special friend. Sometimes the most unique things are in the most common places, and not by accident. ;o)

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      1. I’m in a very depressed mood right now..
        My son just left for West Virginia..
        and I’m so sad 😭..

        I have a really sinking feeling gnawing in my gut..

        And I’m having a bad anxiety attack

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      2. Depressed because he’s not coming back, being deployed or what? Where is the anxiety stemming from?
        What is this mother’s intuition you have that is tingling?
        I’m sure everything will be okay, call him when he touchdown and make sure everything is good.

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      3. Been deployed.. nah .. nothing like that..
        his girl is pregnant 🤰 and that’s where she’s from.. and she’s going back home to have his baby and of course he’s going with her…

        I wish I could I tell what causes my anxiety…
        and could foresee my intuitions ..

        But normal they only come to the light after the fact

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      4. Oh, he’s going to be with his girl. Well that’s mighty responsible of him. I’d be a worried parent if he choose to leave her behind.
        You just need to relax and sometimes that’s easier said than done but sometimes we worry so much that we bring on things to happen that wasn’t supposed to.
        We can’t wish for bad just to tell ourselves we told ourselves we told us so, you know? 😉

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      5. You are so right…

        I. Actually encouraged him to go… I told him that his responsibility and duty…

        I don’t don’t know why my anxiety is kicking in..

        I’m just waiting for them to finally reach safely..

        And I’m still so sad 😞 because I have a strong feeling that he’s going to stay there and not return home..

        He’s my baby and I miss him so

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      6. That’s good parenting my dear.
        Anxiety is probably due to you telling him to fulfill his obligations and the tinge of guilt if he doesn’t return but you can’t think like that. You’re thinking to far ahead, you can’t predict the future. He may come back because he may find it easier to be near you, most sons are like that, it’s that motherly bond.
        I’m sure he’ll get there safely, like I said…call him just to put yourself at ease.
        And don’t get that feeling, sons usually leave the fathers, not the mothers behind. 😉

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      7. That’s good and no problem…you are a good person😊. I endorse you!

        I hope he’s doing fine and that your mind is at ease that he is there safe and sound.

        And do keep in mind that they always find their way home.🙂

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  3. Love this bro!
    I agree dream big.
    This clearly shows how fear holds us back from accomplishing something.
    You can work very hard and still fail trying hard and not succeeding is failing with success.
    Giving up completely or not trying at all is the real failure.
    Most people will ignore or reject you but there is always one person that will accept you for who you are

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    1. You hit the nail right on the head, that’s so true. Failure and the fear of it and rejection is what stops progress but that’s what should push it. When you stop is where momentum fails and that’s the real failure.
      Thanks so much for your uplifting comments my man, always an honor to see your words and support. A million thanks for stopping by, much love.

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      1. Thank you so much man, your support keeps me going and like your blogs, they also deal with real life scenarios so that’s why I love reading yours too. I try to get people thinking also. 😁

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      1. Hahaha, I was hoping that wasn’t copyrighted because I don’t have the funds to use it😂. But if the fee is free, that’s perfect. You’re all charm my friend. 😁

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  4. As i read this most wonderful composition im reminded of something i heard once, it was something like those of us who have hurt the most are typically the ones who help the most…

    I feel theres truth in that somewhere you know, i cant imagine what it took for you to see all the beauty in things the way you do, even the pain you know, i just want you to know your willingness to remain positive thru it all is contagious on so many levels…

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    1. You really get it my man and I love that quote because it’s so true. We oft put pain behind us so others don’t have to experience it the way we did. If we can help someone, why not?
      I appreciate how deeply you read this, you found so much truth in it and yes it’s all about staying positive. Like I say, there’s a rainbow after every storm and it can’t rain forever. If I can pull a little light into someone’s darkness, I’m good with that!😊. Thanks a million my friend, you’re the best!!


  5. “Let me tell you a lesson I’ve learned, writing requires a lot of feelings.” YUP YUP YUP!!!!!! I was so afraid of those feelings until I took writing courses and they all had that one phrase in common. “It’s an emotional journey.”
    I’m going through your blog your writing is so inspiring 😀

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    1. That phrase rings true because writing is 10 percent art and 90 percent heart. It’s all feeling lovely. I’m sure you being an avid writer knows the feeling that goes into it, that’s where inspiration comes from. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m touched I can inspire others. 🌹❤️

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