Quinn of ❤️’s loves her 🃏

You’re the light, you’re the night. You’re the color of my blood. You’re the cure, you’re the pain, you’re the only thing I wanna touch. Never knew that you could mean so much.❤️A relationship that wouldn’t work, that’s what everyone would say. It seems they had nothing in common to the naked eye, he was night and she was day. He continued to pursue her, they told her they’re better off apart. But soon she gave into her urges and she followed her own heart.

The more the two talked, the more the entered the world of each other. Finding out that they’re different but so alike, becoming friends and plutonic lovers. She helped him break down walls, and he helped her light candles that were unlit. She helped him find himself a little and he helped her reinvent.She looked at him and said “How can we make this work, when the love between us is so far?” He said “You see those dots in the sky my love, ever hear of a falling star?” She said they’re a long ways away, but they do eventually land. He said and when they do, they end up in someone’s hand.

Do you think someone was thinking about distance, when they’re holding that miracle so tight? They’re just thanking their lucky stars, they were in the right place at the right night. She smiled at the Joker, it seems these two were brought by fate. She leaned and kissed him on the forehead, which was against the rules to do to inmates.But Doctor Harley Quinn didn’t care, they took turns setting the pace. She drove the Joker crazy, and he made it to where she wasn’t thinking straight. Their visits became more frequent, their bond became more stronger. Their heart started beating in unison and their conversations grew much longer.The best things in life are free, now that I’ve discovered what you mean to me. You know that the best things in life are free now that we’ve got each other, the best things in life are free.❤️When they were apart they missed each other, they had become the best of friends. And when they did come in contact, they would fall in love all over again. A relationship that wasn’t supposed to work, no one gave it a chance. Only two people bet their chips on it, and they’re the ones still holding hands.❤️🃏❤️👸🏻. Can anything stand in the way of a bond called love?


34 thoughts on “Quinn of ❤️’s loves her 🃏

    1. 😊😊. Thank you much for reading and liking, I love your comments and coming from a romantic like you, that’s a compliment😊. I’m a hopeless romantic😂. So, nothing can stand in the way of love, no one or no distance huh? Thank you much Nandita, it worked for Harley and The Joker.😉

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      1. Me too, a hopeless one when it comes to romance. 😛

        So happy for the two of you. It’s so so good to see people in love and beating all odds. May you two always be in love and happiness.

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      2. Aren’t we all in some way 😂😂

        And the story is actually based on the story of Harley Quinn and The Jokers relationship from Arkham Asylum. But yeah, it’s a cool love story of beating all odds.


    1. Yassy!! You know I love it when you stop by😁😁. Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you liked it, it’s actually based off the Harley Quinn and Joker beating all odds relationship, I thought it was so romantic.🌹

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    1. I’d like to say nothing can stand in the way of love either, I’m also an optimist which is why I wrote this. It’s based on the original Harley and Joker beating all odds relationship. For anyone who thinks something can stand in the way of a bond, I don’t think nothing can.😉

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  1. You really out did yourself with this post
    This poem was fantastic!
    Joker and Harley are both nuts lol but I like them both.
    I believe nothing can’t stand in the way when it comes to true love. Love is very powerful and you can’t tell a person in love who to love if he/she is already in love with somebody.

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    1. A million thanks my man, I too like Harley and The Joker and boy did they have something special.
      I believe nothing should and could stand in the way of love either, when that bond connects it’s darn near unbreakable.
      Thanks for your comments and thanks for liking, always love and respect your words. Stay up my man.

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  2. “She helped him break down walls, and he helped her light candles that were unlit. She helped him find himself a little and he helped her reinvent.” this is exactly how a relationship should be like. Equals. Growth. Love. Moving forward together. Inspiring each other. Ugh this is such a heartfelt piece of art. You are sweet!!! 😍

    Ps. I love Harley Quinn!!! Margot Robbie just fits perfectly to that role.

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    1. I love when a person quote my lines and feel them, I appreciate you lovely😍. That is how a relationship is and how it grows, and I love their relationship for some reason. But yes, that’s how it stays strong, helping each other find each other but not fix each other because love brought you together for a reason. Thank you lovely, you too are a lovely piece of art and you are too sweet!!😍

      And yes, Margot Robbie nailed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, absolutely perfect! I love Harley too, then again I am The Joker! 🃏🍎

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    1. Absolutely, I believe that too that the best are free😊!!
      And no, people won’t let nothing stand between love if they feel it for each other!
      Thank you for your thoughts, you know I value and appreciate them dearly!🌹❤️

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    1. Thank you much for your wonderful comments, you are too kind! I really appreciate you stopping by, your words mean a lot to me. I will definitely stop and pay your page a visit, new bloggers excite me and I love to read and inquire.

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