U and I 4 Ever

When the sun shines, we shine together

Told you I’ll be her forever. Said I’ll always be your friend. Took an oath that I’m a stick it out till the end.

Now it’s raining more than ever. Know that we still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella.❤️So you can keep me

Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans. Holding me closer till our eyes meet. You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home.❤️❤️

There’s a very special garden, where flowers of friendship grow. It’s nurtured by kindness and love, that good friends show. The seedlings are the helpful deeds, that friends so gladly do. The love and laughter are the showers, that strengthen and renew.

I always love to think of you, and all the talks we share. How nice it is to know someone, who really really cares. With each thought comes wishes, especially warm and true. Because it means so much to me, to have someone in my life like you.When we prepare for a storm, we don’t expect inches to get that deep. But then the water keeps on coming, and soon you’re waving your arms and kicking your feet. When you watch the weather channel, you’re expecting a little hint. The weatherman said a slight chance of rain, boy was that an understatement.

But that’s how life is you see, that’s why you don’t throw all your chips on one bet. Cause you underestimate that one person, and you’ll end up getting all wet. Someone can sweep you off your feet, and they can do it without even trying. You can talk and laugh so hard, that you’ll both just end up crying.

I shuffled the cards very thoroughly, and I even split the deck apart. I placed nine numbers on my chest, just waiting for the Queen to dial my Heart. Let’s go hiking up in the hills, or camping while we bathe in the creek. It’d be romantic to cook dinner in the same kitchen together, or see the sites in the city streets.

What if we talked with our hearts, and watched our eyes dance like lovers. Listen to songs over and over, that we dedicated to each other. We’ll stand hand and hand in the rain, as I cover you in a red and black coat. A bond that will never fade or sink, because I know that hope floats.

If we ever get separated, I’ll use Luna and the stars as my guide. To find my way back to you, so our dreams and reality will collide. While the rain continues to fall, I’ll be your rainbow after the storm. You can be my sunshine, together we’ll keep each other warm.And when the twilight falls your majesty, and it ends the monsoon. I’ll be the wolf on the top of the mountain howling, because you’ll be my New Moon. Up and over the rainbow, and to the stars all above. There’s no distance between a thing called love!

Friendship and beyond is a great thing❤️❤️🌹🌹🃏❤️👸🏻!!


54 thoughts on “U and I 4 Ever

    1. Yeah, sometimes you need to hear the song, I’m the type that doesn’t need it, I live by lyrics🌹. Thank you so much for liking and a million thanks for reading, your comments are so appreciated❤️!😊

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  1. I loved it!!! Although i cant help getting jealous for luck gal!!
    I can imagine her smiling fat 😊 reading ur post and gloating’. How dare she? 🤨🤨

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m glad you loved it and a million thanks for reading, your comments are so appreciated and means the world to me. ❤️🌹
      Hahaha, there’s only one lucky gal and one very lucky guy in that poem and what they have is magical!! I can imagine the Queen in the post is very special and has reason to gloat😍😍😁😁👸🏻

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    1. Hahaha! You are lovely too and thank you❤️🌹. I’m glad it puts feeling into people, that’s what I aim to do. (I don’t fall in love either)😂😂….but like Timberland said, “Anything can happen if you play your cards right”🃏🃏. The correct term is getting swept off your feet😉. A million thanks for liking it and your comments were to sweet, you are something else🌹❤️. And for you to connect with the lyrics….😍, awesome sauce!!! Thank you and keep writing lovely. Hope you enjoyed your dance😉!!

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  2. This was beauitful and deep.
    This would put the average woman in tears of joy.
    You are an excellent writer.
    I really enjoyed reading the paragraph about the weather predicting a storm but getting more inches then we expected.
    That’s so true.
    You can prepare for a storm ahead of time but what your land receive a hurricane? 🤔🤔🤔

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    1. A million thanks, you are too kind and your comments mean so much to me. Coming from you, I am honored my friend.
      Yes, expectations brings different results….we take an umbrella when in reality we needed a roof 🙂!! It’s like finding out you’re color blind, it hits you from out of the purple! 😂😂🃏

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  3. You really have a big heart Roy. Whoever becomes your Queen, she’s one hell of a lucky girl! This post talks about not only friendship and how it meant to you, it shouts of how much love you can give to someone who deserves it. ♥️

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    1. Thank you lovely, when I do find her I’ll be lucky too….as I’m sure she’ll be a card worth keeping. Friendship is important and goes beyond that and it’s such a magical bond and if you develop rapport with that person and see all the common ground you two can stand on, nothing can stand in the way of love.❤️. Thanks for reading and liking lovely, your comments are appreciated and you are too sweet.🌹🌹

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  4. Oh! I am sure your queen will be dialling soon! Who wouldn’t want to reach the heart of such a romantic like you? Well, let me know if no call comes through hahaha! I might just do the honours! Brilliant work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They say if you keep shuffling the deck, you’ll get that special card🃏😉. You have a heart of gold and your words are amazingly kind. I’m so glad you liked this, you write from the heart too so you can feel it. Thank you for your support and for a heart like yours, I’ll gladly leave my line open for you!😉. Lol. Thanks again for reading.🌹

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