🃏 Find Me 🃏

I‘m lost in a cold and cruel world, among violence, sorrow and neglect. Surrounded by high priced drug dealers on the streets, anorexic models, pimps and rejects. The crooks are still robbing people, but the good seem to be doing it more. The police are looked at as enemies, and the rich are complaining more than the poor.

Teenagers are out having babies, while kids are on the streets selling drugs. Twenty-five percent want to be doctors and lawyers, the other seventy five percent grow up to be thugs. Couples are cheating on each other, because affairs are a part of life. Men are getting married to avoid being alone, and women strive to become trophy wives.

That’s why gratitude is so laughable, saying thank you is more of a hoax. “You’re welcome” is more of a reflex, and ” I love you” has become a complete joke. I’m lost in a cold world, where me and others cry daily. Babies are being abandoned, and promises are more inconsistent than maybes.Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.I live where violence is justified, well I for one don’t buy it. People are dying over colors and territory, and same sex marriages are causing riots. Killing has become so easy, because killers are actually walking free. But a man who steals to feed his family, he’ll get arrested and receive one to three.

That’s why betrayal exist, and you can see it near and far. People are forced to be two-faced these days, because it’s no longer safe to be who you are. The world is out to program you, and it’s futile to resist. Maybe it’s safer to be lost in this world, because superhero’s no longer exist. I’m lost in a world that’s on fire, most people are heartless and unwilling. I can only trust my dentist, he’s the only one that cares about my feelings.😁

I guess it’s not that bad here, though sometimes I’d rather be there. They say paradise is what you make it, so I’ll stay lost in the middle of nowhere. Remember this people, it’s for your own protection. Being lost isn’t a bad thing, if you’re headed in the right direction!



124 thoughts on “🃏 Find Me 🃏

    1. Thank you so much, I so appreciate you stopping by and reading my raw thoughts from my twisted Joker mind. Deep end thoughts, getting readers to think🙂. A million thanks lovely.🌹


    1. Thank you my friend, went a different direction. It’s like shuffling the deck, you never know what card will pop up, kinda like the thoughts🃏😁. The thinking mans rocket. Thank you for stopping and reading, always a pleasure to read your thoughts.


  1. Wow… I’m right there with you brotha. I would rather be the lunatic than be “sane” nowadays. Yet I think the more things stay the same, the more they change. And I think the more we all write and express ourselves, the truth will be self evident.

    This, like you, is a masterpiece. 😍 I love everything – the part about promises. Yes.

    I think what I love most is you just point out that words are meaningless. Your fluid, effortless post paints such a despairing picture yet it’s not. All who wander aren’t lost 😊❤️💕

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    1. The thing I love about you is that you get it, you seem to read between the lines and I like how you break things down. You know, some people hear voices and they call it a conscious, other people hear voices and they’re called crazy. Society labels what they don’t understand.

      I appreciate your kind words and it takes a masterpiece to notice a painting which is what I am compared to you lovely.🌹🌹. We know promises are just words, promises are like hearts, they are meant to be broken.

      Words are worth nothing if the person giving them to you don’t value themselves. You can’t live the American Dream while you’re still sleeping, living and dreaming don’t go together. Wanderers are actually the ones who know where they’re going because they’re paving their own road most of the time. Those are the ones to follow! Thanks for reading.❤️🌹💕🃏

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      1. If you wanna see someone that makes you look good, you need only look into a mirror lovely.😉. I appreciate bloggers like you that keeps the community going. Thank you again🌹

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  2. Heartfelt . Heart breaking . It’s the way the world is headed. Can’t do anything about it. Well, I am happy to be lost. I am happy to be crazy.
    But yet to stay happy , Jo! Stay safe and take care.

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    1. Thank you so much Yassy and yes, it’s the way the world is in some places. But there are some good people out there, I know some really good ones😉 so it’s not that heartbreaking. And yes, I’m crazy with you but in this day and age, crazy is the norm. Take care lovely.

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      1. Your welcome 😊 I think there are more bad people than good. The world is imbalanced. All this killings and violence and civilians being killed , and all the powers are evil , mostly. I really don’t know anything anymore.

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      2. It is imbalanced these days but the good people I do come across makes it worth it sometimes. It’s like getting that one compliment that just makes your day, a smile truly does go a long way. And that’s why it’s good not to know much anymore, you’ll smile that way. 😊

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    1. I agree but I’d like to think that there are some good that makes the trip worth it.😁. There’s a Joker in every deck, so we all find a reason to smile. Thank you for stopping by and reading lovely, you gave me a reason to smile! I appreciate your comment.💕

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    1. There is a bitter reality to it and yet I still see hope because I know there are good people out there🃏😁. Thank you for stopping by and reading, I love your comments lovely, they make my day. People like you gives hope to the world😉. We just gotta push forward and play our cards 🃏. A million thanks.💕

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    1. I thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Just went with a little reality to see where it goes, but like I said….there is some good for every bad card. I’m glad you liked it, a million thanks.🙂

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  3. Oooh my joker..

    This is a really deep article.. and gives food for thought…
    it’s real and true.. on every level..

    You really get into your thoughts.. and put it out there so well..

    Almost poetic.., telling a story that everyone can relate to..

    Truly enjoyed reading it…

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    1. Thank you so much, I went into my deep thinking mode for this one. There are good people in the world that makes it still manage to rotate though, so it’s not standing still yet.😁
      Thank you so much for reading.

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      1. 😁😁

        Yes we are. 🤔, hmm something to balance out the sweetness huh? Well, I’m far from sour and salty means sweaty……what are you implying?😉. Hahaha!! It’s a cold world.

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      2. I will take it that you don’t really don’t know why I mentioned eating pineapple 🍍..

        For the taste of sweetness..

        I actually know where you were going with that peach 🍑 theory.. Hahahaha….

        Now the question is. Do you know about my pineapple 🍍 theory???????

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      3. Hahahaha, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree but sometimes……the banana takes a minute to appeal. 😂
        Yeah, sweet is good and pineapples are very sweet. Growing them yourself huh? That must take a while.

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      4. Don’t I… ???

        I used to pride myself with that attitude and approach…

        But for me it’s all history and old memories of what used to be..

        For you.. you are in your prime.. enjoy 😉..
        but a little word of advice… know when enough is enough and when you need to stop and be stable…

        Stability and contentment is a great 👍 thing after a while ..

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      5. Trust me, I get what your saying. I won’t keep shuffling the deck forever and I’m not even shuffling, I’m just watching cards go by. This joker isn’t a player, I just watch the games and make sure I don’t get broke.🃏

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      6. That’s right..
        you are “THE JOKER “

        He does play a different card game..
        oops 🙊..
        I simply forget the role of the joker.. he just sit there and smile 😃.. let everyone teach him how to.. when to .. what to… ect….
        And he became the one with all the wisdom…
        smart move joker…

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      7. Most definitely..

        There’s just no fun when you know what is going to happen from one minute to the next…

        It also..( in my opinion)… causes stress to try to stick to dates plan .. it’s like you lose control of your time.. just like your obligatory job..
        to me that’s enough control right there….

        And it does make life boring and too routine..
        I like to be free spirited and soar with the wind like that eagle 🦅
        Let it takes me wherever it blowing…

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      8. Exactly! Plans are like expectations and expectations brings disappointments. You set deadlines for yourself and you set yourself up for stress.
        Soaring like that kite is the way to be, just watch out for that tree!


      9. If you are asking…

        I’m up because I can’t sleep 😴….

        Chico is in a coma.. and I’m dreading 😟 the news…

        I really thought you were saying that I shouldn’t get on your case because I’m out of line

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      10. Smiling smiling…!!!

        Through the sadness..

        I realize now my mistake with thoughts of that nature…
        I’m really a night owl 🦉..

        I worked graveyard shift for 20 years..

        So I messed up my sleeping habits…

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      11. Hiding emotions huh, smile now, cry later😁😭

        A night owl huh, yeah, I feel ya….I can relate to that.
        Graveyard shift huh, where everyone is alive🤔. Gotta retrain your body Nita.

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      12. I’m trying..

        But it refuses to oblige..

        It’s crying time 😢 again.. he’s gonna leave me..
        I can feel it..

        I think I need someone to help me with the training..
        I’m up for volunteers…

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      13. No time for negative thinking, there’s enough of that in the world!
        Dry those eyes!

        Training your body for sleeping habits? Hahaha, we can work on that together, my sleeping habits are whack!

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      14. True.. I’m not negative 👎 anymore..
        and I always wear a smile 😃.. but occasionally it’s wipes off by some sad 😔 events like losing a dear friend to immature death….

        My body is like a computer 💻.. and finds it hard to get rid of a virus once it’s picked it up…

        I would love to to have someone to help me reprogram this body …
        so if you have a solution that might work please pass it along.. I will happily try it out….

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      15. That’s good, always try to wear a smile because we control our own moods, we should always try to find the positive in something no matter how small.
        Your body is like a computer huh, having trouble with viruses. Yeah, those buggers can be irritating. I hear Trojan is really good!😉

        Yeah, reprogramming the body! Like I said, can’t fix what I can’t program myself. But…..teamwork!!! I hear that works wonders!!

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      16. Hahahaha..

        You are hilarious…

        And I fully agree with us in full control of our moods and emotions… and finding the positive side to everything …

        Trojan eeh!!???
        That’s a thought!!! Hmm 🤔…

        I guess you are right.. we are all responsible for reprogramming our own bodies..
        but motivation and inspiration from others do work wonders….

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    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, I appreciate them so much. Yeah, reality is that but there is good in the world too when I see replies like this💕🌹. A million thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked it🌹❤️😊


  4. Wow! This is a masterpiece! I can read this over and over again without being sick of the lines because they all speak of truth and reality. Btw, i found myself almost doing a rap with this one, how about you add some beat and rhythm and make this a song? Lol just saying. Great work, Joker! Great work. Keep inspiring people with your words that are beyond powerful ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. Thank you lovely, you are too kind with your words and make me keep going. Yes, they say that rap is simply Rhythm And Poetry. Thank you for liking it, your words are truly inspiring and I love your comments and your words as well. Thank you again 🌹❤️❤️😊

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  5. hahaha.. sorry.. actually im reading this post very seriously but suddenly after reading the line our dentist im like😁😁😁…yes this world is not so good but not that bad na..there are also some good people in this world for example you an me too😉😉😉… forget everything else an just an then see the world im sure u find it as a beautiful place

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    1. So very true beautiful, although the world can be black and white, there are other beautiful colors as well. And yes, you and me are also in this world, we are some good ones😉❤️. There’s always positives to take away from things, part of being an optimist, there’s always a rainbow after a storm.😉. The world is what we see it as, it can’t rain forever. I’m just glad you found some humor in this😉😁


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