Nothing’s Permanent

Tell me where to go, tell me what to do. I’ll be right there for you. Tell me what to say no matter if it’s true, I’ll say it all for you.When you make a wish and blow out the candles, why do you do it that way? Shouldn’t you blow the candles out and then make one, so you’re not blowing your wish away? Ever wish you could get a glimpse, because you feel your life stinks? Jumping into a relationship, without using your ability to think. Maybe you’re not in a relationship, and you think you’re as happy as can be. When all along you need that someone, to make your life complete.People wish upon a falling star, but I never understood why. Wouldn’t you rather make a wish on a star, that could actually stay up in the sky? Married couples want to be single, and single people wants to wed. The rich aren’t happy with what they got, all the homeless wants is a bed. Wonder where your life would be, if you took a left instead of a right? Turned down that second date, or accepted the proposal that night?

Would you shoot for major goals, or keep simple ones in range? Are you willing to turn back the hands of time, to make one minor change? Instead of following the leader, you could have been a pace setter. Did having kids or wanting to have them, make things worse or better? Would you have taken better care of health, or perhaps you’re as fit as a fiddle. Do you sometimes laugh at your life, as if someone told you a riddle? Are you unhappy with the way things are, would you like a reversal seed? Maybe you’re happy with your life and you got everything that you need. Whether you’d change some parts or not, even though it has a nice ring. Be happy with the life you have, a glimpse is an impermanent thing.

And if you fall, I’ll get you there. I’ll be your savior from all the wars that are fought, Inside your world. Please have faith in my words.


60 thoughts on “Nothing’s Permanent

  1. Yeah buddy, whatever I have thought and planned sometimes it didn’t turn out , what turned out is bit weird and quite amazing, I can say.
    Very thought provoking post, as usual. Stay awesome, as you are already.

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    1. Many thanks for your kind words and I appreciate you reading and liking my post. People like you that make it worth it. Thank you for the follow and I loved your post “The Known Secret”. I also look forward to reading more of your work. Happy New Year to you too and thank you again. 🌹🌹🌹. God Bless you.


  2. I like what you said about the star , Jo! Never thought of it like that. Tonight I will be looking at the sky and I will be remembering your words.
    You write spectacular! It’s because it’s so close to life’s home truths. and you say it well.
    Nothing is permanent, sometimes I feel everything around me to be an illusion.
    Your posts always make me sit up and think. Thank you for that, my northern ⭐️
    Best to you my dear buddy buddy 🤗

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    1. Your comments are so uplifting and I appreciate you so much. You know I like making people think and it’s an honor to have you stop by and read my post. Your comments are lovely my friend and appreciated, thank you! 😊

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading, I appreciate your kind words and thank you for the follow. I liked your post One Chance and look forward to reading more of your post. Thank you again for your lovely words. 😊💕


    1. Aww!! You are to kind to me🌹🌹. I so appreciate the reblog, that’s a huge honor, a million thanks!
      I thank you for your kind words, you’re to kind…as nice as your avatar.🙂🌹. Thank you.

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  3. Wow all the wars inside your word, this level of creativity it’s what separates the armatures from the professionals gosh you make it easy, then again for professionals such as you it probably is

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    1. You are such an inspiration to me my man and you give me much confidence. I love your comments and I appreciate your reading of my blog, it’s people like you that makes it worth it. A million thanks!🙂


    1. 😯😁….an award for me, you’re to kind. I appreciate the honors, if I was as good as figuring out these awards as I am blogging😁. I’ll have to get on this, thank you so much, you’re the best!!🌹

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  4. I think whenever I’d like to reflect on my life, I have to keep on rereading this. My blog site is named Idea Provoker, to provoke ideas/thoughts as a main goal, but I have to give the crown to you because your pieces are really thought provoking and mind blowing it’s too amazing!!! Great job. What inspires you to write as beautiful as this?

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    1. Ideas stem from minds such as yours and mines and your writing provokes ideas also. Writing invoked thinking and it’s people like you that inspires me❤️❤️. And for that, I thank you.😊, you are amazing!

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