Society vs It’s Demons

Smile, Because it confuses people. Because it’s Easier than explaining what is killing you inside! ~ The Joker🃏 ~I came upon an elderly woman, she was actually trying to cross the street. After watching a dozen people pass her by, I helped her accomplish that feat. Why am I constantly waiting, for people to do the right thing? Should their actions be deemed wrong, because they did the opposite of what I was expecting?

I learned a valuable lesson in life, arguing with an idiot makes no sense. Because they’ll drag you down to their level, and then they’ll beat you with experience. People are wired differently now, they feel comfortable posing. Everyday is Halloween because they wear mask, a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Nowadays you don’t need to be a magician, to pull of the crescendo of tricks. Once you stab someone in the back, there’s a lot of thingsI’m sorry” won’t fix. I’m constantly surrounded by people, who feel they should always be forgiven. They’ll sell you the right kind of apology, but turn around and they’ll keep on sinnin’.

I know that no one is perfect, but trust is something you earn. You’re expected to smile when it’s violated, which means you’ll never really learn. There’s some people in my life, I wouldn’t trust as far as I could spit. Their soul is so tainted with dirt, that the Devil himself wouldn’t even buy it.

I’m always battling my inner self, am I wrong holding grudges by the cases? People will do whatever they’ll get away with, who wants to be hurt on a daily basis? We all hear voices in our heads, and it never ceases to amaze me. For some they call it a conscious, but when I hear them they label me crazy.

We complain about the lack of affection, but yet we don’t want to be hugged. Everybody labels each other all the time, but yet we ourselves don’t want to be judged. All I’m really saying here, is quit looking for salvation. When your only primary intention, is to keep repeating your bad situation!Don’t just talk about it, be about it!


32 thoughts on “Society vs It’s Demons

  1.  “Their soul is so tainted with dirt, that the Devil himself wouldn’t even buy it.” Word can’t even express the is line damn that’s dope.
    This hold so much truth
    World full demons disguised as angels.
    Also from reading this post, I realize people are sometimes scared to do the right thing becuase they are afraid of being judged or looking silly in front of others
    When u care what others think, this will sometimes prevent you from doing right thing.
    People say they want to do right, but when it’s time be a hero, all of a sudden everybody is a mouse hiding behind the whole
    Great post

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    1. Thank you so much for getting it, you are so right. Everybody wants to see a hero fail, that’s why no one steps up because fear holds them back and they don’t want to be judged. Wolves in sheep’s clothing out there crying wolf. People would rather watch wrong than do right. I love your comments, you break things down so well and I appreciate your support and compliments. Your compliments are a true honor.

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      1. You do what you do and you do it well my man, I give that. You break it down to where it’s hard not to understand🙂. I thank you for your compliment, you inspire me as I’m sure you do others. Thank you.

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    1. So true my man, so many year round Halloween mask wearers in the world that they forgot who they are underneath. Fake it till you make it, no my friend….cause if you fake it then you’re not getting anywhere and that’s real!😁

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  2. “I’m constantly surrounded by people, who feel they should always be forgiven. They’ll sell you the right kind of apology, but turn around and they’ll keep on sinnin’”: True.

    People use all manner of words, like forgiveness, to get their way and this is pathetic.

    It’s about time we really learnt to “……be about it”.

    Great post.

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    1. It’s so true, the word sorry is so overused nowadays that people don’t even mean it anymore when they say it. And they don’t feel bad either, it’s rather shameful on society. Accountability is what the world needs.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, I really appreciate your comments, you are so right….we need to be about it.

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  3. Really enjoyed this post. I could probably write a response for hours to it. I have so much agreement and resonance with it.

    I think, what struck me most, was what you said about I am sorry. I read somewhere many years ago: “smash a plate. Say I’m sorry to it. You see?”

    This meant a lot to me and changed my perspective. I’ve said now to some who have hurt me and come back with apologies that their words are farts in the wind. They can show me with actions, or do nothing at all, but I’m sorry is worthless. It takes no effort, just words.

    Look forward to reading more, and thank you for following me!

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    1. A million thanks for your thoughts and like I said, it seems we share similar thoughts. You are right, the word sorry is over rated nowadays, it’s to easy. Actions do speak louder than words and people don’t have any these days. I look forward to more of your thoughts and thank you for following me.🙂


  4. How did I miss your post , Jo. I sometimes miss them on my reader. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your posts for the world.
    This is in so many ways the things that we go through every second of our lives. I can connect with this . You have said some home truths so close to my heart. These things or these people just can’t be helped. You write with so much intuition and instinct.

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    1. 😁. Your comments are anything but weird my friend, they are very kind on the other hand. I am glad you enjoyed reading it, I like to make readers think. Thank you for reading and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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