The Joker and Harley “Queen”

Take a look at a perfect pair

They go together like a time share.

These two can be a million miles apart 

But yet they can share the same heart.

He’ll do anything to make her smile

She’ll do anything to drive him wild.

She’s by his side day and night

And for her happiness he will fight.

The road they started on was rough

It wasn’t easy, it was rather tough.

They dedicated their heart and soul

And they’ve developed something beautiful.

She tells him how dark she can be

But it’s only the light in her he can see.

He likes to twist words, play with the mind

But she understands him and she’s kind.

They developed a repore of trust,

And a bond much stronger than glue.

She grows more dedicated to him

And there’s nothing for her he wouldn’t do.

This is a relationship being written,

That will never seem to cease

A much happier story

Than Beauty and the Beast.

These two are still writing their story,

And of course they know how it ends.

Why “hope” for happily ever after

When it’s you that actually “controls” the pen.

Just because something is said to go one way, I always go against the grain.  It makes me laugh……it tickles!!!πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ.  Do what you do!


27 thoughts on “The Joker and Harley “Queen”

      1. What’s crazy to one may be perfectly sane to the other, hahaha!! Two borderlines are beautifully perfect?😏. If I may take a line from a certain queen……”I am crazy!!”

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      2. In Nepal, that’s where you live. It’s illegal to let off fireworks? Even on the 4th?
        It’s legal in the United States but only on certain holidays….we can’t just do it anytime we get a wild hair to do so. 😁

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      1. Hmmm u think i ddid this to be kind huh Joker? Perhaps i fancy the characters too. And i don’t have to keep searching for the post when i want to read it again. In case you added other new posts. i just have to click on my own blog. How smart is that of me?? ^_^!

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      2. Whether you did it for me or for your own diabolical reasons to keep a leash on your Joker, I thank you for the reblog your majesty. Like I said, your intelligence is only matched by your beauty, one click to find me…very smart! 😁

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