All in Time ⏱

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like my sunshine in the sky. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are? Remember this…..Sometimes I’ll lay awake at night, and it’s only your face I’ll see. Like Flyleaf would say “I’m so sick”, because you’re not here next to me. Whether we talk for minutes or maybe hours, our opposites really do attract. You are considered another wild card to thee, except you are full of magic!I bet your eyes would tell me so much, and though you’re always laying on my tracks. I will never mind that you do, your small verses make the biggest impact. On my mind and on my soul, my feelings and my heart. Your words are like pure poetry to me, it’s almost like patriotic art.Everything that you say and do, it really does make a difference. Trust me when I whisper these words, I truly believe you are heaven sent. You are the perfect ingredients for a best friend, in life that I’m lucky I have one. With a person like you by their side, I believe that’s how the West was actually won.So close your eyes and think, and imagine us holding hands. Wishing one day it can happen, and thinking one day that it can. It really doesn’t seem fair, to actually be this far apart. When two individuals like us, seem to share one heart. But that’s the way things go, when a friendship is this strong. But close your eyes and smile, “perhaps” it won’t be that long. 😉

Everyone needs a good friend in life. You find one, you hold it tight. It’s no secret they’re hard to find.

Society vs It’s Demons

Smile, Because it confuses people. Because it’s Easier than explaining what is killing you inside! ~ The Joker🃏 ~I came upon an elderly woman, she was actually trying to cross the street. After watching a dozen people pass her by, I helped her accomplish that feat. Why am I constantly waiting, for people to do the right thing? Should their actions be deemed wrong, because they did the opposite of what I was expecting?

I learned a valuable lesson in life, arguing with an idiot makes no sense. Because they’ll drag you down to their level, and then they’ll beat you with experience. People are wired differently now, they feel comfortable posing. Everyday is Halloween because they wear mask, a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Nowadays you don’t need to be a magician, to pull of the crescendo of tricks. Once you stab someone in the back, there’s a lot of thingsI’m sorry” won’t fix. I’m constantly surrounded by people, who feel they should always be forgiven. They’ll sell you the right kind of apology, but turn around and they’ll keep on sinnin’.

I know that no one is perfect, but trust is something you earn. You’re expected to smile when it’s violated, which means you’ll never really learn. There’s some people in my life, I wouldn’t trust as far as I could spit. Their soul is so tainted with dirt, that the Devil himself wouldn’t even buy it.

I’m always battling my inner self, am I wrong holding grudges by the cases? People will do whatever they’ll get away with, who wants to be hurt on a daily basis? We all hear voices in our heads, and it never ceases to amaze me. For some they call it a conscious, but when I hear them they label me crazy.

We complain about the lack of affection, but yet we don’t want to be hugged. Everybody labels each other all the time, but yet we ourselves don’t want to be judged. All I’m really saying here, is quit looking for salvation. When your only primary intention, is to keep repeating your bad situation!Don’t just talk about it, be about it!

The Deadly Seven

I got inspired to write this by a blogger by the name of Understand 546, Poetry Blog. He is another thinker like myself in which his writing makes one think, so here’s another one to rack the brain.Seven deadly sins, Seven ways to win.

Seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begin.

Seven downward slopes, Seven bloodied hopes.

Seven are your burning fires, Seven your desires!You ever wanted something so bad, but it belonged to someone else tho? But you became so obsessed over it, that you weren’t willing to let it go? You cursed your bad luck, and wondered why you couldn’t have it. It bothered you in your head, all the way to the pit of your stomach.

Every time you got off work, you’d stare at her when you got home. A woman isn’t property or an object, but it’s her you wanted to own. You’d lick your lips and drool, every time she entered your head. She would slowly take her clothes off, and lay upon your bed.

But you would never have her, no matter how hard you kept dreaming. Your depression soon set in, and you compensated by eating. She’d wave when you left for work, and her smile drove you crazy. You’d drink to much at the local bar, and soon you became lazy.

You started calling into work, all day you sat on your couch. You used to be fit and in good shape, but your body went down south. All you did was sleep all day, and you refused to exercise. You dreamed of taking her out for a burger, you’d even order extra fries.

But if you wanted her as a lover, you first had to become her friend. You slowly started getting into shape, and you even started working again. You worked overtime like a madman, picked up extra shifts if you could. You wanted more and more and more money, till that bank account was fat and good!

You needed her boyfriend out of the way, but he was perfect in her eyes. You soon became clouded with anger, so you started spreading rumors and lies. You soon became a madman, you caused friction and so much heat. Soon their relationship ended, and you came and swept her off her feet.

She soon moved into your home, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. You would often stand in front of the mirror and smile, about how you collected your prize. You’d brag about yourself everyday, you considered this war a win. And all you had to do to get it……..was commit Seven Deadly Sins!!!!

If you’re gonna love somebody, love somebody…….not some body!

A Real Dream Come True

If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough! Dream bigger!Every night I went to sleep,

I had this reoccurring dream.

I was walking with a vision of love,

Along a very peaceful stream.

We would hold each other’s hand,

The sun would begin to shine.

I’d then look her in the eye

And pray we’d last till the end of time.

It was almost like a fairytale,

Everything stood still, the birds

The breeze, and time, yet it seemed so real.

A gentle rain would fall,

So we would shelter one another.

Our feelings kept us warm,

Our love served as a cover.

Then morning soon would arise,

I’d wake up next to you.

That’s when I truly realized

That dreams really do come true!

Do You Ever???

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. We can’t go back to yesterday because we were a different person then. Think about it.Do you ever sit alone at night, and sometimes you cry a silent cry? Do you sometimes dance in the rain, with no concern about getting dry? Do you wonder if certain choices in life, would have netted you a little more? Do you find yourself in an idle state, do you wonder why you’re not moving forward?

Do you believe you should keep one foot straight ahead, or would it benefit you to fall? Do you think it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all? Do you feel you’re going crazy, like you don’t know if you’re coming or going? Do you base all the decisions you make, on the flipping of your two-headed coin?

Do you have to pretend to be someone else, just to make it to the top? Have you been living a lie for so long, that it would actually be painful to stop? Do you ever choose the hard choices, because your life is the pace of a snail? Are you fighting to make yourself happy, or doing nothing because you’re afraid to fail?

Do you think that shedding a few tears, will make you look like a weakling? Do you care what others think of you, is perception truly everything? Does one size really fits all, even when you begin to grow? Ever had your heart stolen, by someone you barely even know?

Do you ever suddenly close your eyes, and pray to the God above? Which do you feel is more blind, Justice or a thing called Love? Do we really control our dreams, or are we simply just a pawn? Do you welcome those beautiful nightmares, do you still sleep with the lights on?

Do you feel lazy walking through life, no time to get things done? If you feel things are slowing you down, then perhaps you should simply….RUN!!!There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences.


People change, reasons change, feelings change and seasons change. It hurts that you’re so far away, but I’ll sacrifice tomorrow just to have you here today.You ever wake up early in the morning, and the winds shifted from the East to West? That cyclone changed direction right before your eyes, in someone’s heart you went to V.I.P from guest. It’s kind of hard to explain it, but ever since you two did meet. They have been the missing piece to your puzzle, that seems to make your life complete.Pirates sail from island to island, only to find fools gold again and again. Now I’ve found a genuine treasure, so my search can finally end. I’ll steal your heart one way or another, to do whatever needs to be done. I dare do all that may become a man; he who dares do more is none.

I’ve found happiness on so many levels, my emotions are more in tone. You ever meet someone who’s just so right, that they just can’t do no wrong? I consider you four seasons, because you can change grey skies blue. The only reason you think you’re broken, is because of the cracked mirror you’re looking into.

They say time brings change, and change comes with something called time. Directions are posted everywhere, but you have to follow your own signs. I’ll only see you in one way, from the beginning till the end. I’ll never judge your story, by the chapter I walked in on my friend. ❤️

Slow Motion Suicide

Sometimes the only way to save the one you love is to fall on your own sword. ~Bray~Spare you the pain and ease the grief

I’ll stab myself and set you free.

The blood runs out of my unchained heart

Visiting hours are from twelve till eternity!

The message in the picture….you tell some hearts to leave and they do go!

They go……nowhere!

Depends on the cards♦️♠️♣️♥️🃏

Being Better

We’re oft to blame and this is just too much proved that with devotions visage and pious action we do sugar o’er the Devil himselfAllow me to stick you with this tale, though we’ll move like the wings on a fairy. No matter how hard you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationary.

The Earth rotates around the sun, the prince lifted Sleeping Beauty’s curse. Circles are actually pointless and a backwards poet writes inverse. A pessimist blood type is B negative, and that’s common knowledge you see. I stayed up wondering where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.I want you to open your eyes wide society, but try hard not to blink. Because we don’t want the tears to flow, that would then cause us to think. Think about what we did wrong, then we would have to face our biggest fears. We’re so used to judging other people, that we would never want to face ourselves in the mirror.

You ever cry so hard so much, that it felt like your tears were inflamed? That’s the human side of you, that’s your heart feeling something called pain. Some people are sincere when they apologize, while others do it to save face. Some work hard on bettering themselves while others keep repeating the same mistakes.

The most overused word is try, even though we may not try that much. We put on a fake it till we make it effort, but in reality we’re slowly losing touch. We talk good about one person, and talk bad about some more. Promises aren’t made to be broken, isn’t that what hearts are for?

They say if you stare into someone’s eyes, you can actually see their soul. But sometimes you’ll need a jacket, because it can get rather cold. We have givers and takers, those who stop and start. We have wolves in sheep’s clothing and we have those called pure hearts.

None of these groups are perfect, but here’s the topic we should cover. Among these groups in society, some do try harder than others. But take this special stamp, and we’ll mail ourselves a letter. And one day we’ll read it, in hopes of making us better.

Be good…….be better than good.

Lost and Found

If you can admit you are lost, then you are more found than someone who thinks they know the way.  Admit what you can’t deny, deny what you can’t admit.She is as bright as the morning sun, an Earth Angel without the wings.  She can not fly above the heavenly clouds, but that doesn’t mean a thing.

With inner and outer beauty galore, as far as the naked eye can see.  You’ll never hear her admit to this, because she’s as humble as can be.  A treasure that is hard to come by, I tell you that you’re so unique.  Consider yourself a lost soul, any finder would be foolish not to keep.

Walking hand and hand in Central Park, or looking at the ocean all night long.  Eating dinner while cruising the universe, being with you one can’t go wrong.  The power to illuminate happiness, it shines like gold coins from a leprechauns pot.  A personality her own that brings joy to others, whether she sees it or not.

An Angel with the past pain of a human, but she will hide it at all cost.  So the spirit of the Angel is exposed while the soul of the human is lost.  But an angelic soul can’t be lost, I can see it’s clearly there.  Her words, her smile and her tenderness…is like a breath of fresh air.

You are a rare red rose, no matter how many thorns you come with.  I’d patiently take a thousand pricks, because you are definetly worth it.  So for someone who are what dreams are made of, and can make the world go round.  How can something be considered lost, when you make me so lucky to be found?If it’s someone you think about on two occasions, make it day and night.


The only time you should wear a mask, but still be yourself!

My Halloween costume this year!!Happy Halloween from the Jokers deck!!

Never forget who you are underneath!  Be safe!! 🎃