You are now entering a world….a world of site, a world of sound, a world of mind.  You are journeying into the land of Allshadow where things aren’t always what they seem.  Welcome to…..The Twilight Zone.  I want my blog to stay in the readers mind but at the same time, I want them to leave an impression…..impressive!  Let’s get lost…….let’s get Lost in thoughts.

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A New Year

Okay, we have put 2016 behind us and now 2017 is here……so what do we do?  We made our resolutions and now we’re probably wondering how to loophole through them already because they seem surreal.        It’s okay, 2016 I made resolutions that were realistic but so out of reach that I couldn’t … Continue reading A New Year


These are some more of my favorite shirts, how about you? Then there are these And these are my two favorites for the holiday And I have more, that is how I keep em coming dawg!!!  Which shirt “fits” you?? 😂

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