You are now entering a world….a world of site, a world of sound, a world of mind.  You are journeying into the land of Allshadow where things aren’t always what they seem.  Welcome to…..The Twilight Zone.  I want my blog to stay in the readers mind but at the same time, I want them to leave an impression…..impressive!  Let’s get lost…….let’s get Lost in thoughts.


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❤️ The Start of our Heart ♥️

Every time I close my eyes, I thank the Lord that I got you. And you got me too. And every time I think of it, I pinch myself cause I don’t believe it’s true. That someone like you loves me too.♥️It started off with a comment, from some enchanting words that sounded the same. … Continue reading ❤️ The Start of our Heart ♥️

🌹🌹 Their Love ♥️♥️

It’s not what you do for someone, it’s what you do to them. ♥️They sat underneath a gorgeous tree, on a beautiful planet that was their own. Where the two lovers would often reside, when they longed to be all alone. They relaxed in each other’s arms, she stroked his cheek with care. He picked … Continue reading 🌹🌹 Their Love ♥️♥️

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